The Magaluf Weekender Interview

The Magaluf Weekender

After the success of the ITV show the Magaluf weekender, we decided to find out more about how they went about creating this show. We spoke to Andy Cadman the series producer and bring you this exclusive The Magaluf Weekender interview.

How did the show come about?

The show is based on an idea created by the development team here at Twofour. The company is very familiar with creating ‘fixed rig’ programmes, so the idea of rigging a hotel in Magaluf came very naturally.

Did you help chose the reps in the hotel?

No, this was done by a specialist team last year who found the reps from a huge pool of available talent.

How did you go about picking the guests?

We did, and still do, pick guests based on a number of criteria. The show is about first experiences and the ‘rite of passage’ of that first holiday abroad without parents. We look for guests that will have new experiences out in Magaluf and who will learn something about themselves and their groups of friends through the process. And, of course, we look for guests who are going to enjoy their holiday and make great TV! In terms of the practicalities of finding the guests, we have used a lot of social networking tools as well as doing outreach across the country in schools, universities and colleges.

What made you pick Magaluf as the destination?

We looked at a number of different hotels and resorts across the ‘party islands’ before making a decision. We settled on Magaluf as we felt the hotel was ideal for filming and Magaluf is the perfect destination for that first trip abroad without parents.

Did you expect the show to be as popular as it was?

We always knew the show had the potential to be very successful as we had a great mix of reps and guests, and a very talented team working behind the scenes. However, the speed at which it became popular and its popularity across social networks was a very pleasant surprise for us all.

Tell us about the filming and the work that went into the show?

The filming went very smoothly for the most part! The hotel was rigged with 24 cameras which filmed the guests and the reps 24 hours a day when they were in the hotel. When the guests or reps left the hotel they were followed by our handheld camera operators who filmed the chaos on the strip. A huge amount of hard work went into every element of making the show, from casting the guests to building the rig, from filming the content to editing the 100s of hours of footage into the 6 episodes that went to air. It’s a long and difficult process but it’s worth it in the end!

Were you shocked by anything you saw in Magaluf?

There were many things that shocked me in Magaluf – but I can’t go into detail here…

Would you consider taking the format to other destinations?

Yes absolutely.

Judge Jules Interview

Another year, and we have another exclusive Judge Jules Interview!

Judge Jules

1. Hi Judge, you have been running Judgement Sundays for a while now, what will make this year
the best yet?

This summer is particularly exciting because for the first time we’ve teamed up with Ferry Corsten and
his Full on Ferry event to host a series of exclusive parties. As well as Ferry and I, clubbers can expect
to see guests such as Robbie Rivera and Shogun to Aly & Fila and Showtek performing throughout the
summer. These exclusive parties will also see Ferry performing his special b2b sets with some of the
featured guests on the night – something not to be missed!

2. What surprises and special guests do you have planned?

I am proud to say that this year’s line ups are some of the strongest we’ve ever had. Alongside those
I mentioned before we also have the likes of Eddie Halliwell, Marco V, John O’Callaghan, Simon
Patterson, Michael Woods, Yasmin, Howard Donald and Radio 1 DJs Danny Howard and Jordan Suckley
all playing.

3. What makes Judgement Sunday such a popular night?

The first thing that springs to mind is the atmosphere. Our aim with Judgement Sundays is that it is one
big theatre and as soon as you walk through the doors the madness hits you. We work hard to build this
element of the night and spend a lot of money on our entertainment to ensure the atmosphere is kept
to a maximum effect. So expect dance, stilt walker, trapeze artists all involved in the mix of the night
alongside the djs and the clubbers.

Judge Jules

4. For young DJ’s how can they improve their chances of playing a night such as Judgement

Anyone interested in playing should send me their music via: The selection
process for Judgement is one we undertake all year round, so we don’t just select DJs based on one
release or one dj set but keep a watchful eye out for how they’re progressing throughout the year with
their music and djing

5. What are you top 5 tracks of the summer?

Ask me again in a few weeks time.

6. Which DJ’s / Producers should we look out for?

The Squatters, Kryder, Jordan Suckley and Danny Howard are all having a big impact right now. Each of
them has produced some great music lately and have played some fantastic sets for Judgement Sundays
this summer. You’ll definitely be seeing more of each of them over the next few years.

7. What do you think of the scene at the moment?

Incredibly vibrant and exciting! A new generation of artists and live performers have come into the scene
and brought with them a young audience who are hungry for electronic music. You only have to see the
explosion of the EDM scene in North America to get an insight into the impact dance music is having
globally right now.

