British police are on patrol in Magaluf and Ibiza

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In the latest waste of the British tax payers money, British police are on patrol in Magaluf and Ibiza.
Determined to help crack down on the wild behaviour in some of the resorts, British police are being send to the Spanish resorts, but just how effective can they be?
The West Midlands police force have sent a grand total of TWO officers on holiday patrol on the streets of Magaluf for a week before heading off to tackle the streets of Ibiza for a week.
The two officers will have zero power of arrest so will need to work with a team of Spanish officers to enforce the Spanish law. This kind of makes it all a bit pointless as they have to then go and get Spanish police so it makes you question their presence at all. If you are going to trial such a thing you need to send a team of a lot more than two and give them some power. They need to at least be able to detain people until the Spanish police arrive on scene.
It is hoped that presence of the two officers will serve as a deterrent for the anti social behaviour that the two resorts are known for, however with just two officers we question the point of it all.
We don’t have enough police patrolling the streets back home in England so rather than wasting everyone’s time they would be better of back home on the ground where they can actually enforce law. I am sure the Spanish are perfectly capable of enforcing their own laws.
So far all they seemed to have managed to do is complain that their uniforms are too hot. I mean who would have thought a uniform designed for a country where the temperature drops into the minus would be to hot in Magaluf where at the time of writing the weather is 27 degrees. Not the police clearly.
Magaluf hasn’t changed and won’t change because they love the money the tourists bring and actively encourage them to spend it in this way. It’s boring hearing year after year people complaining about what they encourage the tourists to do.
They will shut down the bars and clubs or enforce stricter rules if they really wanted to make a change, but do you notice how they never do that?

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