British police are on patrol in Magaluf and Ibiza

Ibiza Beach Party

In the latest waste of the British tax payers money, British police are on patrol in Magaluf and Ibiza.
Determined to help crack down on the wild behaviour in some of the resorts, British police are being send to the Spanish resorts, but just how effective can they be?
The West Midlands police force have sent a grand total of TWO officers on holiday patrol on the streets of Magaluf for a week before heading off to tackle the streets of Ibiza for a week.
The two officers will have zero power of arrest so will need to work with a team of Spanish officers to enforce the Spanish law. This kind of makes it all a bit pointless as they have to then go and get Spanish police so it makes you question their presence at all. If you are going to trial such a thing you need to send a team of a lot more than two and give them some power. They need to at least be able to detain people until the Spanish police arrive on scene.
It is hoped that presence of the two officers will serve as a deterrent for the anti social behaviour that the two resorts are known for, however with just two officers we question the point of it all.
We don’t have enough police patrolling the streets back home in England so rather than wasting everyone’s time they would be better of back home on the ground where they can actually enforce law. I am sure the Spanish are perfectly capable of enforcing their own laws.
So far all they seemed to have managed to do is complain that their uniforms are too hot. I mean who would have thought a uniform designed for a country where the temperature drops into the minus would be to hot in Magaluf where at the time of writing the weather is 27 degrees. Not the police clearly.
Magaluf hasn’t changed and won’t change because they love the money the tourists bring and actively encourage them to spend it in this way. It’s boring hearing year after year people complaining about what they encourage the tourists to do.
They will shut down the bars and clubs or enforce stricter rules if they really wanted to make a change, but do you notice how they never do that?

Radio 1 Ibiza 2015

bbc radio 1 ibiza

Radio 1 Ibiza 2015

Radio 1 are back in Ibiza this year celebrating their 20th year of live broadcasts from the clubbing holiday island.
The national radio station will be holding their annual invasion between Friday 31st July and Sunday 2nd August.
The first radio 1 broadcast was Nicky Holloway at Manumission at Ku (now privilege).
Annie Mac, Pete Tong and Danny Howard are all confirmed to be playing sets from the island.
Radio one will be announcing ticket details over the next few weeks so make sure you stay tuned to find out how you can attend.
Annie Mac has said “It’s going to be bigger and better than it’s ever been before,” so you know that you don’t want to miss out!

A British tourist has died in Ibiza

Reports are coming out of Ibiza that a  British tourist has died in Ibiza.
The man, 26 year old Robert Gillespie, from Larbert in central Scotland fell from the 5th floor of the popular Piscis Park in San Antonio on Saturday night. It is believed that this was Robert’s first night on the clubbing holiday island.
Paramedics attended the scene but unfortunately were not able to save him and he was pronounced dead at the scene.
This goes to show the dangers that balconies in holiday resorts, which can be lower than balconies you find here.
A spokesperson for the foreign office has confirmed they are providing consular assistance to his family.
RIP Robert & for those of you going on holiday this year, please stay safe.

There are videos online of people jumping from the roof of the Piscis Park hotel. Just don’t do it, it’s not worth it!

Ibiza Weekender Interview

The weekender is back! However this time they show has moved from Magaluf to Ibiza. We took the time to catch up with Ninushka Oller-Stracey, Series Producer of Ibiza Weekender to find out what the Ibiza Weekender has in store for us.
The new series starts on Sunday 8th February at 9pm on ITV2.

Ibiza Weekender Interview.
1.The show is back and in a new location, what prompted the move to Ibiza?

The programme had spent 3 seasons in Magaluf and we felt it was time for a change of scene, so where better to go than the party capital of Europe.

Ibiza is a cooler, more sophisticated and glamorous location and with Imogen also growing and transforming herself into a sexy siren, the two together are a perfect reflection of this progression.

2. We notice that only Imogen kept her job from the current reps, how comes?

Imogen is a truly unique woman, she’s the girl next door who all the viewers can relate to. We’ve all had heartache in our lives but Imogen isn’t afraid to share her feelings with us at home and this makes her a captivating character. She’s funny, wears her heart on her sleeve and is also prepared to hold her hands up when things go wrong, but is she the only returning rep??? You’ll have to watch the series to find out.

3. How do you feel the show will different between the two locations?

Ibiza itself brings a whole different vibe to the series. You can still expect high jinks and excessive nights out, but in Ibiza there’s a more laid back scene. After all it’s the holiday destination of A listers, in fact anyone who’s anyone spent the summer there including Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom, although their vacation was anything but chilled.

4. Are there any plans to take the format to other locations?

We would love to take the series around the globe, but for right now, there’s no beating Ibiza.

5. If someone wanted to be on a future series as a rep or a holidaymaker how would they go about this?

We have a casting process that possible holidaymakers go through but as a starting point, they are more than welcome to contact us via our @IbizaWeekender twitter page where followers are also the first to see exclusive clips and unseen scenes from the series.