Judge Jules

8. What have been your 3 best gigs of all time?

Playing the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt has been the ultimate gig of my career – that one will take some

Although not one gig in itself, my residency for Gatecrasher is a gig that holds a very dear place to my
heart. Back during the late 90s/early 00s, Gatecrasher was an unstoppable force and their events set the
bench mark, at that time, for trance events around the world.

9. After the season is over, what are you up to for the rest of the year?

When the season is over I’ll take a week off to recharge the batteries and then it’s back out on the road
again. I’ve shows coming up in Dubai, Russia, Thailand, South Africa and a return to North America
towards the end of the year. I will also be back in the studio finishing off a few tracks I’m currently working
on however; it has been difficult to find studio time over the past few weeks due to my summer schedule
being mostly outside of the UK.

10. Anything you would like to add?

Hope to see you in Ibiza over the summer! For those of you that are coming out, I’m running a series of
ticket giveaways on my Facebook page so check it out to be in with a chance to win some freebies.

Magaluf Takeover Interview

Tell us about Magaluf takeover and how it all got started?

Last year we set up Awaken Ibiza which was incredible! (Awaken Ibiza 2012 will be
launching soon and you’ll be able to buy tickets on As soon
as we were back, we knew that we had an amazing formula
which we wanted to extend to other destinations. Our holidays are more like
festivals and they absolutely destroy packages offered by high street holiday

As a result of our winning formula and our holiday experiences growing up we knew
Magaluf would be the perfect place to launch our second trip. Our holidays are all
about partying and Magaluf has transformed itself to become the largest party
destination in Europe which attracts some of the top bands and DJ’s from across the
world. All the foundations were there to create an unbelievable holiday that blows
our competitors out the water without destroying your wallet and as a result Magaluf
Takeover was born.

How many years have you been running it for?

This will be the first year Magaluf Takeover has taken place and we are pushing out
all the stops to ensure that everyone on the trip has an amazing experience to
remember. Those who came out with us to experience the first Awaken Ibiza last year
can testify how special it is to be part of something from the beginning.

What can people expect if they book Magaluf take over?
Magaluf Takeover is all about taking the best elements of the island and putting
them into a mind blowing 7 days of non-stop partying and entertainment. Our guests
can expect the craziest week of their lives partying alongside hundreds of
like-minded people creating memories and friendships that will last a lifetime.
People often see our trips and think they must be too good to be true for the price-
they aren’t! You’re gonna have the time of your life.

Give us a run down of what will happen during the week?

During the week we are pulling out all the stops to make sure it will be the best
week of the year. Our itinerary (subject to change) is below and we are set to make
sure this week isn’t forgotten in a hurry!

4th July

After checking into the fantastic centrally located Takeover hotels, as it’s the 4th
July we will be celebrating Independence Day (we’re not American but we like to
party) in style. We’ll be heading to the beach for a massive Takeover Beach Party
and BBQ where our guests can mingle and get to know each other. In the evening we
will be laying on the legendary Magaluf Mile bar crawl ending up in one of the
strips best clubs.

5th July

Work off that hangover lazing by the Takeover pool during the day, our resident DJ’s
will play some tunes to sooth the soul and ease your mind. You will need all the
rest you can get as that night we are heading to Europe’s largest superclub – BCM.
Home to some of the most famous DJ’s from Deadmau5 to Calvin Harris expect a massive
night and with the free bar one you won’t remember,

6th July

We’ll be hitting the beach to indulge in some Takeover volleyball and beach
football, in the afternoon we’ll be heading to Western Water Park if anyone wants to
join us. That evening will be up to you to decide where you want to go and our reps
will be on hand to ensure you have everything you need to set you on your way.

7th July

Heard of a pub crawl? At Magaluf Takeover we like to do things better and tonight
we are embarking on a club crawl. That’s right 5 different MCP Clubs to get stuck
into ending up in the infamous Boomerang, we are also throwing in free drinks all
night in all the clubs because we can.

8th July

It’s time to treat yourself with a bit of luxury. Today we’ll be heading to the
luxury Vistasol Apartments, one of the most prestigious apartments in Magaluf for an
exclusive Takeover pool party. There will be Vistasols own DJ playing music all day
to keep you entertained, along with a mouth watering barbecue and plenty of
cocktails to wash the food down with. We treat you too well!

9th July

Monday kicks off with the Magaluf Takeover Boat Party. Think Sun, Sangria, San
Miguel and an incredible DJ! Stay tuned for full details on this (This is an extra)

Tonight, we are going out for a final Takeover crawl down Magalufs notorious strip-
which by now you will know like the back of your hand! We have got some amazing bars
lined up for this night, you just need to be able to handle the pace!

10th July

We know how to end a holiday with a bang. All day, we will be having a Pool Party at
our very own Takeover hotel- so soak up some rays, and party in the water.

