What is Clubbing Abroad?

Clubbing Abroad is the largest multi destination clubbing holiday resource on the internet that is completely free to users. We don’t follow the crowd we try to innovate rather than imitate. Our popular website is made up of three main real parts.

  1. Clubbing Holiday Blog – This is the part of the website that you are on now. This is where we keep our guides, features, interviews and much more.
  2. Clubbing Holiday Forum – This is the best place for users to get answers to questions, meet people who are going on holiday at the same time as them and to just generally have a laugh.
    Our forum also supports the Android, IOS and Windows phone app Tapatalk. You can download that for Free, search for Clubbing Abroad and have instant access to our forums on the go.
  3. Clubbing Abroad Shop – We have our own merchandise, so make sure you go check that out. Our custom designed T-Shirt is pretty awesome if we do say so ourselves.

We feel that this is somewhere where you will feel right at home, and the website is designed with people who go on clubbing holidays in mind.

What makes us different from the rest?
Good question, the main thing is experience. We are not just writing about a holiday we went on once. We live the life and visit these places. Places we have been include Ibiza, Miami, Las Vegas, Magaluf, Ayia Napa, Kavos, Amsterdam, Riga & Cancun Spring Break well before the TV shows started showing it.
We are passionate about it, this reflects in the quality of information available on the website.

Want to advertise or run a promotion?
We have flexible advertising available for all budgets, so please feel free to get in touch. In 2012 we served 2,075,431 pages to 284,247 unique visitors who made 484,360 visits.
We are the number one multi destination clubbing holiday forum and our blog is growing as we are always adding unique relevant content.
On our forum we sell advertising on a CPM basis, this flexible approach allows everyone no matter the budget to advertise with us.

How can I stay in touch with Clubbing Abroad?
As we have said before, we have a mobile app for our forum and our website is also has a mobile theme. On top of this we are active on all the main social networks so make sure you give us a follow, like, or +1 so that you can stay up to date.


And of course there is always our contact page