Should I take a gap year?

So you are just about to start uni or have even just finished uni and you are asking yourself, should I take a gap year? Recently a UK retailer has come out and said that you should work in their store for your gap year. We 120% disagree, while retail does teach you great skills, working for retail store will not teach you as much as the university of life will. We say if you can afford it and want the experience of a lifetime, then most defiantly. Here are some good reasons to take the gap year.

full moon party morning

  1. It’s almost now or never! Getting 6 months or a year of work will be very difficult. A lot of companies do not offer time of for you to go travel the world. Skip all this hassle and go before you become a member of the full time world of work.
    We are not saying it’s impossible to do a gap year later but it defiantly becomes more difficult. Things like kids, mortgages and careers tend to get in the way.
  2. You will make a huge amount of friends. You will meet people who will be your friends for life, you will have experiences that will never be repeated again. You will always be connected to these people by the experiences you shared together.
  3. The world needs to be explored! Every country in the world is so different you need to get out there and see how other people do it!
    There is a great saying that says the world is a book and those who do not travel only read one page.
  4. It doesn’t all need to be partying. You can volunteer abroad for a time which will also look good on your CV.
  5. You can go with your friends. What are the chances of your friends all being available to travel the world at the same time at some point in the future? Slim.
  6. Some countries allow a working visa. This means that you can spend time working and gaining valuable experience. If you are a EU citizen you can work in other EU countries without a visa. Countries such as Australia offer a working visa.
  7. Life experiences. There are some things that just account be taught in a classroom, things that you have to get out and just experience for yourself. You will have lots of life experiences on a gap year. This alone is good reason for one.
  8. People skills. There is an art to dealing with people and these skills are very important as you make your way through life. Learning to talk  and interact with people will serve you will all through your life.
  9. You don’t know what you want to do. Why rush into a job you might hate. Take some time out and think about what you would really like to do. You may find that what you wanted to do when you started to study may not be what you want to do now.

So what do you think? Have you taken a gap year?

Supercard – The new way to spend money abroad?


Supercard – The new way to spend money abroad?
Travelex have launched a new card called the Supercard. It differs from every other card on the market is that it promises no roaming charges at all.
When you use your bank or credit cards abroad they add on fees such as a foreign exchange fee and a cash withdrawal fee which really is a rip off.
Supercard differs with no fees, no commission and no exchange mark up rate which of course makes this a highly desirable way to spend or withdraw money on holiday.
The way it works is, you link your debit or credit card to the Supercard via an app available on both android or apple devices. You can then see transactions and even turn the supercard on and off using this app. Turning it off is handy as this means the card cannot be used when off and is most likely sitting in a draw with your passport.
The Supercard will work in the UK but due to the fees when used in the UK it doesn’t make sense to. Your debit or credit card is a better bet for UK spending.

The Supercard is currently in a pilot but you should keep your eye on the website and register for details of when it will go live. It could make changing money for holiday a thing of the past!

8 things that happen on holiday that doesn’t back home

Ayia Napa


Our list of 8 things that happen on holiday that doesn’t back home.

  1. Drink from the moment you get up. It seems to be an international rule that when you are on holiday the social norms go out the window. You can drink 24/7 without anyone giving you a second look.
  2. Wear vests every day. Back home people would look at you like a chav, but on holiday it’s standard.
  3. Check in with your family to say you are still alive. I think we all know that if you ain’t on the holiday then you don’t really exist but every few days you have to let them know you are still breathing.
  4. Pig out for a week. Back home we tend to watch what we eat and eat junk food in moderation, however abroad we use the reason “I’m on holiday” to justify being a fatty. It’s all fun and games till you get home and jump on the scale.
  5. Buy tat from the lookie lookie man. Back home if someone approached us with some random cheap sunglasses & watches we would tell them to do one. Abroad its like a rule you have to buy something that will probably break later that day.
  6. Turn your nationality / home town into a game. “Hey guys this is John, he’s from London too!” Woooooooooooo yes John, let me get you a drink!
  7. Spend a fortune on the first night.  It always takes a day or two to get to grips with the new money. The first night normally starts something like “Wait, how much is 5000 baht in pounds?”
  8. Tipping too much on the bill. “Oh I just left him 500 baht as a tip.” Erm … That’s a tenner mate. Oh.