But save some energy, because we have saved the best til last! We are heading to
MALLORCA ROCKS (VIP Package), sister of IBIZA ROCKS to the gig- which hosts some of
the biggest acts LIVE in the world- think Chase & Status, Tinie Tempah, Dizzie
Rascal, Fatboy Slim, Example, Friendly Fires…this place has had them all! Think a
gig…in the sun…with 7000 other people…need we say any more??

11th July

Unwind pool side as we lay on the transfers to take you back to the airport. We’ll
have the booking system open so you can put your name down for Magaluf Takeover
2013, there is no doubt you will be back!

Tell people why they should go to Magaluf with you?
Magaluf Takeover is the new and unique way to experience Magaluf. A holiday that is
like no other with hundreds of other like minded people to share your special
experiences with. People should book with us because not only are we going to be
the biggest thing on the island next year but we are also the best value for money.
Our trip doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg and we actually save our guests hundreds
of pounds compared to them buying all these items individually.

They say actions speak louder than words so have a look at our video below and see
what next summer is all about:

Anything you would like to add?

Earlybirds have already sold out, so book soon! You only need to pay a £40 deposit
to secure your place with the final balance due before the 19th May, so you have no
excuse not to get involved! Any questions feel free to give us a call on 0843 289
6728 or drop us an email at Takeover Towers on We look
forward to seeing you all on the 4th July in the blistering sun.

Micky Slim Interview

This week we have an interview with Judgement Sunday resident DJ Micky Slim!

Hi Micky tell us a bit about yourself?

I am one sandwich short of a picnic..

Describe your mixing style for us?

I am very animated when I Dj, i love what i do and that comes out in my sets. I have always played a little bit of everything genre wise, it seems to be the way that the scene has moved in more recent times. Raver’s like a bit of everything where as 10 years ago it was lot more genre specific you either liked house or trance etc…

Tell us how you went from unknown to a star, and what advise do you have for the youngsters out there?

I had a few breaks that helped me to become known worldwide but by far the biggest thing was a bootleg i done of the House of Pain’s Jump Around track, it was supported by nearly all the “BIG “ dj’s and helped step my career up a level. Fatboyslim played it in nearly every set for years, i met him when we were touring Australia with the Good Vibrations festival and he told me he loved what i was doing with my music, was one of the highlight’s of my career. The track even got an official release through Warner Music. My advice to youngsters getting into music is to learn how to produce, it will be invaluable to you in your career, anyone can dj thanks to programs like ableton, you need to stand out form the crowd and your own music is the way forward.

Do you feel that DJ’s should also learn to produce these days?

I feel you have to produce now, only a few can make it without production behind them. When i first got into Dj’ing it was about having a hook up at the record shop and if you were lucky you would have a vinyl that only 10 people in your area would have been lucky enough to get, your record box set you apart from other Dj’s. Now thanks to the digital revolution everyone can access all the same music so the best way to stand out from the masses is to have your own tracks or special edits that you have made.

Who are your favourite DJ’s to listen to?

I love hearing all different Dj’s but firm favorites are Chris Lake, Nic Fanciulli, Funkagenda, Judge Jules, Dj Wire, Howard Donald, Krafty Kuts, Rusko, Nero, Chase & Status, Zinc, Redlight, Toddla T, i could go on forever.

What are your 3 favourite tracks?

That’s too hard a question, to narrow down all the music i have loved over the years would be impossible as different tracks mean things to you at different points in your life but i will give it a go. Right now i guess it is..

1. Lets Groove – Earth Wind & Fire

2. Dooms Night – Azzido Da Bass – Timo Mass Mix

3. Me & Mandy – Example

You are known for playing in Ibiza, how has it changed over the years?

I have been going to Ibiza since the late nineties, Ibiza is continually evolving but one thing for me stays the same, there is something special about Ibiza, a spirit of the island almost that for me will always be there. It will forever be a great place to go clubbing but i do feel in the past few years people feel there is a checklist of places they should be seen at, it never used to be the case, you knew what you liked and you went for it, i feel there are way more sheep than shepherds nowadays which is sad.

Are you playing any other clubbing holiday resorts this summer?

I am playing at BCM with Judge Jules over the summer which i love, we do back to back sets which is an honor for me, i started my clubbing days listening to Jules so to Dj with him still feels a bit crazy even though we are good friends now. I also have gig’s lined up in Crete, Tenerife and a tour of Australia in September.

If you could play anywhere in the world, where would it be?

America, i have never been as i can’t get a work visa at the moment, EDM is so big out there now and i have been offered gigs for the majority of my career but have not been able to take them. It is incredibly frustrating.

