Ibiza Books

There are some great books available on Ibiza these days, however not all of them are still in print. This guide will list books based on Ibiza that you might fancy reading.

Ibiza Sunset

Is Harry On The Boat
This is the first book written by Colin Butts (who now owns Plastik in Ibiza) that was turned into a movie and a television show on Sky 1. The book is about a group of reps and gives a insight into their day to day life of looking after customers and sorting out the day to day rep things. However they also get up to a lot of trouble and try to sleep with as many people as possible to win a tournament.
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Is Harry Still On The Boat
The sequel to the first book which provides more of the same, if you liked the first book then you will be sure to like the sequel. Again the book is out of print so Kindle is you best bet if you would like to read it.
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Colin Butts

Colin Butts

A Bus Could Run You Over
This is Colin’s third book and the one he considers to be his best. It’s about a guy who is dumped by his girlfriend, and between dodging her brothers who think he has a camcorder full of their drugs he ends up in Ibiza where trouble seems to follow him. Again out of print so you will need to look for a second hand copy or buy it on Kindle.
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Stu Griffiths

Stu Grittiths

Ibiza Rocked
This is the true life account by former rep Stu Griffiths about his time as a rep in Ibiza. The book is a funny read with a heartbreaking end chronicling Stu’s time as a rep in Ibiza
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Ibiza Summer
A story of a 16 year old who falls in love with a DJ in Ibiza while on holiday with her older sister and her friend. She lies to the DJ about her age but this just causes more trouble.
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We feel these are the best Ibiza books out there, do you have any others you think should be added? Let us know in the comments.

Cheap Clubbing Holidays

Nobody wants to pay more than they have to for a clubbing holiday, and we don’t want you to either. This post is dedicated to helping you pay as little as possible for your clubbing holiday so you have more money to spend on the essentials like club tickets and alcohol :)
Read through this post and you should be able to put together cheap clubbing holidays.

Tsilivi beach

How do you want it?
Back in the old days, before the internet people pretty much always booked a holiday through a travel agent. This allowed them to pretty much dictate the prices as lets face it, what other choice did you have? Then the internet came along and allowed us to put together our own flights and hotel normally at a lower cost. So now we have two ways to book a holiday, a traditional package and a DIY job.

Why book a package?
Well quite simple its easier, you get flights, hotel and transfers arranged for you. You also get protection should something go wrong from bodies like ATOL and ABTA.

Why DIY?
Put simple, it’s cheaper, more flexible and has many more options. You can fly when you like & stay where you like. A DIY holiday also allows you to go for a more flexible amount of days as most package deals are for one or two weeks. DIY allows you to do a long weekend somewhere.

Best places to book a DIY cheap clubbing holiday

On The Beach

Best places to book a package clubbing holiday

Club 18-30
Thomas Cook

It is always best to be flexible with your dates, for instance flights on Fridays are normally more expensive than flights on a Thursday. The simple reason for this is most people will choose to fly on a Friday as its the start of the weekend, so if you can fly a day or two earlier you might save a substantial amount.

Top 10 Clubbing Holiday Destinations 2014

As always we run a poll to see where everybody is planning to rave it up in the summer. Well here are the results of our top 10 clubbing holiday destinations 2014 survey.

Ibiza Sunset

  1. Magaluf (22%)

  2. Malia (19%)

  3. Ayia Napa (15%)

  4. Zante (12%)

  5. Other (10%)

  6. Kavos (7%)

  7. Kos (7%)

  8. Las Vegas (3%)

  9. Ibiza (3%)

  10. Thailand (3%)

The cheap and cheerful Magaluf has made a strong comeback to take the number one spot in the poll. We were surprised to see ibiza down in 9th, however people must be feeling flush with more exotic destinations such as Vegas & Thailand making the list. Also we noted a lot of people voted other, so we are wondering where you are going. Leave a comment and tell us :)

The 5 Best Places To Go Clubbing In Asia

When you have finally had enough of raving it up in Ibiza or partying hard on Nissi Beach the time comes where you start to look a bit further in search of the best nightlife. In this guide we will help you find the 5 best places to go clubbing in Asia.

1. Hong Kong – In many ways down town Hong Kong reminds us of a night out in central London. This may have something to do with it being a former British colony and being a banking hub. No matter what day of the week it is people will be out drinking in the areas of Wan Chai, Central and of course the infamous Lan Kwai Fong.
Alcohol prices in HK are comparable with the prices here in London, so if you are looking for dirt cheap alcohol this is not the place to find it. The bar hopping scene more than makes up for the drink prices and getting to and from places is super cheap with the MTR and Taxis.