Do you have any that you think we have left off?

Balcony Hopping


Every year it seems that the balcony hopping antics of people in the clubbing holiday makes the news in the saddest possible way, with someones death.
I have been guilty of hopping a balcony a few floors up to save the long walk around, however the risks far exceed the rewards. Due to the nature of these places the already dangerous practice is made far worse by the fact most of the time we have been drinking and our hand eye co-ordination is negatively affected by this.
In May of this year there were 2 reported falls in Magaluf. Now while these may or may not have been people messing around on the balcony a quick Google will show you multiple stories of people hopping from one balcony to another, slipping and then falling to their death.
Next time you are on holiday and consider jumping across just think of all these people who have had their life cut short by a moment of madness.
We can’t stress enough that taking the decision to hop across a balcony could result in your death! All it takes is a slip or a missed grab of a railing and it could be all over.
Be smart and don’t play with your life just to save a few minutes walking.

Advice for traveling alone

I was always someone who always thought that going traveling alone is not something for me, and it would be something I hated, but this all changed this year when I actually ended up going to three places on my own and had a great time. Traveling alone is very relaxing and it also forces you to get out of your comfort zone and talk to people. This post will give you some advice for traveling alone.

Ibiza Sunset

1. There is nothing weird about it. A common misconception is that you will be seen as the weird guy / girl. This is wrong and anyone who would thinks that is most likely just worried that they don’t have the guts that you do.

2. Use technology. The great thing these days is that there are a number of apps and websites that you can use to find people to do things with on your travels. Make use of travel forums such as ours and apps designed to connect people such as Tinder or Bee Talk which is popular in Asia. Look for Facebook groups or even do a twitter search of the destination you are in.
Having a small laptop / tablet or even your phone will be invaluable. If you do get a little homesick, a friendly face is just a short Skype call away. Also Whatsapp if it isn’t already will become one of your most used apps.

3. Don’t stay in your room. Ok you are in a foreign place and want to go out but you have nobody to go out with. So what! Get dressed and get yourself out there, have a few drinks and just strike up some conversations. You will be surprised how friendly people are once you start talking to them.
During the day do what interests you. The reason for this is that you will meet people with similar interests. If you fancy going on a tour then do it! You haven’t come half way across the world for nothing have you? Hotel pools and bars are also a good place to meet people as is the beach.

4. Choose your destination wisely. Some places such as Thailand, Vietnam, Laos have many solo travelers going there all the time. They are all in the same position as you and would love to meet people. This makes it even easier to find a new group of friends to share some of your time with.

5. Choose where you stay wisely. If you pick a super upmarket resort aimed at couples and families don’t be surprised that when you get there all you see is couples and families! Read reviews and find out where the people you would like to meet are staying and choose to stay there.

6. It’s all about you. Do whatever makes you happy, this is your holiday and the good thing is theres negotiating like you have to on group holidays. You are in charge, what you say goes, you make all the decisions!.


What should I wear on a clubbing holiday?

Q. This is my first time going abroad with my friends and I am wondering what should I wear on a clubbing holiday?

full moon party morning
A. Good question, while it may be easy to think ill just wear what I wear on an average saturday night down town, this could be all wrong.
For guys you can happily leave the shoes, jeans and shirts back in England. On clubbing holidays in Europe at least there is no strictly enforced dress code. Most men will be wearing trainers, shorts and a t-shirt or vest.
There is no need for anything more than that due the one thing, it’s hot as hell. Jeans are going to be far to heavy and in 30 degree heat you are going to wish you left them at home.For women, you can wear pretty much whatever you want. Just make sure you have light dresses, shorts, vests, t-shirts etc.
It also makes sense to take a few items that you don’t mind getting ruined. These are good for things like foam parties & paint parties. You don’t want a £50 top being ruined when an old one will be better suited.
There is one exception to this rule and that is the US. Dress codes are a lot more strictly enforced over there so you need to bring things such as jeans, trousers, shirts and defiantly shoes.

Also you should have a look at our custom t-shirt which was designed with clubbing holidays in mind.