 If DJ’ing did not work out, what would you be doing now?

I am a qualified hairdresser so i guess i would be doing that but who know’s, right now Dj’ing is working and i can’t see me ever stopping producing music so i think my future is definitely in music.

Anything you would like to add?

Id like to say a special thanks to Jules and all of the Judgement Sundays team who have supported me over the years, i have had some of the best times of my life with them and i look forward to many more fantastic memories in years to come.

Clinton Sparks Interview

Clinton Sparks


This week we have an interview with DJ Clinton Sparks who creates some of the best mixtapes around as well as producing and writing music. Clinton also has a residency at the Palms in Las Vegas as well as hosting tv shows.

Hi Clinton, for those who dont know about you can you tell us a bit about yourself?
I am a DJ, Songwriter, Music Producer, TV & Radio Host, Artist & Aggressively Happy person.

You have a residency in Las Vegas what is that like? And what can people expect if they come to see you?
Las Vegas is Amazing & the people @ The Palms where I hold my residency are great to work with,especially Jrocc who understand my elaborate ideas. It is Amazing because there is a new audience every week & people go to Vegas clubs strictly to party & have an Awesome time & I love creating Awesome times. What you can expect when coming to one of My Awesome Parties @ The Palms is everything from Marching bands to Helicopters to Lazer beams along w/ lots of skin,smiles & Ciroc..

You made 3 of the best mixtapes we have ever heard in Hip Hop Rock Star 1&2 and My Awesome Mixtape. How long do these take to make and how do you go about it?
Wow! Thanks for that compliment. I’m happy that u like them. I begin creating these mixtapes by thinking about all the music I like & how I can put them together & what rappers voice would sound good over certain music, then I start experimenting. Sometimes I might want a song to progress to a note it does not in its original version so ill either manipulate it to do so or interpolate the whole song & change it. Its really fun & frustrating to make such elaborate mixes because I’m very anal & a perfectionist so everything has to musically makes sense. I don’t just put things together because they are the same tempo. That’s like color by numbers or like.. What word describes that?.. Hmmmm.. Oh, wack.

What do you think of the UK music scene and rappers like Tinie Tempah, Dizzee Rascal & Chipmunk?
I think the UK scene is similar to every other thriving region that has a music scene. Some Awesome & some not so much. I think Grime is cool & I’m happy to see Dubstep break into mainstream. There’s sooo much musical talent in the UK. I just spoke to Tinie Tempah the other day & I have supported Dizzie on my mixtapes in the past & I just hung out w/ Chipmunk @ Wembley arena when we performed for Rockcorps. DJ Semtex has put me up on a lot of UK artist in the past & I still remembering seeing Mr Hudson prior the Massive success in a beatmaking contest when I was the judge. Yes, I voted for him & he won.

Do you have any plans to do a mixtape with UK music?
There are no plans to do a mixtape but me & Tinie Tempeh have discussed recently. I’m always ready to do real work w/ real people that can keep up w/ my work ethic & it makes sense for us both.

You are a very busy man with you tour schedule but do you have any plans to visit us in the UK?
Yes, I will be out in the UK soon. I just performed there @ Wembley Arena w/ Diddy, Kelis, etc. For the Rockcorps event & the kids were so Awesome. What a great time! I frequent the UK & I always have an Awesome time! So many good DJs too..

What are you currently working on? And who are you working with?
I just finished record my solo album debut. For those unfamiliar, I have signed a record deal w/ Interscope as an artist. This will NOT be a DJ album. It is me singing songs I wrote & produced. Its Hip Pop Rock! My first single will be released very soon. This year & its Called “Just a Friend” Feat: Travie McCoy. Additionally, I just wrapped up a FreEP w/ my new band UGH!merica which we will drop this fall & its very anti hero, the slacker wins pop rock music & consists of me, Jacob Kasher (who wrote Keshas “We are who we are”) & Phil Shaouy.. I’m super pumped about both projects because the writing & sound reflects who I truly am.

What advice would you give young dj’s trying to break through?
Learn how to produce music..
Don’t worry about how much the other DJ is making, don’t be a Dick & try to burn the headlining DJ. Example: if Afrojack is headlining, u probably should be smart enough not to play one of his records b4 his set. U’d think a human being would know this but..

What can we expect of you in 2012?
My new album,
My band UGH!merica album,
Producing more records on other peoples albums..
A TV show,
More muscles on my arms
& More Awesome

Any thing else you would like to add?
I Freakin love my Life! Thanks to everyone that listens to my music. Even if u don’t like it all the time, thank u for giving me a shot.
Check out my music,videos,mixtapes,etc @
Get Familiar!
Twitter: @clintonsparks

And for those of you that have not heard his my awesome mixtape have a listen here.

