Save money by pre booking Las Vegas events

Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas, everyones favourite adult playground can get really expensive really quickly, but there are still ways to save money. The best way is to save money by pre booking Las Vegas events.
Thankfully we live in the internet age so you can pre book day clubs, night clubs, music events, shows & tours all online. This means you need to take less money with you and you normally get a better rate than booking on the door or while you are there. In this post, we will show you how to go about it.

Dayclubs & Nightclubs
Most big hotels in Las Vegas run both a dayclub and a nightclub. The dayclubs are open over the summer with the night clubs operating year round. These clubs normally have top DJ’s and acts from all over the world playing and for that reason they are hugely popular.
All these clubs have online event calendars where you can also book tickets or be put in contact with somebody to organise a table / cabana / day bed.

While the older shows on the strip can be had for a discount, sometimes the newer shows are harder to find any money off. As the hotels run their own arenas it is worth checking their website to see what the price is online vs what the price is at the box office.
You can also use Ticketmaster for tickets to shows on the Las Vegas strip.

With Las Vegas being near to the Grand Canyon the competition for tours is fierce. You have many options however you can book bus, helicopter and even light aircraft tours to the Grand Canyon. A simple Google will reveal many companies more than happy to relieve you off your cash to go visit so just make sure you Google for reviews before booking anything.
Of course the Grand Canyon tour is one of many that is available.

By booking before you travel you reduce the amount of money you need to take and can plan what you are doing a lot better.

Booking tables in Las Vegas nightclubs

Mayweather Vegas Club

No Las Vegas trip would be complete without the full bottle service in a club, so this post is dedicated to booking tables in Las Vegas nightclubs. We want to make sure you get the best deal possible and don’t get ripped off.
Now guys, sexism is alive and kicking in Las Vegas, A group of women can easily get free entry and free tables in clubs the odds of it happening for you are slim to none unless you know someone who is very well connected.
There are two ways to go about booking a table in Las Vegas. You can use a promoter or go to the club directly. Always go to the club directly first. No exceptions. The clubs pay teams to sell their tables and the third-party promoters and hosts have to go through the clubs anyways. This means that they cannot give you anything that is not authorised by the club in the first place, so it makes sense to see what the club can do for you.
Sometimes the promoters can get a discount or a different minimum spend so it can be worth talking to them but only after you find out what the club can do for you first. A lot of the time however they offer you the clubs regular price with a commission on top.The next important thing when booking tables in Las Vegas nightclubs is the table location. Not all tables are created equal. The best tables are obviously the most expensive ones and the cheapest ones are in the worst locations, nowhere near the dance floor, upstairs out of the way etc you get the picture. When you book the table you should do your best to negotiate the position with your host. They will have a layout showing you where you will be.
Remember when you don’t fancy doing a table you can also pre buy tickets online which is normally cheaper than doing it on the door.

Las Vegas Pool Parties

One of the most popular things for people to do in Las Vegas is to hit some of the legendary pool parties. These pool parties are headlined by some of the biggest names in the world such as Calvin Harris, Steve Aoki, Will I Am, Diddy and many more. You need to know which ones to go to and as always we have you covered.

    1. Wet Republic – One of the most famous pool parties on the Vegas strip. Taking place at the MGM hotel pool, these parties have some of the biggest DJ’s playing such as Tiesto, Deadmau5 and Calvin Harris and are always rammed all season long. Side note, the beautiful women working there as well is great 🙂 If you a feeling flush, cabanas and daybed are available all around the pool. Wet Republic holds just short of 2500 people.
    2. Rehab – Rehab is known as the party that started them all in Vegas. Held at the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas the Rehab pool party is always rocking, and it is advised to get there early to avoid disappointment. Oh by the way Rehab holds around 7000 people so that just goes to show how busy it gets! Most people recommend Rehab on a Sunday.
    3. Tao Beach – Tao just screams beauty and luxury, add in some of the best looking people not just in Vegas but also all around the world and you are in for a great time. Located at the Venetian and with a beautiful Asian theme, this pool party holds around 2000 people which only makes it more exclusive.
    4. Marquee –  One of the newer pool parties in Vegas and ran by the club of the same name, Marquee is the last pool party we recommend that you check out. If you know how Marque do it at night then you know you are into for a great time at Marque! Around 1800 people can get into Marque and it is held at the Cosmopolitan hotel.
    5. XS Night Swim – One of the newer pool parties in Vegas, XS Night Swim takes part on Sunday nights and matches up a night time pool party with a headline DJ in one of Las Vegas most swanky nightclubs. This event pretty much always sells out so it is one of the places to be seen on a Sunday.
      While swimwear is recommended, it is optional and you do not have to get in the pool.