Hong Kong

2. Thailand – No Asian clubbing list would be complete without the country that hosts the world famous Full Moon Parties on Koh Phangan every month. The great thing about Thailand is there is great nightlife all over the country. You have Bangkok, Koh Phangan, Koh Sumai, Phuket & Pattaya. No matter what you are looking for, you will find it in the beautiful country of Thailand. Internal travel is also cheap so in a 2 week holiday you can easily visit 2-3 places and sample a bit of everything.

3. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam - The war is long over and Ho Chi Minh City boast some of the best nightlife in Asia these days. One of the great things about a night out here is that the drinks are cheap and the people are friendly. Bar hopping is easy as lots of bars are near each other.

4. Singapore – Again not one of the cheapest places you will find, but defiantly one of the best. Singapore has many mega clubs that some people regard as the best in the region. Head to Clarke Quay to find them and just see where the night takes you. If you can remember what happened in the morning you have done well.
World class DJ’s are also known to grace the clubs of Singapore, so you may just get your Ibiza fix afterall.

5. Seoul, South Korea - The place where expats, locals and tourists all mix to create on of the best party atmospheres found anywhere. Make sure you investigate the areas of Itaewon, Hongdae, Gangnam & Apgujeong. The later is where you will find the mega clubs however it is also the most costly region to party.

In our opinion these are the 5 best places to go clubbing in Asia.

Planning a holiday in Thailand

Thailand, the Asian paradise that is on any real clubbers bucket list of places to do. Some people can luckily take time of and backpack around for months, having time to visit all the wonderful places that Thailand has to offer. Unfortunately the rest us can only afford to go on holiday for 2 weeks because of holiday killer we like to call work.
This is a post for people who have two weeks or so to go to Thailand, and want to fit in as much as they can. We will help you with planning a holiday in Thailand!


Flights to Thailand
First things first we need to get there! We suggest looking around for flights and trying all sort of combinations to get there. We found that a flight with a connection was around £150-£200 cheaper than a direct flight, so for us that was a no brainier. We can put up with a few extra hours travel time for such a saving.
At the time of this post the cheapest airlines were China Southern with a connection in China (Note – Please read the reviews before booking)
Emirates – With a connection in Dubai and Qatar with a connection in Doha.
While China southern were by far the cheapest coming in at around £460 for our dates in November, we opted to fly with Emirates (£508) for a few reasons.

  1. Great reviews.
  2. This flight is on the brand new A380 aircraft. Having flowing on this plane recently it is very modern with great entertainment and more space in economy.
  3. Better connection, you could easily break this flight and spend a day or two in Dubai if you so wished.

Landed in Bangkok … now where do we go?

This was the main thing that we had to work out, two weeks isn’t long enough to visit everywhere in Thailand.

Places we decided against

Chaing Mai – We would have loved to go to Chaing Mai and were gutted to have to leave it off but it was around 12 hours each way north on a sleeper train or a return flight back to Bangkok. For this reason we decided to leave it out of our travel plans.
Pattaya – While Pattaya’s notorious bars are world famous, this isn’t what we are coming to Thailand for.

Our plans

We needed places that didn’t have huge travel distances between each other once we have made our initial travel. This is what we came up with.

Day 1Bangkok - We are already here, so we might as well have a look around and take it easy after all that flying.
Day 2-3 – Bangkok / Travel - We plan to check out of the hotel and get a flight down to Surat Thani where we will catch a boat to Koh Phangan / Koh Samui.
We chose this option over the train as it allows us the have a full second night in Bangkok and is only about £40 with Air Asia.

Train info – The most popular seems to be the overnight sleeper from Bangkok Hualamphong, at the time of writing this departs around 19:30 and will get you to Surat around 07:16 the following day.
From here you head to the pier and catch a boat to your island of choice.

Day 3 – 8 – Koh Samui / Koh Phangan - It’s party time, we are going to hang here for 5 days to experience what the full moon party has to offer!
Day 8-13 – Phuket - No point heading south without a stop in phuket, to save a bit of money and see a bit of the island we will take a combination of boats and coaches to get here.
Have a look here if you want to do something similar.
Day 13-14 – We need to be back in Bangkok for our flight home on our last day so rather than spend a whole day travelling we will get a cheap flight back from Phuket. Nok air and Air Asia are your go to guys for this, think of them as the Asian Easyjet. The advantage to flying is we will be back very quickly which allows us to have another last look around Bangkok. Flights are also from as little as £40 with baggage if you book them early!