The Inbetweeners Movie Interview

The Inbetweeners movie is going to be the stand out summer blockbuster this year if the tv show is anything to go by. Massively popular due to it being incredibly funny and having characters that most people can relate to the film hopes to carry on the success. We caught up with Simon Bird (Will Mckenzie) Joe Thomas (Simon Cooper) James Buckley (Jay Cartwright) and Blake Harrison (Neil Sutherland).


the inbetweeners movie


Simon Bird & Blake Harrison

So are you guys happy with the movie?

SB – Very Happy, I can’t wait for other people to see it.
BH – Yeah, that’s the real challenge, when other people see it.

It seems to have been shrouded in secrecy?

BH – I think simply because it was finished late, we had a very small period of time compared to other films that get made such as The Hangover and Hangover 2 I reckon they have had at least 3x the amount of time that we have had to complete a film.
SB – We were still filming bits in June and I didn’t do the voice over until a couple of weeks ago, so it’s just been a massive rush to get it done in time.

Did you feel pressure knowing you have such an expectant fan base?

BH – Yeah I think that is fair to say as The Inbetweeners is very much a show that got a cult fan base through word of mouth, It wasn’t a very big marketing ploy or anything like that. People just told their mates about this show called the inbetweeners that they liked.
SB – Yeah so it wasn’t our fault, where as this time we have put our money where our mouth is. It was a bit of a scary prospect seeing our faces on buses, but hopefully the film lives up to it.

What did you think of Malia?

BH – Well we was only in Malia for like a day, we only filmed a day there to do this walk down the strip. That was kind of mental as I think it was called big Saturday like the last Saturday of the high season.
SB – It was the worst place and  the worst time that it would have be possible to film anything for The Inbetweeners, because it was like all our fans and they were drunker then they would have ever of been in their lives.
BH – They didn’t seem to get that when the camera was on The Inbetweeners are not on a TV show, they are not characters. So it would be like, OK you stay there in a conversation and your just dancing and then it would be like action and we would walk up the street and they would be like look its The Inbetweeners!

Was there any wild nights out?
BH – No I don’t think we are really that way inclined to be honest.
SB – We’re working quite hard, we are doing 6 day weeks and filming till quite late so it wasn’t really possible.
BH – Simon created a mental pub quiz it was off the hook as far as pub quizzes go.
SB – Ive never farted on a plane or wanked on a pensioner.

What was the reason for setting it in Malia but filming it in Magaluf?
SB – Boring reasons such as they thought Malia was slightly further north so they thought Magaluf would be hotter
BH – Which it wasn’t it was still pretty cold.
SB There’s also a Spanish film company which they borrowed cameras of based just outside of Magaluf, so lots of boring reasons that we had nothing to do with.

The film is only a 15, was there much cut out?

SB – We was very keen to make it a 15 because the DVD of the show is a 18 but when it comes out on TV there are no rules on who can watch it. So it seemed a bit mean to make a film that our fans couldn’t come and see. And the stuff the censors had a issue with was stuff that has not affected the jokes. It was just some odd things like you cant say motherfucker because it implies incest whereas fucker is fine.
BH- You cant use swearing aggressively either, you can say a wide variety of words but if you say it in an aggressive manner that makes it a 18.
SB – There was one image of self fellatio that had to be cut. Its still in there it was just one angle they didn’t appreciate.

Who gets the most female attention?
BH – Id say Joe.
SB – Yeah its gotta be Joe.
BH – Dunno why, I have no idea why but he does.
SB – Girls like a project, and hes a weird one.

Is this the end of The Inbetweeners now?
SB – I think its a good time to finish it, none of us want it to continue beyond its sell by date. Also the show is about college age kids so it would be a bit forced to try and do any more.


Joe Thomas and James Buckley

You guys must be delighted with the film?
JT – Yeah were delighted with it, we saw it last week and we think its really great and we are really proud of it and we hope everyone else likes it to.
JB – I wouldn’t be here now if I didn’t think it was any good, I would be sitting in a room crying, luckily enough it turned out alright.

Did you ever envisage you would be in a feature film?
JB – You know I never really though about the future when making that first series, I thought I was just making something that I though was funny. I completely forgot what happened next would depend on if people like it or not.
JT – I didn’t expect it at all, the show doesn’t have a big hook or anything to sell it, the stories are everyday and the characters are quite run of the mill.

Do you think you now influence the characters?
JT  – I would say it has.
JB – I think between the first and second series they took into account the way we played the characters.
JT – Yeah so what Simon Bird is like when he gets excited about doing something, that sort of becomes what Will is like when he is excited about doing something.

