Save money by pre booking Las Vegas events

Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas, everyones favourite adult playground can get really expensive really quickly, but there are still ways to save money. The best way is to save money by pre booking Las Vegas events.
Thankfully we live in the internet age so you can pre book day clubs, night clubs, music events, shows & tours all online. This means you need to take less money with you and you normally get a better rate than booking on the door or while you are there. In this post, we will show you how to go about it.

Dayclubs & Nightclubs
Most big hotels in Las Vegas run both a dayclub and a nightclub. The dayclubs are open over the summer with the night clubs operating year round. These clubs normally have top DJ’s and acts from all over the world playing and for that reason they are hugely popular.
All these clubs have online event calendars where you can also book tickets or be put in contact with somebody to organise a table / cabana / day bed.

While the older shows on the strip can be had for a discount, sometimes the newer shows are harder to find any money off. As the hotels run their own arenas it is worth checking their website to see what the price is online vs what the price is at the box office.
You can also use Ticketmaster for tickets to shows on the Las Vegas strip.

With Las Vegas being near to the Grand Canyon the competition for tours is fierce. You have many options however you can book bus, helicopter and even light aircraft tours to the Grand Canyon. A simple Google will reveal many companies more than happy to relieve you off your cash to go visit so just make sure you Google for reviews before booking anything.
Of course the Grand Canyon tour is one of many that is available.

By booking before you travel you reduce the amount of money you need to take and can plan what you are doing a lot better.

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British police are on patrol in Magaluf and Ibiza

Ibiza Beach Party

In the latest waste of the British tax payers money, British police are on patrol in Magaluf and Ibiza.
Determined to help crack down on the wild behaviour in some of the resorts, British police are being send to the Spanish resorts, but just how effective can they be?
The West Midlands police force have sent a grand total of TWO officers on holiday patrol on the streets of Magaluf for a week before heading off to tackle the streets of Ibiza for a week.
The two officers will have zero power of arrest so will need to work with a team of Spanish officers to enforce the Spanish law. This kind of makes it all a bit pointless as they have to then go and get Spanish police so it makes you question their presence at all. If you are going to trial such a thing you need to send a team of a lot more than two and give them some power. They need to at least be able to detain people until the Spanish police arrive on scene.
It is hoped that presence of the two officers will serve as a deterrent for the anti social behaviour that the two resorts are known for, however with just two officers we question the point of it all.
We don’t have enough police patrolling the streets back home in England so rather than wasting everyone’s time they would be better of back home on the ground where they can actually enforce law. I am sure the Spanish are perfectly capable of enforcing their own laws.
So far all they seemed to have managed to do is complain that their uniforms are too hot. I mean who would have thought a uniform designed for a country where the temperature drops into the minus would be to hot in Magaluf where at the time of writing the weather is 27 degrees. Not the police clearly.
Magaluf hasn’t changed and won’t change because they love the money the tourists bring and actively encourage them to spend it in this way. It’s boring hearing year after year people complaining about what they encourage the tourists to do.
They will shut down the bars and clubs or enforce stricter rules if they really wanted to make a change, but do you notice how they never do that?

Booking tables in Las Vegas nightclubs

Mayweather Vegas Club

No Las Vegas trip would be complete without the full bottle service in a club, so this post is dedicated to booking tables in Las Vegas nightclubs. We want to make sure you get the best deal possible and don’t get ripped off.
Now guys, sexism is alive and kicking in Las Vegas, A group of women can easily get free entry and free tables in clubs the odds of it happening for you are slim to none unless you know someone who is very well connected.
There are two ways to go about booking a table in Las Vegas. You can use a promoter or go to the club directly. Always go to the club directly first. No exceptions. The clubs pay teams to sell their tables and the third-party promoters and hosts have to go through the clubs anyways. This means that they cannot give you anything that is not authorised by the club in the first place, so it makes sense to see what the club can do for you.
Sometimes the promoters can get a discount or a different minimum spend so it can be worth talking to them but only after you find out what the club can do for you first. A lot of the time however they offer you the clubs regular price with a commission on top.The next important thing when booking tables in Las Vegas nightclubs is the table location. Not all tables are created equal. The best tables are obviously the most expensive ones and the cheapest ones are in the worst locations, nowhere near the dance floor, upstairs out of the way etc you get the picture. When you book the table you should do your best to negotiate the position with your host. They will have a layout showing you where you will be.
Remember when you don’t fancy doing a table you can also pre buy tickets online which is normally cheaper than doing it on the door.

Is Sunny Beach as crazy as they make out?

