Boy to Girl ratio in Magaluf

Sausage fest, cock fest, dick farm, we have heard the ratio in Magaluf refered to by every name under the sun over the years. We have run this website for a long time and the one question that comes up year after year is “What is the boy to girl ratio in Magaluf”.
Well im afraid all the rumours you have heard are true, for some reason Magaluf seems to attract huge numbers of guys all year round. Don’t get us wrong, there will also be women there but they will be hugely outnumbered.
For some reason and more than it happens in other resorts, you get huge groups of men going to Magaluf. We are talking 20-40 men going together which obviously does nothing for the ratios in the resort.
We say don’t even worry about it, as it doesn’t really matter that much. If you focus on going and having a good time you wont even realise the ratio.

Watch this video and get answers from the people on the strip.

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