You didn’t know the show was going to be as popular as it has become but how are you handling fame?
JT – I’m just happy that people like the show and our fans are nice and very polite.
JB – I think we are lucky just because the characters that we play they are not malicious or aggressive in anyway so we are quite approachable to people in the street so they don’t have any problems about coming up to us or quoting bits of the show.

Do you consider yourselves heartthrobs?

JB – No I don’t think So.
JT – No, I think the way that happens just goes to show that television can just make anybody. I think we have been cast because we look like normal people and that’s the way we still see ourselves.
JB – Yeah I don’t go out clubbing in the West End of London or anything like that, I still have the same friends I had when I was in nursery school. Fame hasn’t really had that much effect on my life apart from people are now quite pleased to see me if I’m walking down the street which is nice. Its a lovely way to live your life.

Do they also shout bus wanker at you when you are with your mum?
JT – Yeah we do get a bit of that, but its our fault really.
JB – We do encourage it a bit don’t we.

Will your catwalk show live to haunt you forever?
JT – Well I think it may do, once you have done it that becomes the new reality. I should have it out now really.
JB – I wish you would.

How are you with nudity?
JB – The only thing I refused to do was a scene in the film where Jay has his shorts pulled down by the pool so I had to have a cock double.

Did you approve it?
JB – No people keep asking that as well. Like did you have a big line up of men that you could choose from? That would be a depressing situation to think what cock I liked best, I think I would be very confused. I sort of let everyone down on that one.
JT – I think full frontal nudity is a big ask to be fair, Ive not been asked to do that.
JB – They got the cock double and its superimposed onto my body, its turned into a special effect in a way.

Did it get emotional on the last take?
JT – It would of been lovely to have that but we still had to go back and film pickups as the sea was so cold as we was still in Europe in the early spring so had to go back in July when it was warmer.
JB – It might happen this evening.
JT – Yeah to be honest this evening is kind of like the finish.
JB – We are setting it free in a way, I guess we will all just pat each other on the back and wish each other luck.

Will you see each other again?
JB – Yeah of course, its been a journey that the four of us have shared and that I have really enjoyed personally and it wouldn’t of been as good of an experience if it was with any other people. Ive had other jobs and there’s nothing as fun as making an Inbetweeners film or Inbetweeners series.
JT – It is quite like a family I think.
JB – Yeah, its just the best job ever, its the best gig ever. You turn up, you muck about, you take the piss out of their little beardy faces and they film it and you go home and everyone loves you for doing it.

Is it fitting to be finishing playing a school kid your your going to be a father yourself?
JB – People were really confused when the news got out that I was going to be having a baby because they were just like “What? Jay from the inbetweeners is having a child, the 17 year old foul mouthed boy?” Obviously I’m a man in my mid 20’s and have a apartment and a GF and live a very normal life. I’m not Jay from the Inbetweeners.

What kind of dad will you be?
JB – Oh ill be  right cool me. Yeah I cant wait its going to be loads of fun, ill be right hands on and stuff.

Are you going to ask one of the others to be godfather?
JB – One of these other boys? These 3 idiots? No.

Marcel Woods Interview

Marcel Woods

Hi Marcel, tell us a bit about yourself.
Die hard music lover in every sense, love to explore boundaries with my music and never take the easiest road. I also run several record labels and a agency, so pretty busy you can say…

Describe your style for us?
It’s a wide range of electronic music, it’s housy, trancy, techy, big room music!

What are your favourite places to play and why?
Ibiza at Judgement Sunday is a very nice place to spin with a very enthusiastic crowd! But also the USA and Asia is very nice to perform.

Are you going to be playing any clubbing holiday destinations this year?
Hope so, but as my wife just gave birth to our first one, I don’t know if the misses wants to travel? But I will be at Ibiza several times this summer, so I get my fair share of sunshine….

What are your 3 favourite songs at the moment?
1. Marcel Woods * Sunrise 2. Marco V * Unprepared (Marcel Woods remix) 3. Allure feat Christian burns * On The Wire (W&W remix)

Anything new you are working on that you would like to share with us?
My new track sunrise will b released on the 13th of June, and busy with some new stuff aswell

Of all your tracks, which one is your favourite and why?
I can’t pick any typical track, Advanced was maybe the biggest, but I got great memories with a lot of my tunes as you can imagine.

What are your plans for 2011?
I’m busy with something very special for the end of the year! But all will be revealed shortly.

