Arrests in Ayia Napa rape case

Ayia Napa

News of Arrests in Ayia Napa rape case.
A 23 year old man has been arrested in connection with the rape of a British tourist in the clubbing holiday resort of Ayia Napa.
The man who has been wanted by the local police turned himself in on Tuesday night around 8pm local time. Another man has been released without charge after there was no evidence found to tie him to the crime.
The 23 year old arrested in connection with the rape is the third person the local police have arrested. He joins a 25 and 27 year old who are currently on remand.
The victim, a 30 year old woman, reported that she was taking to an unknown area of Ayia Napa and raped. She was examined at Famagusta General Hospital where no visible injuries were observed. The police are currently waiting on a toxicology report.


The best clubbing holiday tattoos!

We was bored traveling through twitter as you do and thought, what are some of the most epic tattoos that people have gotten on a clubbing holiday? Well these are the best clubbing holiday tattoos that we could find. Obviously by epic we mean tattoos that you are most likely to regret once you wake up and the alcohol wears off.

1. Get out my ma fanny, broom fucking broom.

2. We are not even sure what this one is supposed to be? Maybe some form of turtle?

3. Ha, this one is pretty epic

4. Seems like sound advice to us

5. Apparently!

6. Fuck bitches, eat chicken. Words to live by!

7. There’s no getting in there.

8. He’s packing

9. Tupac would be so proud.

10. Well are you?

11. Thankfully this was only henna!

12. Must have been an epic time.

13. But why? #whathappensinsunnybeach = You think you are Mike Tyson.

Which one is your favourite? Do you know any one who has a worse one? Leave us a comment.

Kandi Beach Party

In every resort there are a few must do events, and Kandi Beach Party in Ayia Napa is most defiantly one of them. Watch the video below to see for yourself.

The rest of your night will tend to go something like this.

  1. You get a wristband and take a picture with your friends which you can then buy later.
  2. Food – You get fed BBQ chicken, rice and veg or a vegetarian option if that is what you have requested.
  3. Drinking games – Prizes include tickets to the water park, champagne or tickets to clubs.
  4. Group photo – A huge photo with everyone on the event.
  5. Head to Macronissos Beach where you get a 3.5 hour open bar and entertainment provided. People who have played there before include Tinie Tempah, Wretch32, Chase and Status, Tim Westwood, Giggs, Lethal B, JME, Skepta, Charlie Sloth and DJ Cameo. More games and giveaways are also played during the night.
  6. Head back to the square where your wristband gets you discounted drinks in certain bars and free entry into the best club that night.

Kandi Beach party takes place every friday throughout the summer and is always popular. Tickets can be brought from reps who will be easily found around the square & on Nissi beach.

Ayia Napa Weather


So you have booked your holiday and you are looking forward to getting your swimwear on and hitting Nissi Beach and lounging round the pool all day. There is just one thing that you need to know, just how hot is it going to be? As always, we have you covered.

These are all average temperatures and are in celsius.

January – 12
February – 12
March – 14
April – 17
May – 21
June – 24
July – 27
August – 27
September – 25
October – 22
November 17
December – 14

As you can see June – September is the hottest, this is perfect for a clubbing holiday.

Top Things to do in Ayia Napa

So you’ve booked it and now you’re looking for things to do in Ayia Napa. You don’t want to miss out on anything and get back and have people tell you that you should have went somewhere, or that you missed out on doing something.
Ayia Napa is full of unique things that you just will not find in other clubbing holiday resorts. Enough of the intro, here is the list of the top things to do in Ayia Napa.