Viking Sunny Beach

Is Sunny Beach really as crazy as they make out? In a word, no. We spent a week in the resort of Sunny Beach to find out if it was really as crazy as What happens in Sunny Beach, Sun Sex and Suspicious Parents and Stacey Dooley investigates makes out.
To put it simply these tv programmes show the excesses of everything to make it look like the craziest place ever, when in fact it’s nowhere near as bad as they like to make out.
While the resort is a full on clubbing resort it is not dominated by Brits. Instead it is made up mainly from Scandinavians, Dutch, German, Russian and former eastern block countries. While this is no bad thing these countries don’t seem to have the full on assault drinking mentality that we have in the UK which makes for a more chilled atmosphere.

The clubs are also not as big as they are in say Ibiza, Napa or Magaluf. Sunny Beach is mainly made up of bars with a few bigger clubs around. To be fair I preferred the bars and smaller clubs such as Oxygen and Club Bounce.
There are a LOT of misconceptions that I read before heading out to Sunny Beach I will answer here.

  1. In Sunny Beach the Mafia controls everything. While this may be true, that doesn’t make the place unsafe. In fact in my week here I saw 1 person causing trouble, and he was most defiantly a foreigner who seemed to be off his head messing with the police.

  2. There are people begging everywhere. I saw two in a week, they use keep kids to try and get your money. But think if 50 people a day give them just 2lev each that’s a nice lil earner.

  3. You will get robbed. Well I don’t know what people are doing but the risk of being robbed here was no higher than anywhere else. The standard rules apply when abroad be wary of anyone in your personal space for no reason. Also if you are at the beach at night, keep and eye on your possessions. This goes for EVERY clubbing holiday resorts.

  4. There are sex workers everywhere. While there are strip / sex clubs in Sunny Beach I only saw one sex worker on the streets.

Sunny Beach Strip

Another think to note is that taxi’s in Sunny Beach are over priced. Make sure you haggle and agree a price before getting in. Most places you would want to go to are in walking distance anyway.
Day times can be a bit tame but Sunny does have an incredible beach, 8km of golden sand, the sea however is not quite clear blue water.
There is a toilet scam going on in Sunny Beach. You are charged anywhere from 50c to 2 lev to go pee in a lot of bars / clubs. Absolute piss take (literally).

All in all I liked sunny beach, it was a more chilled resort with lots of foreign people to chat to. Sometimes it feels a bit weird when you hardly seem to hear a British accent but it’s all good and this doesn’t really bother me.
Food wise the strip has all the usual suspects such as Subway, Burger King, Mcdonalds etc there are also various restaurants that do Chinese, Mexican, Pizza etc.
Our secret place was a restaurant called The Old House. It is a steak / grill type place with REALLY good food and very reasonable prices. A T-bone steak and chips was just short of 29 lev which is just a smudge over £10.

In all Sunny Beach was a good place to visit, with nice people and a well designed night life area. We say that it is well worth a visit.

Should I take a gap year?

So you are just about to start uni or have even just finished uni and you are asking yourself, should I take a gap year? Recently a UK retailer has come out and said that you should work in their store for your gap year. We 120% disagree, while retail does teach you great skills, working for retail store will not teach you as much as the university of life will. We say if you can afford it and want the experience of a lifetime, then most defiantly. Here are some good reasons to take the gap year.

full moon party morning

  1. It’s almost now or never! Getting 6 months or a year of work will be very difficult. A lot of companies do not offer time of for you to go travel the world. Skip all this hassle and go before you become a member of the full time world of work.
    We are not saying it’s impossible to do a gap year later but it defiantly becomes more difficult. Things like kids, mortgages and careers tend to get in the way.
  2. You will make a huge amount of friends. You will meet people who will be your friends for life, you will have experiences that will never be repeated again. You will always be connected to these people by the experiences you shared together.
  3. The world needs to be explored! Every country in the world is so different you need to get out there and see how other people do it!
    There is a great saying that says the world is a book and those who do not travel only read one page.
  4. It doesn’t all need to be partying. You can volunteer abroad for a time which will also look good on your CV.
  5. You can go with your friends. What are the chances of your friends all being available to travel the world at the same time at some point in the future? Slim.
  6. Some countries allow a working visa. This means that you can spend time working and gaining valuable experience. If you are a EU citizen you can work in other EU countries without a visa. Countries such as Australia offer a working visa.
  7. Life experiences. There are some things that just account be taught in a classroom, things that you have to get out and just experience for yourself. You will have lots of life experiences on a gap year. This alone is good reason for one.
  8. People skills. There is an art to dealing with people and these skills are very important as you make your way through life. Learning to talk  and interact with people will serve you will all through your life.
  9. You don’t know what you want to do. Why rush into a job you might hate. Take some time out and think about what you would really like to do. You may find that what you wanted to do when you started to study may not be what you want to do now.