6. How did the team find Ibiza compared to Magaluf? Did you face any difficulties or challenges while filming?

Filming abroad is always harder than you think, there are language barriers and afternoon siestas to take into account, something I wish we’d adopt here in the UK. Plus access to some of the larger super clubs was difficult, after all they don’t need the publicity with millions of party goers already frequenting their dance floors, but never put off by a challenge our team worked tirelessly to get us into some banging clubs which you will experience from the comfort of your couch when you watch the show. It was a really positive experience and we gained some great access, but we’re always happy to hear from any clubs that might welcome us in the future.

7. What should we expect in the upcoming season of the Ibiza Weekender?

You can still expect those warm funny moments from first time holiday makers as well dramatic surprise guest arrivals. We focus more on our reps this season, there are 6 of them to start with and the relationships between them fluctuate from romantic to dramatic. It promises to be a truly captivating series, your new guilty pleasure that will see viewers through the cold winter months here in the UK.

Ibiza Weekender to be shown on ITV in 2015

It looks like Magaluf Weekender is no more and they have now set up shop in Ibiza for 2015. We wonder if this has anything to do with Magaluf trying to become a more tourist friendly resort from next summer.
Ibiza Weekender to be shown on ITV in 2015
The Magaluf Weekender

The only rep that has survived the cull is head rep Imogen who will be joined by new reps Ben, Sophie, Deano, Rachel and Kris.
The format will be the same as in the previous seasons where by groups of guests will be followed during their time on the island where they will be escorted by the reps.
There will be 8 episodes in this season.

The Ibiza Weekender is commissioned for ITV by Katy Thorogood, Factual Commissioning Editor, and Angela Jain, Director of Multi-Channel and Acquisitions.

Katy said: “I’m delighted that Weekender is off to Ibiza.  The world’s party capital is the perfect setting for this funny coming of age series. I just hope they’re ready for us.”

Twofour Group Creative Director, Andrew MacKenzie, said: “We’re excited to take the Weekender format to another location. It’ll be a step on in how we use the fixed rig and a reality cast.”

Lets hope that the show is as entertaining as the Magaluf version.

The best clubbing holiday tattoos!

We was bored traveling through twitter as you do and thought, what are some of the most epic tattoos that people have gotten on a clubbing holiday? Well these are the best clubbing holiday tattoos that we could find. Obviously by epic we mean tattoos that you are most likely to regret once you wake up and the alcohol wears off.

1. Get out my ma fanny, broom fucking broom.

2. We are not even sure what this one is supposed to be? Maybe some form of turtle?

3. Ha, this one is pretty epic

4. Seems like sound advice to us

5. Apparently!

6. Fuck bitches, eat chicken. Words to live by!

7. There’s no getting in there.

8. He’s packing

9. Tupac would be so proud.

10. Well are you?

11. Thankfully this was only henna!

12. Must have been an epic time.

13. But why? #whathappensinsunnybeach = You think you are Mike Tyson.

Which one is your favourite? Do you know any one who has a worse one? Leave us a comment.

Michaella McCollum and Melissa Reid to return home

Michaella McCollum and Melissa Reid  to return home. In the latest development in the case of the “Peru Two” Michaella McCollum and Melissa Reid, it seems as if they will be allowed to serve their sentence back home after the British and Peruvian authorities reach an agreement which will seen the women serve their sentence out in a British Jail.

Michaella McCollum Connolly
The two girls were caught last summer attempting to smuggle 11kg of cocaine out of the country last summer and quickly made headlines across the world being dubbed the “Peru Two”.
At first they claimed they had been forced into doing this by drug dealers but later admitted that they did it via their own free will for a reported £5000. The girls were facing a much lengthier sentence if they had put in a not guilty plea.
In the end they were sentenced to six years and eight months in December of last year. They are currently serving time at the Ancon 2 jail outside of Lima after being transferred from the Virgen De Fatima prison complex.Britian has agreed to take the two girls into the British prison system due to a repatriation agreement in place between the two countries.  This however is not an instant thing and it is expected to take a few months before the women will actually be repatriated.

What do you think? Should they be allowed to serve out their sentence in the UK? Do you feel like they are getting special treatment?

Ibiza Books

There are some great books available on Ibiza these days, however not all of them are still in print. This guide will list books based on Ibiza that you might fancy reading.

