Booking tables in Las Vegas nightclubs

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No Las Vegas trip would be complete without the full bottle service in a club, so this post is dedicated to booking tables in Las Vegas nightclubs. We want to make sure you get the best deal possible and don’t get ripped off.
Now guys, sexism is alive and kicking in Las Vegas, A group of women can easily get free entry and free tables in clubs the odds of it happening for you are slim to none unless you know someone who is very well connected.
There are two ways to go about booking a table in Las Vegas. You can use a promoter or go to the club directly. Always go to the club directly first. No exceptions. The clubs pay teams to sell their tables and the third-party promoters and hosts have to go through the clubs anyways. This means that they cannot give you anything that is not authorised by the club in the first place, so it makes sense to see what the club can do for you.
Sometimes the promoters can get a discount or a different minimum spend so it can be worth talking to them but only after you find out what the club can do for you first. A lot of the time however they offer you the clubs regular price with a commission on top.The next important thing when booking tables in Las Vegas nightclubs is the table location. Not all tables are created equal. The best tables are obviously the most expensive ones and the cheapest ones are in the worst locations, nowhere near the dance floor, upstairs out of the way etc you get the picture. When you book the table you should do your best to negotiate the position with your host. They will have a layout showing you where you will be.
Remember when you don’t fancy doing a table you can also pre buy tickets online which is normally cheaper than doing it on the door.

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