Add VIP to your pool party

If you have the budget as with everything in Vegas you can upgrade your trip and have and even better time. All these clubs offer what they call day beds and cabanas.
A daybed is exactly what it says on the tin, a bed located near the pool normally (some have a private pool) where you and your friends can chill out and have things like TV’s, Ipod docks and your own bouncer. Think of a Cabana as an upgraded version of a day bed, bigger and better.

What ever you do, make sure you check out a Las Vegas pool party.

Las Vegas Guide

For a non stop party, look no further than Las Vegas. Not only does it offer beautiful weather, 24 hour gambling and sight seeing opportunities, the night life is incredible.
Whatever reason you decide to travel to Las Vegas, I’m sure you will find something that will cater for you’re needs.

Las Vegas Strip

Labour Day Weekend

However if you’re there to party then party you will. An ideal time to book for the nightlife would be on Americas Labour Day Weekend, this falls on the first weekend of September.
During the Labour Day Weekend in 2010, acts included: Busta Rhymes and Ray J at Haze Nightclub, which is inside Aria Hotel. Kid Kudi performed at Pure Nightclub; based in Caesars Palace, too name a few.

During the day Pool Parties were on offer, the most high profile being P Diddy at Wet Republic, which is poolside at the MGM.

Vegas Nightlife

A recommendation for when hitting the Las Vegas nightlife, if you are in a group, go to the nightclub of you’re choice during the day, and book queue jumping and V.I.P tables. This may seem an expensive way to approach the night out, but you will go straight into the nightclub, be seated with two bottles of alcohol of your choice (vodka, Jack Daniels, Gin etc) with a view to buy more.  You will be provided with an individual bouncer who will ensure you choose who is welcome and who isn’t to join your table.  You can still access the dance floor and the whole of the nightclub, returning to your table when you want.

Planet Hollywood

If you’re looking for a nice hotel at a reasonable price, a popular choice is Planet Hollywood, as the hotel says “a celebrity lifestyle is yours for living”. Each room features merchandise and memorabilia from a movie, they have hi- tech televisions, with comfortable surroundings to sleep off that hangover!
Planet Hollywood also has to offer a pretty wild Pool Party, hosted by some of Las Vegas’s top DJ’s, named “The Pleasure Pool” it has too offer two separate pools, 15 cabanas, day beds and misting chairs, 2 pool bars and a café, whilst chilling by the pool all this includes Poolside Bottle Service, so you don’t even have to leave the pool.

But if you are a gambler, and enjoy a little flutter, Planet Hollywood offers non stop 24 hours of pure gambling. Whether its poker, roulette, black jack or you just want to sit down and try your luck on the slot machines. You can enjoy a drink for free, by just tipping the waitresses around the casino and they will bring you a drink of your choice. Planet Hollywood offers three daily poker tournaments; the hand “quads” pay $100 and royal flushes or straight flushes pay up to $250. The daily tournaments are a $70 buy in which start at 10am, 2pm and 7pm, or you can enjoy a cash game that which also run through out the day.
And not forgetting Planet Hollywood has the “Pleasure Pit” you get the chance to play blackjack and roulette surrounded by women in nothing but lingerie!


Las Vegas, The American Ibiza?

Las Vegas the latest and greatest clubbing holiday? The adults playground in the USA is really making a name for itself as the north American equivalent of Ibiza with the worlds leading EDM DJ’s flocking to play there.
Currently you have the world famous Tiesto having a residency at Hard Rock Hotel and the pool party Wet Republic bringing in big names such as David Guetta so is EDM taking of in a big way?
Well the popular pool party Wet Replublic seem to think so as they have signed up David Guetta to host his F*** Me Im Famous party on Sundays and during the last year they have had Laidback Luke, Deadmau5, Swedish House Mafia, Afrojack, Roger Sanchez all grace the decks.
So what has made the EDM explode in the Vegas scene? Well its less of a sudden explosion and more of it growing gradulary more popular especially with the latest rap star cross overs featuring people such as Snoop Dogg, Tinie Tempah, Flo Rida,  Akon, Kelly Rowland, Fergie & Nicki Minaj. So with some of the biggest stars in the world embracing the EDM scene it makes sense that the clubs and promotors want to book these acts to play at their events.
So would you pick Las Vegas over Ibiza? Probably not, Lets face it Ibiza is the EDM capital of the world and for good reason, it has some of the best clubs in the world, a very unique set up and just a general vibe to the island that cannot be recreated anywhere else. This doesn’t mean however that Las Vegas isn’t good, its actually brilliant and if you have done the whole Ibiza thing then definitely have a look at Vegas as an alternative or just something a little bit different. Las Vegas is definitely on our must visit list, you have keep in mind that there is so much more to Las Vegas than just the club scene so it really makes for a different type of holiday to Ibiza.