How To Book Spring Break

Akon In Cancun Spring Break

Spring Break is similar to half term but it is a very American and Canadian thing. Each school is allocated a week and they pretty much use it to go away and party hard.
More and more people from the UK are seeing videos and picking up on what Spring Break is and they want to get involved, however going on Spring Break is not as easy to sort out as say a week in Ibiza.
None of the UK youth travel companies seem to offer package deals (with reps) to most spring break destinations such as Cancun, Miami, Panama City Beach, Las Vegas and South Padre Island.
This leaves it to us to try and sort it out ourself, thankfully most of the places are covered by package holidays from leading companies such as Thomas Cook (packages) and Expedia (flight + hotel).
When going on Spring Break we recommend going the 2nd and 3rd weeks of March, this allows you to be out there when the most amount of people are going to be there and have the best time. However Spring Break does run from February to April but please check how many people are going to be there when you go so that you are not disappointed.
If you are going to an American Spring Break destination you will need a ESTA Visa Waiver, this does cost $14 and if you are going to a Mexican destination there is a departure tax of around $48 so please keep this in mind.
No matter what destination you choice you will meet a lot of people partying hard and having a great time. You will also find that some of the biggest music acts will be playing regularly (especially if you go at the time we suggest) so that makes the experience even better.

If you need any more help feel free to ask any questions you have on our Clubbing Holiday Forum.