PartyHard Ayia Napa

  1. Party Hard Bar Crawl – Top of your list of things to do should be to go get your tickets for the Party Hard Bar Crawl. This is a crazy night full of alcohol, party people, and most importantly attractive members of the opposite sex. To top it all off you will get a free T shirt and free entry into a night club (if you make it that far.)
  2. Mayhem Bar Crawl – Next up is the wild bar crawl from the guys at Mayhem, think of the party hard bar crawl and you would be along the right lines. The night is also filmed and you get an uncensored DVD at the end of it.
  3. Fantasy Boat Party – Ayia Napa’s famous fantasy boat party has been running for years. First you head to a bar and meet up with everyone, next you jump on a coach and head to the harbor to board the boat. From here you set sail, drink up, play games and party the night away. Don’t leave Ayia Napa without going.
    Fantasy Boat Party
  4. Nissi Beach – Recently voted the best beach in Europe, however Nissi is so much more than just a beach. Lined with bars playing the latest tunes, running competitions (such as wet t shirt) and people partying the day away makes it a must do. Oh yeah the good looking people lining the beach isn’t bad either.
  5. Waterworld – The water park on the outskirts of Napa is a great day out. It’s full of water slides and massive swimming pools with wave machines, but the best thing is the Lazy River. When you have a hangover get down to the water park, jump on the Lazy River and just chill out while the current sends you around.
  6. Epic Beach Party – It used to be called the Dirrty Beach Party, but they had a re brand a year or so ago. It all starts in Linekers where they serve you food and get you drinking along with some games. You then jump on a coach and head to the beach where you take advantage of a free bar. When you are done, you party the night away, play games and just have a great time. When it’s all said and done, and providing you can still stand they will take you to a nightclub.

If you take our advice and check out the events we have suggested then Ayia Napa will be the best holiday that you have ever been on!


Working Clubbing Holiday

It’s the dream really, a whole summer in a clubbing holiday destination. When you compare a UK summer (both weeks of it) to a summer in a clubbing holiday destination the difference is night and day. However we all have questions when doing something new, questions like what are the pro’s and cons? How do I go about it? How do I meet people etc.

Ayia Napa

What are the pros?

  1. Freedom from the grind, freedom from the 9-5 repetitive nature of life back home.
  2. A summer of fun, imagine every night for 6 months being Friday night! Non stop action.
  3. Get me meet lots of new people and make some new friends.
  4. Your be the envy of all your friends when they see your tan.
  5. Discounted if not free club entry all summer long & special events for workers.

What are the cons?

  1. You have to work long hours, most days every week.
  2. The accommodation is normally not 5 star luxury.
  3. Unless your bring a lot of money with you in the first place, you’re going to be living on a budget.
  4. Free drinks! Yeap, it’s a pro and con, you gotta remember most of the drinks are cheap alcohol and to much of it will make you feel ill.
  5. You might get home sick. Not everybody can handle being away from home and their home comforts for extended periods of time.

Ok so you have weighed up the pros and cons and have decided you still want to go? Great, you will not regret it.

What Next?

What you need to do now is put yourself in the best position you can for when you arrive.

  1. Save as much money as you can. Having too much money wont cause you sleepless nights but having to little will.
  2. Sign up to our clubbing holiday forum, get on Facebook & Twitter and socialise with people who are going.
  3. Try and get a job BEFORE you go. Nowadays it’s perfectly plausible to find a job before even getting to resort. Find out the names of bars, clubs and events and contact them.

Ibiza Sunset

Final Preparations.

Your almost there but there a few things you need to do before you jet off.

  1. Take copies of all your documents, this includes your passport, bank cards, travelers cheques etc.
  2. Get insurance, Get insurance, Get insurance, oh yeah did we mention get insurance? Medical care abroad is EXPENSIVE, it’s defiantly better to have insurance and not need it, then to need it and not have it. Also if you are heading to a European destination get your EHIC as well.
  3. Make a note of all phone numbers to cancel things like bank cards, travelers cheques etc if you need to.

So you know when you want to go? But how do yo about it.

The best way is to treat it as a holiday, book a hotel and flights for a week, maybe two so you have somewhere to stay. When you get there head round the bars, clubs & events and look for work. This is the best way to do it because if it does not work out, or you decide it’s not for you, then you have somewhere to stay and will just need to book a flight home.
However once you find work you need to remember that this is a job and not all fun. While it will be a lot more fun than a job back home you need to remember that you are out there to work.

Have fun on your working clubbing holiday!


Ayia Napa Party Hotels

When looking for a hotel in Ayia Napa, you want to be in one that is full of young people looking to party and have fun. You also don’t want to be miles away from the action and faced with a taxi ride to the strip. For these reasons we have created a list of Ayia Napa Party Hotels.

Tsokkos Holiday Apartments

tsokkos holiday apartments

The Tsokkos Holiday Apartments have been one the top party hotels in Ayia Napa for a good number years now. Packed with young people and literally right by the square means that you will always find people to party with and best of all you wont have to far to stumble home at the end of the night.

Pambos Magic

Another great hotel that is popular with young people is Pambos Magic. This hotel is popular not only with tour operators but also with people who book it separately. Another great feature of the Pambos Magic is that as well as being just a few minutes from the square it is very popular with Scandinavians which allows you to meet people from a different country to yourselves. Pambos Magic also features two pools and poolside bars.

