Butlins Big Weekends

A clubbing holiday is great fun and we look forward to them all year but there is another option that is closer to home and a lot cheaper, step forward the Butlins Big Weekends. These are weekends where you party hard for 3 nights, so don’t expect to get much sleep!

 butlins adult weekender

What are they?
A Butlins Big Weekend is a dedicated weekend for adults where there is live music & accommodation all include in the price you pay. As always with Butlins there are different accommodation levels. These are the Standard and Silver Rooms & Standard, Silver and Gold apartments.
We would say go for the Gold rooms, but I wouldn’t expect anything amazing. Just a reasonable standard for the weekend with a nice living room area to hang out in. Top tip, if you are not in a gold room don’t forget to bring a towel.

Who Goes?
These weekends are popular with stag and hen parties & groups of men and women aged 18 upwards. You won’t see families at these weekends, as they name says, they are adult weekends.

What type of music is it?
They try to cater for everyone in terms of the music. Some of the more popular ones include, We love the 70’s, Ultimate 80’s, 90’s reloaded & Soul Weekender.

Where are they?
They have the Big Weekends at all their camps which are located in Skegness, Bognor Regis and Minehead.

Can you take your own drink?
Yeap you can, so make sure you stock up the room for cheap pre drinking sessions. The drinks in resort are reasonably priced though.

Everyone should try a Butlins Big Weekend, they are cheap enough that you can just go and check it out. They run all year round so are perfect to go to while you are waiting for the clubbing holiday season to start. If you go with an open mind and don’t expect to much from the accommodation you will have a great time.

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