So what do you think? Have you taken a gap year?

Arrests in Ayia Napa rape case

Ayia Napa

News of Arrests in Ayia Napa rape case.
A 23 year old man has been arrested in connection with the rape of a British tourist in the clubbing holiday resort of Ayia Napa.
The man who has been wanted by the local police turned himself in on Tuesday night around 8pm local time. Another man has been released without charge after there was no evidence found to tie him to the crime.
The 23 year old arrested in connection with the rape is the third person the local police have arrested. He joins a 25 and 27 year old who are currently on remand.
The victim, a 30 year old woman, reported that she was taking to an unknown area of Ayia Napa and raped. She was examined at Famagusta General Hospital where no visible injuries were observed. The police are currently waiting on a toxicology report.


Radio 1 Ibiza 2015

bbc radio 1 ibiza

Radio 1 Ibiza 2015

Radio 1 are back in Ibiza this year celebrating their 20th year of live broadcasts from the clubbing holiday island.
The national radio station will be holding their annual invasion between Friday 31st July and Sunday 2nd August.
The first radio 1 broadcast was Nicky Holloway at Manumission at Ku (now privilege).
Annie Mac, Pete Tong and Danny Howard are all confirmed to be playing sets from the island.
Radio one will be announcing ticket details over the next few weeks so make sure you stay tuned to find out how you can attend.
Annie Mac has said “It’s going to be bigger and better than it’s ever been before,” so you know that you don’t want to miss out!

Supercard – The new way to spend money abroad?


Supercard – The new way to spend money abroad?
Travelex have launched a new card called the Supercard. It differs from every other card on the market is that it promises no roaming charges at all.
When you use your bank or credit cards abroad they add on fees such as a foreign exchange fee and a cash withdrawal fee which really is a rip off.
Supercard differs with no fees, no commission and no exchange mark up rate which of course makes this a highly desirable way to spend or withdraw money on holiday.
The way it works is, you link your debit or credit card to the Supercard via an app available on both android or apple devices. You can then see transactions and even turn the supercard on and off using this app. Turning it off is handy as this means the card cannot be used when off and is most likely sitting in a draw with your passport.
The Supercard will work in the UK but due to the fees when used in the UK it doesn’t make sense to. Your debit or credit card is a better bet for UK spending.

The Supercard is currently in a pilot but you should keep your eye on the website and register for details of when it will go live. It could make changing money for holiday a thing of the past!

A British tourist has died in Ibiza

Reports are coming out of Ibiza that a  British tourist has died in Ibiza.
The man, 26 year old Robert Gillespie, from Larbert in central Scotland fell from the 5th floor of the popular Piscis Park in San Antonio on Saturday night. It is believed that this was Robert’s first night on the clubbing holiday island.
Paramedics attended the scene but unfortunately were not able to save him and he was pronounced dead at the scene.
This goes to show the dangers that balconies in holiday resorts, which can be lower than balconies you find here.
A spokesperson for the foreign office has confirmed they are providing consular assistance to his family.
RIP Robert & for those of you going on holiday this year, please stay safe.

There are videos online of people jumping from the roof of the Piscis Park hotel. Just don’t do it, it’s not worth it!

8 things that happen on holiday that doesn’t back home

Ayia Napa


Our list of 8 things that happen on holiday that doesn’t back home.

  1. Drink from the moment you get up. It seems to be an international rule that when you are on holiday the social norms go out the window. You can drink 24/7 without anyone giving you a second look.
  2. Wear vests every day. Back home people would look at you like a chav, but on holiday it’s standard.
  3. Check in with your family to say you are still alive. I think we all know that if you ain’t on the holiday then you don’t really exist but every few days you have to let them know you are still breathing.
  4. Pig out for a week. Back home we tend to watch what we eat and eat junk food in moderation, however abroad we use the reason “I’m on holiday” to justify being a fatty. It’s all fun and games till you get home and jump on the scale.
  5. Buy tat from the lookie lookie man. Back home if someone approached us with some random cheap sunglasses & watches we would tell them to do one. Abroad its like a rule you have to buy something that will probably break later that day.
  6. Turn your nationality / home town into a game. “Hey guys this is John, he’s from London too!” Woooooooooooo yes John, let me get you a drink!
  7. Spend a fortune on the first night.  It always takes a day or two to get to grips with the new money. The first night normally starts something like “Wait, how much is 5000 baht in pounds?”
  8. Tipping too much on the bill. “Oh I just left him 500 baht as a tip.” Erm … That’s a tenner mate. Oh.

Do you have any that you think we have left off?