Anthea Hotel Apartments


A well known party hotel that is known for its non stop 24/7 action, if you are planning to sleep then the Anthea is not the place for you. Like all the best hotels it is located right next to the strip, it has a good bar, good pool and most importantly is packed with young people. You will find music playing all day pool side and people partying and topping up their tans.

River Reggae Apartments

More than just a hotel, River Reggae is the most famous after hours club in Ayia Napa. So not only do you get an all day lively hotel but when you think your are just about all clubbed out, your can hit the after hours club and party through the night. It has all the things your need on a clubbing holiday, young people, banging tunes, and a anything goes (within reason) attitude.

If all of this makes you fancy a clubbing holiday at one of Ayia Napa’s best party hotels then why not book a clubbing holiday.

Ayia Napa Takeover

Introducing Ayia Napa Takeover!


Ayia Napa Takeover


Brand new to Ayia Napa for 2013 from the team that brings you Magaluf Takeover and

Awaken Ibiza is the fantastic Ayia Napa Takeover.  We chatted to the team at Mainstage Travel to find out what they have in store for their new destination.


Q – Tell us about Ayia Napa Takeover 2013…

A- Ayia Napa Takeover is an amazing way for our guests to holiday in Ayia Napa without spending fortune and experiencing all the best parts of the resort.

Similar to our big brother trip in Magaluf we wanted to provide people with an amazing alternative to the traditional old-timer high street travel agents and not only compete massively on price but also on an all round experience which is why not only do we provide accommodation but we provide a complete week long events package included in the price bringing the best events straight to our customers.

For 2013, we have two fantastic weeks for our customers to choose from set across the busiest peak months of the season and prices from only £189.99 you can see why places are being snapped up!

Ayia Napa Takeover

Q – What does your package include?

A – From £189.99 the Ayia Napa Takeover includes the following:


– 7 nights accommodation in a central Napa hotel

– Free entrance to 5 of Napa’s top clubs

– Free entrance to the official after parties at River Reggae and Aqua Club

– Pool Parties such as Aqua Lockdown with a free bar and BBQ

– Bar Crawls with free drinks

– Discounts across the island

– Dedicated reps that provide 24 hours assistance


We save our guests around £400 each compared to high street prices and obvious with our events package most of their week is already paid for!  This worked extremely well in Magaluf and we had guests that spent under 150 euros for an entire week!

Ayia Napa Takeover

Q – Tell us about Ayia Napa

A – Ayia Napa is a beautiful part of Cyprus.  Situated in the eastern tip of the country, Ayia Napa boasts a fantastic climate together with stunning beaches and the town combines old architecture with modern clubs and bars.  There are hundreds of bars and clubs in the resort that extend down from the main strip right to the harbor and the beach.  It is a perfect resort for the avid party goer with the main clubs such as Castle, Club Ice and Starskys offering fantastic parties and Aqua and River Reggae opening their doors until the sun comes up!  For the more relaxed there are plenty of bars and pubs to relax and unwind in and a host of

beautiful restaurants down towards the harbor.  The resort has something for everyone and it is evident why it is fast becoming the most talked about party resort in Europe!


Q – What are the best attractions in Ayia Napa?

A – Ayia Napa is an incredible resort that experiences some unreal weather from April-October.  Our guests can look forward to an incredible week at some of Europe’s best clubs such as The Castle Club, getting involved with other top events such as the Official Foam Party at Club Ice, Partyhard and Mayhem events and of course Kandi Beach Party and Fantasy Boat Party.  All of which are on offer to our guests at unbelievable rates once they are booked up with us for the summer!  We also recommend checking out Nissi beach which is an awesome beach escape set around a 15 minute walk from the center of Ayia Napa, it’s a cheaper Bora Bora!

Ayia Napa Takeover

Q – Sum up Ayia Napa Takeover in 5 words

A – Best week of your life


For more information on the Takeover visit their website on or call them on 0843 289 6728.