Then unfortunately all good things must come to an end and we have to fly back home. So what do you think? Where would you have gone?

I hope this post has helped you with planning a holiday in Thailand.


Official Travel Document Websites

Recently we have been contacted by a scam site asking for us to link to their service that overcharges for something that is available for very little cost. Obviously we told them exactly where to go, but it made us think, are people really falling for these rip of websites?
We decided to make this post that links to some of the more popular official travel document websites. Please make sure you only use these websites as the scam websites use legal loopholes to stay legal. This means the chances of you getting a refund from them is slim to none.

EHIC – The EHIC is a healthcare card that covers you for treatment in the European Union. You need this card in addition to travel insurance. This card is 100% free and any website that tries to charge you a fee for it is ripping you off. You can get the card for free from here.

Passport - We all know what a passport is, you are going to need it when traveling abroad. Unfortunately the scam sites know this and they try to take advantage of this by charging people an extortionate amount to “check” or “process” peoples applications.
The only place you should be going to get a new passport is the government website and the only place you should get an application checked is the post office.

ETSA - When traveling to the USA you will need a ETSA visa waiver. Unfortunately a quick Google search shows a ton of websites trying to charge over the top for this form. This waiver costs a total of $14 from the official website.

We have listed the most popular forms that people on this website will need. No matter where you are going please check carefully before filling in any forms and paying any fees. The vast majority of the time the website will be part of a government site.
When looking for official travel document websites please be vigilant.


What Happens In Sunny Beach

What Happens In Sunny Beach follows on from the popular What Happens In Kavos by taking the format to the popular Bulgarian resort of Sunny Beach.


Episode 1

The show started last night at 10pm by following two reps who “treated” us to an uncomfortable amount of flaccid penis shots in the first 15 mins. They seemed to whip it out on the strip and nights out for no real reason before showing us their ritual of having dinner naked every night.
There was also solid advice given by them showing that when you run out of toilet paper you can just grab the shower head and hose yourself down, classy.

Next up we are introduced to Nips, and this is where the show really ramps it up a level.
Nips is a 25 year old rep who has worked in Sunny Beach for a few seasons.
For some unknown reason Nips decides it’s a good idea to set a firework of in his arse (I know what your thinking, how can this go wrong!)
Despite the best pleas of his some of his friends not to do, he lights this firecracker and when it explodes all hell breaks loose.
The most shocking thing about this is that the producers of What Happens In Sunny Beach actually stood there filming without saying a word. Irresponsible of them don’t you think?
While his friends are laughing and messing with Nips it is clear that something is drastically wrong. He runs to the toilet and examines his new enlarged arsehole before his friends decide that he needs immediate medical attention.
Now most people will head straight to the medical centre immediately but not Nips. He decides drinking your age in shots at Viking bar where he works is a better idea. He starts and knocks down a fair few before his discomfort gets the better of him and he needs to rush to a medical centre.
Here the full extent of his gaping rear end is revealed with the doctor declaring he has never seen anything like it. Eight stitches later his arse is repaired.

Lastly we are introduced to reps of Sunny Beach who seem to have just two hobbies, drinking and shagging.
We learn about the system in Sunny Beach where if you sleep with a rep, you have to pay a fine to any rep who has slept with them before you. While the new girl is quite cheap and therefore a good investment, other reps cost a pretty penny so they could leave you pretty broke.

To sum it up, What Happens In Sunny Beach seems to have knocked it up a level from What Happens In Kavos and we are looking forward to the next episode.

If you missed episode 1, you can watch it now on 4OD


Kandi Beach Party

In every resort there are a few must do events, and Kandi Beach Party in Ayia Napa is most defiantly one of them. Watch the video below to see for yourself.

The rest of your night will tend to go something like this.

  1. You get a wristband and take a picture with your friends which you can then buy later.
  2. Food – You get fed BBQ chicken, rice and veg or a vegetarian option if that is what you have requested.
  3. Drinking games – Prizes include tickets to the water park, champagne or tickets to clubs.
  4. Group photo – A huge photo with everyone on the event.
  5. Head to Macronissos Beach where you get a 3.5 hour open bar and entertainment provided. People who have played there before include Tinie Tempah, Wretch32, Chase and Status, Tim Westwood, Giggs, Lethal B, JME, Skepta, Charlie Sloth and DJ Cameo. More games and giveaways are also played during the night.
  6. Head back to the square where your wristband gets you discounted drinks in certain bars and free entry into the best club that night.

Kandi Beach party takes place every friday throughout the summer and is always popular. Tickets can be brought from reps who will be easily found around the square & on Nissi beach.