WIll I need ID? What is the drinking age?

Throughout the years, this has to be one of the most commonly asked question that comes up on our clubbing holiday forums. Will I need ID to get into the bars and clubs?
Ibiza Sunset
The answer is pretty much always a big fat NO.
In all our time of going on clubbing holidays to the european resorts we have not once seen a single person been asked for ID. This doesn’t mean they are likely to let 10 year olds in the bar and get drunk so don’t think it’s a free for all in that respect. It just means that as long as you are around the right sort of age you are unlikely to asked to present ID.

However there is and exception to the rule and this is if you are going to the USA. The laws are much stricter stateside and it is unlikely that you will get into a club without presenting your ID.
This is the big difference between the European clubbing resorts and the Stateside ones.
When in Ayia Napa, Magaluf, Kavos, Ibiza etc the bouncers are not bothered about checking ID to see if you can come in. However if you change your location to say Las Vegas, you have no chance whatsoever of seeing the inside of the club without having your ID checked by somebody.
Now this doesn’t mean that we are condoning underage drinking in any way as most of these resorts do still have a legal drinking age which is normally 18. We are just saying that the odds of you being asked for ID in the European resorts are slim to none.

We guess we better direct you to somewhere that will explain the risks of alcohol etc so check out should you need advice on alcohol and it’s risks.

Or you could read about how I quit drinking alcohol

Where to go clubbing this summer?

Are you looking to book a clubbing holiday? Well you have come to the right place. This website is dedicated to partying in the best locations all around the world, so in this post we well guide you towards where to go clubbing this summer!
During the british summer the best places to go clubbing are Europe and America. The reason for this is because in places like Asia it is the rainy seasons in a lot of places and you are best of going later in the year.

We know everybody has their favourites so this list is in no particular order!

1. Ibiza – This is quite rightly known as the clubbing capital of the world. A whole island dedicated to partying, hosting some of the biggest and best clubs in the world, headlined by the top DJ’s. Filled in the summer with party animals of all ages and close enough to go for a long weekend if you wanted.
The best thing about Ibiza is it is pretty much all summer round and is famous for it’s closing parties in September.

Ibiza Beach Party

2. Ayia Napa – We always say there are two top-tier clubbing holiday destinations in Europe, the first is Ibiza and the second is Ayia Napa. Featuring the famous square area which is heaving with bars and clubs for you to drink the night away, Ayia Napa has been popular since the rise of garage in the late 90’s. These days the music policy is varied and you can find music to suit just about any taste.
If that is not enough, Ayia Napa has the award-winning Nissi Beach which is a popular spot to party or chill out during the day.

3. Las Vegas – With a saying like What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas makes you wonder what actually does go down in sin city. The answer? Just about any and everything. If you can dream it up, there is probably somewhere in Vegas it can be done.
Vegas also has the best pool scene just about anywhere in the world with most of the top nightclubs hosting day parties with headline acts. If that isn’t enough you can rave through the night at any of Las Vegas’s many nightclubs.

Vegas Nightlife

4. Miami – A more upmarket destination, south beach is the home of the beautiful people stateside. The one thing we will say about Miami is that money most defiantly talks in this city and groups of guys may have hard times at the city’s top nightclubs if they have no girls with them. However if you get in you will be treated to some of the best clubs in the US with headline acts from all over the world.

5. Magaluf – Magaluf is known as the most rowdy of all the clubbing holiday destinations. Due to it being quite cheap it is very popular with youngsters as well as stag and hen parties. Due to it being just a short flight from the UK you can go for a long weekend also.
Magaluf also has one of the nicest beaches of any clubbing holiday destinations and a huge super club called BCM.

6. Cancun – Just about everybody has heard of spring break, the wild party time where US uni students go to let their hair down. However Cancun is popular during the summer also with both youngster and a slightly more mature crowd.
Cancun is full of amazingly fun bars like Senior Frogs as well as massive super clubs like The City. Another great place to go for a night out in Cancun is Coco Bongo. Which if any of you have ever been to Magaluf is a bit like the pirates show. Well worth a trip.