Welcome To Guaba


The aim of this article is introducing you to one of the greatest places to spend your summer time if you ever have chance to visit Cyprus. Most of you might have visited Cyprus before and clubbing was probably associated with Agia Napa. Now it is time to tell you about absolutely different experience called GUABA beach bar, which is located in Limassol – the attractive seaside resort and entertainment capital of the island.
Being voted the 20th best club in the world at this year, GUABA opens its doors to the public in May with the great opening Fiesta, which was actually my first experience in Guaba last year. I was impressed by the colorful interior, unique entertainment program full of surprises and world famous DJs who made the crowd dancing non-stop.


From the first day I visited GUABA it became my favorite place in Cyprus during summer, where people dance (not posing as in a majority of the clubs in Cyprus), laugh and have a great time together and what is also very important (to me at least) GUABA says NO to drugs and violence. There is security stuff which always keeps an eye on the crowd, and I was a witness by myself couple of times how people ruining the party were nicely taken out of the club.
GUABA is opened 7 days a week and main difference of it from other clubs and beach bars is that every single day it provides with different experience. GUABA Sundays are the most famous and the most popular parties. This is the day when trance/house music, played by world famous DJs, fills with the energy the whole dance floor and when great fire shows are taking place. This is the day when you can feel the spirit of the GUABA.  On Monday all reggae fans can attend relaxing reggae party in GUABA, on Thursdays there are parties called mini-Sundays, and Saturday beach parties usually have theme to follow (from dub step until Brazilian beats) bringing a lot of fun.

The entrance to the beach bar is free but make sure you are older than 18 and don’t forget your ID.  The price for drinks is very suitable, there is food also available in the beach bar all days except Sunday since it is the busiest day, but Guaba family still provides you with delicious burgers and hotdogs on Sundays. There is VIP area available also for reservations. The location of Guaba is very easy to find, but don’t bother searching the address, just ask ANY person in Limassol and you will get the exact directions. GUABA is more than just a club. Fans of Guaba (Guabians) carrying the flag of Guaba everywhere they travel or any concert they visit. I am sure it is going to be unforgettable experience for you of non-stop dancing in the Mediterranean sea (or on the sand or on the floor) until the sunset, magic shows, great music and amazing atmosphere. The beach bar is opened until the end of September and has something to offer for everyone. Closing fiesta is simply amazing although it is a bit sad day for all Guabians. No more words, I will see you in Guaba land J.


Fedde le Grand at GUABA



How I Traveled To Ayia Napa Alone With Club 18-30

This is a post by one of our Clubbing Holiday Forum members AndyLondon but it was so good we thought more people should be helped to find it so we are publishing it here on our blog.


Ayia Napa


I’ve finally had some time to write up some feedback on my ‘unusual’ trip to Ayia Napa with Club 18-30, as a thanks for the advice I got before I was going. Its long but I hope it will be useful to people in a similar situation.

Some may remember but I was 28, recently a student again with only a few weeks in August off and since returning to training my father died of cancer so really I was just in need of getting away, getting very drunk and having a laugh.

I fly Sunday and on the transfer coach I get my first taste of the attitude a lone traveler gets on an 18-30 package as a girl sitting next to me can’t understand why i’m there by my self and she becomes quite uncomfortable – geez! Thailand wouldn’t barely have any tourists if people didn’t travel alone!

Arrive at Pambos Magic and as hotels go this one is fairly sh*t. My room is just overlooking the pool where the bar plays an eclectic mix of basey-grunge for 20 hours a day. My room vibrates with the music making sleep impossible, its at that point I realise I’m gonna have to throw myself into this holiday 100% or its going to be hell…

Monday: Spend the day wandering around figuring out where everything is and lying by the pool reading. When alone a good easy book is vital, in this case Mario Puzo’s ‘The Family’.

I notice a club 18-30 poster for a trip to a silent disco, so I decide to give it a go. Its made easy by chatting to a sweet rep called Jenny. The silent disco is awesome, surreal seeing people jump up and down in unison wearing head phones in a quiet room. I find myself befriending two lads from St Albans and also chatting to a hot rep from the Scottish borders, she’s tenacious and quite expressive!

After a bit of a dance, and a bit too much to drink at the free bar I meet the girl from the coach who seems a lot more warm towards me now, I don’t know if its because she sees me havin a good-time or because she’s drunk.

Anyway we move on to Mariella bar, where things a get a bit more hazy, I end up pulling the scottish rep, but not before she tells me a pretty little english rep I’ve just met is really into me. Anyway everybody ends up in Club Ice where the Scotish rep unfortunately distances her self. I end up by the stage with the two St Albans lads trying to dance (one has just been beaten by a group of Israelis) when the pretty little English rep turns up and we pull. At this point the club turns into a foam party and while snogging her my plimsoles become so soapy and I have difficulty standing without slipping all over the place. Anyway she disappears and tells me to wait there and never comes back, so I throw myself into the foam party with all the other idiots.