Ayia Napa Weather


So you have booked your holiday and you are looking forward to getting your swimwear on and hitting Nissi Beach and lounging round the pool all day. There is just one thing that you need to know, just how hot is it going to be? As always, we have you covered.

These are all average temperatures and are in celsius.

January – 12
February – 12
March – 14
April – 17
May – 21
June – 24
July – 27
August – 27
September – 25
October – 22
November 17
December – 14

As you can see June – September is the hottest, this is perfect for a clubbing holiday.

The Top 10 Music Festivals In The UK

Unfortunately we can’t be on a clubbing holiday all year round thanks to a little thing called work. This leaves us looking for the next best thing, and that is a music festival.
The UK is very lucky because we have some of the worlds greatest music festivals right here on our shores. This list will help you find one of the top 10 music festivals in the UK.

Glastonbury – This might just be the daddy of all festivals, the three day camping festival held at Worthy Farm, Glastonbury welcomes up to a mammoth 150,000 people each year.
Recent headliners include Jay Z, Beyonce, Kings of Leon, Arctic Monkeys, Mumford and Sons, U2, Cold Play and Radiohead.
Throughout the years ticket prices have gradually raised and last year were £205. This however does nothing to the demand and every year there is a fight for tickets.
Image credit to Mojobaron

V Festival - Started in 1996, V festival is another festival with camping and differs from other festivals in the fact it is run at two places simultaneously. Every year Hylands Park in Chelmsford and Weston Park in South Staffordshire both host an event with artists playing each site on alternative days. The event is held on the second to last weekend of August.
Recent headliners have included Beyonce, Calvin Haris, Kings of Leon, Dizzee Rascal, David Guetta, Nicki Minaj, Eminem, Chase and Status and Pendulum.

Wireless - The first day festival to make our list, Wireless is held in London. We have called the festival Wireless but every year it takes the name of it’s sponsor, in recent years these have been O2, Barclaycard and Yahoo.
Recent headliners have included Jay Z, Justin Timberlake, Kanye West, Drake, Nicki Minaj, Snoop Dogg, Deadmau5 & Rhianna.

Isle of Wight – Revived in 2002 and for those who don’t mind a bit of traveling, the Isle of Wight festival is a mainly rock / alternative rock festival held at Seaclose Park on the Isle of Wight.
As a mainly rock festival recent headliners have included Bon Jovi, The Killers, Kings of Leon, Kasabian, Foo Fighters & Kaiser Chiefs. However festival regular and rap superstar Jay Z headlined the festival in 2010.
Image credit to David Jones

Download - Held at Donington Park normally on the second weekend of June, Download festival is another festival for Heavy Metal & Rock fans.
Run in its current form since 2003, Download is a 3 day festival with camping.
Recent headliners include Limp Bizkit, Iron Maiden, Slipknot, Black Sabbath, Metallica & Linkin Park.

SW4 - Named after the post code of the area it takes place, this two day festival on Clapham Common celebrates electronic music and attracts some of the biggest DJs in the world.
Recent headliners include Afrojack, Carl Cox, Armin Van Buuren, Laidback Luke, Steve Aoki, Paul Van Dyk & Example.

Lovebox – This 3 day festival was founded by DJ’s Groove Armada, and is held at Victoria Park in Tower Hamlets.
The festival has attracted some big names over the last few years including, Snoop Dogg, Plan B, Rudimental, Scissor Sisters, Jessie J & Diplo.

Global Gathering - Is Another electronic music festival and is held at Long Marsden Airfield, Long Marsden. Global Gathering started in 2001 and is normally held on the last weekend in July.
This even attracts big names such as Plan B, Disclosure, Rita Ora, Bingo Players, James Zabiela & Rudimental who play in a variety of arenas across the festival.

T In The Park - One for the Scottish, T in The Park is held at Balado, Kinross-shire, Scotland. This is a 3 day event with optional camping that attracts up to 200,000 people. The music policy at T is varied so it attracts all sorts of people.
Recent headliners include Rhianna, Emilie Sande, Calvin Harris, Nicki Minaj, Arctic Moneys, Beyonce, and Coldplay.

Reading and Leeds - Yes we know these two technically make 11 festivals, but what can we say? The UK really is spoiled for choice when it comes to music festivals.
Like V festival these festivals take place simultaneously on the bank holiday weekend with the artists swapping from one site to the other.
These festivals offer camping and day tickets and recent headliners include Eminem, Green Day, Foo Fighters, Kings of Leon and Radiohead.