Anything you would like to add?
Yes! It’s great to become finally a dad…. Ha ha many thanks for the interview guys…


Marcel Woods will be performing at Judgement Sundays on the 28th August alongside Judge Jules, John O’Callaghan, Tristan D, Vicky Devine and in Room 2 Micky Slim and Jacob Plant – to view the full 2011 Ibiza line up please visit:



DJ D.O.D Interview

Hi, tell us a bit about yourself?
I’m D.O.D, a 23 year old DJ/Producer, currently living in the quiet city of Lancaster.

You are really making a name for yourself already counting people such as Annie Mac among your fans, how did you do it?
Hard work! I quickly came to realize that nothing comes easy in this game. I started promoting my own nights which enabled me to play with the bigger DJs I wouldn’t usually get the opportunity to mix with. I was risking a lot financially, but luckily it paid off.  Adding to that, I also won the ‘Mixmag, Blackberry & Don’t Stay In search of a Ibiza Resident‘ competition last summer. That’s what really got me noticed, I owe a lot to Mixmag for giving me that huge opportunity. Since then I have signed to PFAgency who have been amazing in guiding me and taking me to the next level. A mixture of hardwork from both ends have made things move quickly – As I mentioned earlier, I’m very grateful for everything what has happened.

Describe your sound for us?
Wow, that’s always a very difficult question for me. I’ve had so many different musical influences when growing up and ever since I started DJing, I have been very experimental with various genres of music. I try to concentrate solely on Electro, but it really does depend on the club night I am playing for, what time in the night I am playing or what the crowd want! I try to make my DJ sets as accessible as possible, throwing in well known acapellas to familiarize the crowd with the more underground Electro that they might not be able to relate to. I do love to play a good mash-up set though!

You are known for using 3-4 CDJ’s, how did you learn to use and perfect using more than the traditional two?
That came with DJing in local bars and clubs from the age of 16. Endless hours of playing to commercial crowds years and years ago made me want to make the shit music sound good! I used to bring along a 3rd deck to loop guitar riffs or snippets of vocals from a track, it helped to keep the energy up throughout the night. It also used to keep me busy, DJing for six or seven hours at a time could become quite tedious, so I used to entertain myself by learning new tricks which I am now able to adapt into my DJ sets today.

Mixmag seem to be big supporters of yours, do you feel their backing has had a big effect on your recent success?
Yes definitely. As I mentioned earlier, I am very grateful for Mixmag giving me the chance to prove myself in some way. I’ve wanted this my whole life and now it seems like my dreams are coming true which is an amazing feeling – Still a long way to go but things are definitely happening! Mixmag have been very supportive even after the Ibiza residency ended and after giving me a double page spread in the October issue. They continue to put me on some of their events and give me mentions in the Magazing itself. They have also just confirmed me to headline their ‘Mixmag Future Heroes’ tent at Creamfields this year which I am very excited about!

You have recently remixed Laidback Luke’s track Turbulence, how did that come about?
I have recently signed to New State Music who will be releasing me first EP at the end of May, they sent me over the parts to the original a while back. They gave me two weeks to complete the remix, I did it in a day, they sent it over to Laidback Luke and he got back straight away saying ‘I fucking love this remix’. Put a smile on my face to say the least! Laidback Luke is a big inspiration of mine and for him to be a fan of my music is amazing.

Are there any artists you’d really love to work with?
Afrojack, seems to turn everything he touches into gold recently. His tracks absolutely destroy the dance floor! So on a production basis, I would have to say Afrojack.

What does 2011 have in store for you?
Quite a lot hopefully! My debut EP comes out on New State Music at the end of May on Beatport which I am very excited about. Fingers crossed it will get some support off big names which would help with exposure. Apart from that I’m touring quite a lot – Ibiza, Ireland, Scotland, Manchester, Preston, Blackpool, Wales, London, Leeds, Summerset, Northern Ireland, Birmingham, Liverpool & Belgium are all happening in the next three months which I literally can’t wait for!

Well you be playing any of the clubbing holiday resorts this year (such as Ibiza, Ayia Napa, Magaluf?)
Yea I have a few dates booked in playing with Eddie Halliwell in Ibiza this year and a few other surprise shows which I can’t say too much more about just yet!

What is the best venue / event you have played at and why?
I always love to play my own club nights, there’s something quite special about coming back to your hometown and seeing the regular faces come back and support you. I would have to say that playing at the legendary ‘Cream’ club night back in March at Nation in Liverpool was a great event to play for. I was first on in the main room with Laidback Luke & Sidney Samson which I was a little skeptical about thinking that it wasn’t going to be that busy, but I had the main room packed and absolutely rocking! Cream had always been one of them nights that I have always dreamed of playing, so to get the opportunity to play at such an iconic night was unbelievable.