6. Kavos – Kavos was always popular, but since the TV show what happens in Kavos it’s popularity has gone through the roof. It is one long road scattered with bars and clubs and people partying all night long. It is not the most upmarket place ever so don’t go there expecting too much.

kavos passed out

7. Sunny Beach – Another destination where the popularity has exploded due to the What Happens In series on Channel 4. Located in Bulgaria this destination is not only popular with people from the UK but also very popular with people from Scandinavia and russia. This resort is not as big as a lot of the others on this list however.

8. Mykonos – A relative newcomer on the european clubbing holiday scene, but it’s reputation is growing with every passing summer. Also it’s nice to head to these resorts before they blow up as you get to experience what they were like in the “good old days” that you hear people talk about.

So to answer the question Where to go clubbing this summer? You can pick any destination of our list and you are pretty much guaranteed to have a great time.

What to do if an airline breaks your suitcase

Those of us who travel a lot have most likely come across this issue at some point. You are waiting at the baggage carousel for you bag and you see one that you think looks like yours, but it looks like it has been through the wars and possibly run over by an Airbus A380!
As it comes closer you can see that is has been damaged and that this is not how you checked it in. So in the post we will show you what to do if an airline breaks your suitcase.

broken case

  1. Report it! The airline is responsible for your case from the moment you check it in, until you get it back at the other end. Far too many times people take their case home and replace it out of their own pocket, I have been guilty of this myself.
    There should be a desk at the airport to report the fault, but even if you leave there should be an email address or number you can contact. However, we cannot stress enough that it is best to report it at the airport. Most airlines will also give you 7 days to report the damage to you case, but don’t take this as a given. You should also make sure that the rep that you report the damage to gives you a reference number.
  2. Take pictures! Thankfully we live in the age where we have a camera on our mobile phone so taking a picture should be easy. Also the fact that you are most likely going on holiday will also mean a camera is likely to be around. It is a lot easy to fight your corner when you have photographic evidence.
  3. Do you need a new bag instantly? Ask for one. If your bag is damaged beyond use, the airlines should have some cheap bags that will be useful just to get your stuff to the hotel / home. Make sure it’s clear that this is not your replacement bag for the one they damaged but simply a bag you are using because it is an emergency.
  4. Don’t take no for an answer. While some airlines are a lot better than others at sorting out a repair / replacement. Other airlines will do their best to get out of their responsibility to repair or replace the case. Don’t let it drop, they damaged it, they can repair it.
  5. If they replace it, make sure it is like for like. Just because they send you a case doesn’t mean that you have to accept it. If they break a £200 samsonite hard case then don’t accept a cheap fabric case as a replacement.

Most of the time the airline will repair or replace your bag via a dedicated company. However, some airlines will try harder to get out of paying than others. I doubt you will have to strain your brain to hard to figure out who.

How old is too old to go on a clubbing holiday?

A frequent question that comes up on our clubbing holiday forum is how old is too old to be going on a clubbing holiday? The answer to this question really does depend on where you are planning on going. Each resort has it’s own age demographic that should be taken into consideration when booking a clubbing holiday. Now lets answer the question how old is too old to go on a clubbing holiday 🙂

Zante Dancing

Young Resorts
Magaluf / Kavos – Very popular with school leavers and college kids due to the cheap cost of getting there and the fact that it is a very cheap place to be. If you are older than say 22-23 you might feel a bit old here. These are popular choices for many peoples first clubbing holiday before they graduate onto somewhere else.

Young To Mid Twenties
Most resorts fall into this range, these are places that you would find a group of 18 year olds as often as you would find a group of 25 year olds. This includes Malia, Sunny Beach & Ayia Napa.
These resorts are good places to be as everyone heads there so you get a nice mix.

Young To Older Resorts
Now the more mature clubber ages 27+ you most likely do not want to be surrounded by a group of 18 year old kids. Fortunately you will find resorts that will also have mature people. The most popular are Ibiza in Europe or Thailand, Las Vegas & Miami.
Weekend breaks in places such as Amsterdam, Prague and Berlin are also good bets if you are looking for something short.

So to sum up, no matter what your age (within reason) there is a resort that you can go to, and remember what they say, your only as young as you feel.