Ibiza Sunset

Is Harry On The Boat
This is the first book written by Colin Butts (who now owns Plastik in Ibiza) that was turned into a movie and a television show on Sky 1. The book is about a group of reps and gives a insight into their day to day life of looking after customers and sorting out the day to day rep things. However they also get up to a lot of trouble and try to sleep with as many people as possible to win a tournament.
Buy is Harry On The Boat on Kindle

Is Harry Still On The Boat
The sequel to the first book which provides more of the same, if you liked the first book then you will be sure to like the sequel. Again the book is out of print so Kindle is you best bet if you would like to read it.
Buy is Harry still on the boat on Kindle

Colin Butts
Colin Butts

A Bus Could Run You Over
This is Colin’s third book and the one he considers to be his best. It’s about a guy who is dumped by his girlfriend, and between dodging her brothers who think he has a camcorder full of their drugs he ends up in Ibiza where trouble seems to follow him. Again out of print so you will need to look for a second hand copy or buy it on Kindle.
Buy a bus could run you over on Kindle

Stu Griffiths
Stu Grittiths

Ibiza Rocked
This is the true life account by former rep Stu Griffiths about his time as a rep in Ibiza. The book is a funny read with a heartbreaking end chronicling Stu’s time as a rep in Ibiza
Buy Ibiza Rocked on Kindle

Ibiza Summer
A story of a 16 year old who falls in love with a DJ in Ibiza while on holiday with her older sister and her friend. She lies to the DJ about her age but this just causes more trouble.
Buy Ibiza Summer on Kindle or Paperback

We feel these are the best Ibiza books out there, do you have any others you think should be added? Let us know in the comments.

Ibiza Boat Parties

No trip to Ibiza would be complete without going on one of the many boat parties that run all through the summer. With both a mixture of daytime and night time parties to choose from, this guide will show you the best Ibiza Boat Parties.

Pukka Up – Most probably one of the most famous boat parties, Pukka Up run their parties world wide and have been going for over 10 years. In Ibiza they run a sunset party which allows you to part from when the sun goes down, where you can then head to Amnesia or Pacha and party till it comes back up.
If you want to head on the boat a bit earlier there is a daytime one that runs from Playa Den Bossa.
Pukka Up run their parties from May – September on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Ibiza Rocks The Boat – World famous Ibiza brand, Ibiza rocks take to the seas with their own branded boat party.
From 2013 they are actually running two parties. On Wednesday you get the Ibiza Rocks branded boat party and on Friday you get their WAR branded boat party. Both boats set sail from San Antonio harbor and have their own DJ’s playing the music.
We could sit here explaining more but I’m sure these two videos will do a better job.

Garlands – You can see a theme here right? All the best Ibiza brands have a boat party and Garlands are no different. For €35, Garlands will take you out on a boat, line up top quality music and let you rave the evening away. They will then bring you back just in time to get ready for the clubs to open, you can’t say much fairer than that can you?

Lost In Ibiza – One of the newer boat parties in Ibiza, the Lost in Ibiza party has hit the ground running and quickly found a following. These guys focus on the basics, great music, 200+ people and a great sound system.
Check the video below.

No matter what party you pick, you are bound to have a great time.

Top Clubs In Ibiza

So you have booked a deal to Ibiza and you are wondering what the best clubs to go to are? Well here is a list of the top clubs in Ibiza that you should visit on your clubbing holiday, in no particular order.

Image credit to ST33VO
Image credit to ST33VO
  1. Space – The super club located in Bora Bora, Space is especially popular on Sunday nights where ravers head there after day of partying away on Bora Borsa beach. One of the most popular DJ’s at Space is the legendary Carl Cox.
  2. Pacha – While not the biggest club on the island, it is most probably the most upmarket club. Pacha has a reputation for class and top DJ’s from around the world, and it is very popular with celebrities.
  3. Privilege – The complete opposite of Pacha, Privilege is the biggest club in the world holding in excess of 10,000 people. Add to this world famous DJ’s meaning you will never have a quiet night 🙂
  4. Ibiza Rocks – While more of a hotel than a club, Ibiza Rocks hosts some of the biggest names in music throughout the summer, twice a week. Also if you stay at this hotel, you get gig tickets included.
  5. Amnesia – When you think Amnesia, you think Cream. The two go hand in hand and it is one of the best nights you will have in Ibiza.
  6. Ushuaia – Another hotel come nightclub type establishment. Think Ibiza Rocks but on a much larger scale, this club screams class and hosts some of the worlds most famous DJ’s such as David Guetta and Avicci.
  7. Eden – Located in San Antonio, Eden is one of the smaller clubs in Ibiza but still worth a visit if you don’t fancy leaving the West End. Judgement Friday’s featuring Judge Jules is the most popular event here.
  8. Es Paradis – Located right next door to Eden, another one of Ibiza’s smaller clubs. The most popular events here are the Water Party or Hed Kandi.
  9. Zoo Project – One of the most popular events in Ibiza, the Zoo project normally sells out pretty sharp so if you want to go, make sure you get tickets as soon as you arrive on the Island. People get their faces painted and rave into the night in an abandoned zoo. What more could you want?
  10. Sankeys – It all started in Manchester and they decided one day to move the brand to Ibiza and the rest is history!

If you check out any of these clubs while in Ibiza, you are guaranteed to have a great time.