8 things that happen on holiday that doesn’t back home

Ayia Napa


Our list of 8 things that happen on holiday that doesn’t back home.

  1. Drink from the moment you get up. It seems to be an international rule that when you are on holiday the social norms go out the window. You can drink 24/7 without anyone giving you a second look.
  2. Wear vests every day. Back home people would look at you like a chav, but on holiday it’s standard.
  3. Check in with your family to say you are still alive. I think we all know that if you ain’t on the holiday then you don’t really exist but every few days you have to let them know you are still breathing.
  4. Pig out for a week. Back home we tend to watch what we eat and eat junk food in moderation, however abroad we use the reason “I’m on holiday” to justify being a fatty. It’s all fun and games till you get home and jump on the scale.
  5. Buy tat from the lookie lookie man. Back home if someone approached us with some random cheap sunglasses & watches we would tell them to do one. Abroad its like a rule you have to buy something that will probably break later that day.
  6. Turn your nationality / home town into a game. “Hey guys this is John, he’s from London too!” Woooooooooooo yes John, let me get you a drink!
  7. Spend a fortune on the first night.  It always takes a day or two to get to grips with the new money. The first night normally starts something like “Wait, how much is 5000 baht in pounds?”
  8. Tipping too much on the bill. “Oh I just left him 500 baht as a tip.” Erm … That’s a tenner mate. Oh.

Do you have any that you think we have left off?

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