Anyway I decide to cut my losses and leave with the two St Alban’s lads, but one of the two girls they’ve hooked up with inexplicably takes an immediate disliking to me and tells me thus. Quite hurt by this, I do what any man would do and get a lap dance at Moulin Rouge from a sweet Essex girl. I then end up getting quite philosophical at the hotel bar with the bar girl and several Scandinavians. I then jump in the pool in my clothes.

Tuesday: Waking up (and to the crap noise of the bar) I realise why people don’t go on clubbing holiday’s alone; the paranoia of what you did the previous night is horrible. Booze blues at its worst, its even harder for me particularly as I always remember every single thing from the night before, curse or gift you might say, but for the first time I have a few black outs. Luckily I have my book to distract me, which is getting quite saucy.

That evening I find a great Cypriot grill near the square called Limelight, the only problem is because of the heat I can barely eat the wonderful and gigantic portions. The waiter says to me, “In London you cook for the eyes, here we cook for the stomach!”

I decide to go on the evening bar crawl, we start in a sporty pub/bar opposite from the hotel where they do a contest I get put in a team with some Reading girls, who all decide to ask me individually why i’m there alone. Anyway after a quiz which has enlightened me to a whole knew array of sex positions/acts we move on to a few bars each playing ‘I Don’t Speak No Americano.’ Still feeling a bit awkward I decide to head back to the hotel, when I bump into the St Albans lads. One has just been mistaken for the DJ of Castle Club plus it’s their last night there, so we go on a crazy bar crawl getting dirt cheap drinks saying we’re the DJ’s from Castle Club, trashed we end dancing and pissing about from every bar from Linekers to Ice, often getting up on the dance podiums offending the hot dance girls. I realised that night I hadn’t had that much fun possibly years!

We end up in Club Ice again, where the 18/30 crawl has ended up, I’ve decided to sober up a bit. One of the male reps pats me on back congratulating me for the previous night, saying the pretty little English rep hasn’t kissed a guy all season, and I’m the first to have a go! Some big DJs i’ve never heard of arrive, and I start to feel a bit old. I go to the stage with the St Albans boys to get whistles that are being handed out, the guy asks if I will use the whistle and I can’t help responding “No, I want it for the irony!” He doesn’t find it very funny and I don’t get a whistle.

Anyway we end up at River Reggae afterwards where we get warned not to put our heads underwater in the pools, due the outbreak of Conjunctivitis!

Wednesday: I say goodbye to the St Albans lads, which is sad as I they were pretty awesome drinking buddies. I wished I’d swapped names with them for facebook, but I had shut down my account during my dad’s sickness and still hadn’t reopened it.

They hang around in the lobby and I went to Nissi beach, when on your own beach bars in the day and water sports aren’t that exciting so just swam and read my book (those medieval Pope’s got up to some weird weird stuff). The water was truly amazing, warm and clear. Unfortunately I left my hotel room keeps in the back pocket of my swim-shorts which immediately rusted leaving a dodgy looking brown stain at the back of my shorts.

That night not having anything to do I go out on the strip and take some photos of the nightlife, many of the PRs are quite intrigued about me, one actually saves me from being run over by rogue Israeli speeding his quad-bike through the pedestrian zone.

On my way back to the hotel i bumped into both the scottish and english reps I had pulled the other night, they were herding in the new delivery of victims. Both were a bit cold and I couldn’t help feeling a bit of a jerk.