You can keep up with DJ D.O.D on

Tristan Ingram Interview

Tristan Ingram, International DJ, Producer & Remixer, Resident DJ of Judgement Sundays Ibiza & London Superbrand Kinky Malinki we took the time to catch up with him.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and how you got into DJ’in?
Hi i’m Tristan DJ/Producer/Remixer from UK, i love playing house music to masses. It all started in 1998 going out with my friends clubbing in Maidstone and London. I used to watch all the DJs spinning thinking I would love to be able to be a DJ and get the crowds dancing jumping around and going mental. I went to Ibiza in 1999 and from there i was inspired and ended buying my first set of decks and got on the case.

How would you describe your sound?
I play house music. From funky to tribal to tech i cover the lot. I don’t have one specific sound but if its a good track i will play it.

Whats the best event you have ever played at?
The best places i have played are at my residency at Judgement Sundays at Eden or on the legendary Space Terrace back in the In Bed With Space morning parties days

You have played all over the world. What makes Ibiza so special?
It’s the centre of the universe for dance music. All the big tracks get dropped here all the big DJs and acts perform. Its like the facebook of dance music everyone is here! It has amazing clubs, fantastic beaches and out of this world restaurants!

For anyone who hasnt been to Ibiza what advice would you give?
Ibiza can be expensive but if you plan what your doing you can save a lot of money. Buy your club tickets in advance not on the door. Have a few drinks before you get to the clubs and make sure you take plenty of suncream! Drink loads of water and pace yourself

What can we expect from you in 2011?
This year you can catch me at my residency at San Antonio’s busiest night Judgement Sundays at Eden Ibiza.  Judgement Sundays brings the largest and most diverse lineups to Island and its a ‘must do’ for any Ibiza vacation. You can also catch me at my own night Random at Hush, which is bi-weekly on Tuesday. It’s free to get in and rolls through till 6am. I also have new release coming up called ‘Tristan Ingram – Uppers & Downers coming out soon on Polarbear Music and also have a hot remix thats just out called Las Salinas – San Antoni (Tristan Ingram & Ali Wilson remix) out on Paul Van Dyks Vandit label

For young dj’s what advice would you give them?
You need to be very keen, enthusiastic, practice loads & get networking. There are so many DJs out there you need to get head & shoulders above the rest. You need to be making your own music, remixing and play your own music out there to showcase it.

What are your top tracks at the moment?
Richard Dinsdale – DJs Got my Love
Joris Voorn – Incident
Anthony Lewis – Groovebox
Tristan Ingram & Grant Nalder – Uppers & Downers
My Digital Enemy – Wasted (Lys remix)

Anything else you would like to add?

Check out my website for all DJ dates and new music.



Judge Jules Interview

Is Judge Jules one of the busiest guys around? quite possibly. Between Running one of Ibiza biggests nights Judgement Sundays, Being one of the top DJ’s on Radio 1 and playing at night clubs all around the world we dont know how he finds time to do anything else. However luckily he did find the time to have a quick word with us!

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and how you got into DJ’in
I started DJ’ing in the late 80’s early 90’s, it was at a time when late night
clubbing was a taboo and the house scene was really beginning to take off. I saw a
niche in London to promote “Illegal” raves with my friends and slowly my fan base
began to grow. At the same time I was very much involved with pirate radio whilst I
was at university in London. My first big break was on Kiss in the early 90’s then in
1997 I moved over to BBC Radio 1 and never looked back…

How would you describe your sound?
Chunky techno influenced trance with the groove of house and the odd vocal thrown

Whats the best event you have ever played at?
It’s difficult to say really, the events that really make the hairs on the back of
my neck stand on end are the big Radio 1 outside broadcasts like Creamfilds/Global
Gathering/R1 in Ibiza

What makes Ibiza so special?
I have a house in Ibiza so saying it feels like home is a bit of a cliché.. My weekly
club night Judgement Sundays is for sure my highlight of the year! The atmosphere is
truly amazing…

For anyone who hasnt been to Ibiza what advice would you give?
Come with an open mind and be prepared to party!

What can we expect from you in 2011?
I’ve recently been signed to Spinnin and have released two singles in the past 6
months with them, both made it in the top 5 on Beatport. You will be hearing a new
single from me very soon and ofcourse Judgement Sundays is just around the corner.

For young dj’s what advice would you give them?
It’s all about making tunes these days, for sure that is the best way to get noticed.
Setting up a home studio is relatively cheap and experimentation is the way forward.

What are your top tracks at the moment?
There’s a great track I got sent through this week by Swanky Tunes & Hard Rock Sofa,
it’s called Feedback and it sits perfectly in the middle ground between House &


Make sure you all check out the Judge Jules Website