Thursday: Get up early for a jeep ride into the mountains, turns out to be a nightmare for taking photographs as every drop off point is full of tourists, was interesting enough though. Went up Mount Olympus and discovered the gods had been replaced by British radars, also went in a monastry which apperently holds the remains of Luke, of the Matthew, Mark, Luke and John fame, the inside of the church was more glitzy than the Napa strip!That night went on the 18-30 bar crawl that included a 2 hour free bar at Aqua Club and a ticket to Castle Club. Got chatting to a few cool people, including two Manchester lads, I’d learned by now not to try and chat to girls on my own, as they would freak out as soon as they discovered I was alone, and only go up and chat to girls with other guys. We had the usual crawl of drinking games, from Titanic Bar (bit tasteless isn’t it? What next Club Chernobyl, Hindenburg Bar?) then Hollywood Bar, Mariella Bar and Rock Garden. By then we were unsurprisingly too trashed to take advantage of the free bar at Aqua, in fact it was fairly messy, lots of nudity I recall. One of the Manchester lads decided it was time to cut his losses and left while his mate and I decided to be wing men in approaching a group of Edinburgh girls.I quickly pulled with one of them, a little red head and found myself in the little lagoon pool at the back of the hotel. She then worked me hard right into the morning but I was happy to oblige, keen to try out some of those new positions/acts I learned two nights previous from the quiz. Pambos Magic beds aren’t great for shagging on though, we might as well been banging on bumper cars.

Friday: The previous night, a few people persuaded me to go on the Booze Cruise something I didn’t have much interest in. For me it was a complete waste of money, I don’t really enjoy getting pissed in the day, specially after a night of full-on drinking and f*cking, they kept shouting this is ‘a booze cruise not a snooze cruise’ which kinda made the organised fun, more like forced fun. It was really nice to go swimming off a boat though, but I could have done it privately a lot cheaper.That night went out with the two Manchester lads starting in Titanic Bar, then Minos, Bedrock, where one of the Manchester guys swallowed a vodka jelly off a girl’s tits, then to Linekers where we already screwed but they were kind enough to give us tickets to Castle Club. By the time we got to Castle I was trashed but enjoyed the Dance music floor, we went down into the Hip Hop floors but found it very aggressive, and had to talk us out of a few fights.

Ending up back at the hotel bar, I was chatting to a few people. I saw two girls from Wimbledon which were on my plane and I had kept bumping into and thought I would go over and say hi, they immediately asked why I was on my own and then proceeded to sing “Andy has no friends” at me which I should have taken in jest from these two pretty dumb girls, but I did let it upset me. I ended up having a bit of a rant to a really nice Brazillian/British girl, who was desperate to speak to another ‘adult’ as she called it.

Once again I ended up in the pool in my clothes.

However that night because of those two silicon bimbos ironically I realised something, recently I had alienated myself a little from my friends because of my Dad’s illness. Some friends can be really rubbish in difficult times, but you can’t hold it against them, we all have our weaknesses. Perhaps it was time to reopen my facebook account and get back on the phone. Many of them have grown out of trips to Napa or Ibiza, and weren’t available to come away with me this year anyway, but if you don’t make the effort I could end up going on more holidays alone when I otherwise wouldn’t need too.

Saturday: My last full day. I take a jeep trip to the North, the Turkish occupied zone, it suddenly becomes quite third world. The driver tactlessly points out to two Israeli co-travelers a harbour where the recent flotilla started that headed to the Gaza Strip with tragic results. At one of the UN buffer zones I walk down the beach to see a resort the size and scale of Benidorm completely abandoned, a ghost town. Unfortunately the soldiers at the nearby watch tower observe me so I don’t take a picture, can you believe it the best bloody thing all holiday to take a photograph off, and I can’t!

That evening I decide to go down the beach next to the harbour and have an evening swim. The water is still hot and it’s beautiful as the sun is setting. That is one of the great things about going on holiday alone, doing something strange like swimming at sunset – you would never do that if you were in a group.

My last night I meet the Manchester lads, one hasn’t stopped drinking and not gone to bed since the boat trip the day before, I find out he’s recently split from a long term girlfriend, and we kind of expect him to disappear at some point in the evening. We go to a few bars and end up in Rock Garden playing pool with the Brazilian girl and her friend. We then go to Carwash, where the music is so cheezy its just like uni again, I try to down a bottle of WKD like i could when I was an undergraduate and fail miserably. A few last drinks at the hotel bar with the Brazilian girl and the sun rises saying goodbye to my last night out in Ayia Napa.

The following day I spend the day down Nissi beach with the two Manchester lads. While waiting at the hotel one of the reps bravely tries to sell me a ticket to the Big Reunion, which I think is a step to far for a single traveler!

Well, well done if you’ve read this in full, to sum it all up, this holiday did me a world of good – I had more fun than I had in years, it was at times a bit awkward and tough but worth it. Would I recommend going on a clubbing holiday alone, perhaps not but I met a few other single travellers out there and many more people do it than you think.

Join in the discussion on this post on the Clubbing Holiday Forum.