British police are on patrol in Magaluf and Ibiza

Ibiza Beach Party

In the latest waste of the British tax payers money, British police are on patrol in Magaluf and Ibiza.
Determined to help crack down on the wild behaviour in some of the resorts, British police are being send to the Spanish resorts, but just how effective can they be?
The West Midlands police force have sent a grand total of TWO officers on holiday patrol on the streets of Magaluf for a week before heading off to tackle the streets of Ibiza for a week.
The two officers will have zero power of arrest so will need to work with a team of Spanish officers to enforce the Spanish law. This kind of makes it all a bit pointless as they have to then go and get Spanish police so it makes you question their presence at all. If you are going to trial such a thing you need to send a team of a lot more than two and give them some power. They need to at least be able to detain people until the Spanish police arrive on scene.
It is hoped that presence of the two officers will serve as a deterrent for the anti social behaviour that the two resorts are known for, however with just two officers we question the point of it all.
We don’t have enough police patrolling the streets back home in England so rather than wasting everyone’s time they would be better of back home on the ground where they can actually enforce law. I am sure the Spanish are perfectly capable of enforcing their own laws.
So far all they seemed to have managed to do is complain that their uniforms are too hot. I mean who would have thought a uniform designed for a country where the temperature drops into the minus would be to hot in Magaluf where at the time of writing the weather is 27 degrees. Not the police clearly.
Magaluf hasn’t changed and won’t change because they love the money the tourists bring and actively encourage them to spend it in this way. It’s boring hearing year after year people complaining about what they encourage the tourists to do.
They will shut down the bars and clubs or enforce stricter rules if they really wanted to make a change, but do you notice how they never do that?

Magaluf Fines

magaluf no drinks

The government in Magaluf are still going ahead with their plans to cut down on the anti social behaviour that is found in the resort. The latest idea they have come up with is to introduce a system of fines for tourists who do the following things.

  1. Walking around without a shirt on will cost €500
  2. Jumping across or from a balcony will set you back €1500. We recently did a post explaining why you shouldn’t be balcony hopping anyway, but now you may be hit hard in the pocket if you do.
  3. Urinating on the street will also have you facing a €1500 fine.

The sign in this post is going up in resort telling people to drink in moderation and that they are not allowed to drink on the street. The new rules are expected to come into play on the 9th June.
We have our doubts if this will actually work, Magaluf is wild and has been wild for a long time. If you fine someone for not having a shirt on you would have to fine half the resort. It sounds over the top and unenforceable to us.

The local authorities will be taking a zero tolerance policy on sex games and sex in public. Pub crawls are still allowed but only in groups of less than 20 people.

Magaluf to become a mature tourist zone

If you are planning to go to Magaluf next summer then you might just want to hold fire before you book. After Magaluf hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons earlier this year it seems that the local government have decided enough is enough and Magaluf is to become a “mature tourist zone.”
kavos passed out

Those of us old enough will remember this being done before in the resort of Faliraki. Once they turned it into a mature resort one thing happened, people stopped going. Now this would have been the intended result but what they never factored in is that mature people just didn’t go to Faliraki. After a few years they were actively chasing the clubbers once again but it was too late. Today Faliraki is a non entity in the world of clubbing holidays.
The local government have decided they are going to “review the services offered to tourists.”
It seems that the locals have had enough and some of the changes being considered for the 2015 season will be.

  1. Police from across Europe helping to police the strip.
  2. Banning pub crawls
  3. Banning drinking in the street
  4. Generall clamp down on the anti social behaviour that Magaluf is known for.
  5. The ability to close pubs and bars at midnight.

There is a fine line however. If all these rules come into place then one thing will happen, young holiday makers will stop going. It is estimated that the one million british tourists spend €800 million Euros a year, this is a lot of money to give up and the local economy relies on it. We doubt there will be many happy local business owners if this money that they rely on simply disappears.
Magaluf has made its name on being a party place, something that it has been promoted as by the local businesses. They should take a closer look at what happened in Falaraki before they decide that they don’t need the holidaymakers that they have so actively courted over the last few years. The fact that there are no shortage of clubbing holiday resorts in Europe simply means that people will not go to Magaluf and will go elsewhere.

Also don’t believe that it is only brits getting drunk in Magaluf, tourists from all over Europe go to the Magaluf for the exact same reasons young brits do.

What do you think of the planned changes for Magaluf? Would you still go?

The best clubbing holiday tattoos!

We was bored traveling through twitter as you do and thought, what are some of the most epic tattoos that people have gotten on a clubbing holiday? Well these are the best clubbing holiday tattoos that we could find. Obviously by epic we mean tattoos that you are most likely to regret once you wake up and the alcohol wears off.

1. Get out my ma fanny, broom fucking broom.

2. We are not even sure what this one is supposed to be? Maybe some form of turtle?

3. Ha, this one is pretty epic

4. Seems like sound advice to us

5. Apparently!

6. Fuck bitches, eat chicken. Words to live by!

7. There’s no getting in there.

8. He’s packing

9. Tupac would be so proud.

10. Well are you?

11. Thankfully this was only henna!

12. Must have been an epic time.

13. But why? #whathappensinsunnybeach = You think you are Mike Tyson.

Which one is your favourite? Do you know any one who has a worse one? Leave us a comment.

Mallorca Rocks to pull out of Magaluf at the end of the season

Mallorca Rocks, the sister brand of the famous Ibiza Rocks is coming to an End. The group behind the hotel has decided that they will be pulling out of Magaluf at the end of the season to concentrate on Ibiza and global expansion plans. I’m sure many fans of the hotel will be gutted to see such a loved and exciting brand go.
Mallorca Rocks


Mallorca Rocks to pull out of Magaluf at the end of the season.

Full Press release below.

Ibiza Rocks Group today announce that this will be the final year of Mallorca Rocks. After five seasons operating the summer-long series of open-air gigs at the Mallorca Rocks Hotel, the market leading youth brand have made the decision to leave the resort of Magaluf at the end of the summer in order to focus on expansion plans both in Ibiza and globally.

Andy McKay, Founder & CEO, Ibiza Rocks Group says: ‘As the Ibiza Rocks Group expands with exciting new hotel and event projects in Ibiza and beyond, our strategic agenda has changed and the time is right for us to move on at the end of the summer season. We are really proud of what we have brought to the Mallorcan resort of Magaluf but we are pulling out of the resort in September. We will concentrate on building our Ibizan infrastructure and our global expansion plan and feel this is the right movement at the right moment for the Ibiza Rocks brand.’

Mallorca Rocks Hotel, events and retail stores will continue to operate as normal until the end of the season, after which all trading activity will cease.

Carnage Magaluf and Playhouse Bar have been Shutdown

The latest development since Magaluf made world headlines for a girl giving 24 blowjobs in a bar is that Carnage Magaluf and Playhouse Bar have been Shutdown.
Both companies have been told they must shut down for a year and the owners of Playhouse Bar have been hit with a €43,500 fine. They are allowed to appeal the decision so this could change in the future.

Magaluf 24
See below for a statement from a local spokesman.

A council spokesman said: “The town hall has shown it is acting in a scrupulous legal fashion. We’ve acted only when a full and conclusive police report was in place.

“We haven’t acted on the spur of the moment based on the sole evidence of a video posted on the Internet. I think the message is clear.

“The town hall won’t tolerate activities of the kind featured in the video under any circumstances. We will use all the laws we have available to us to ensure there is no repetition.

“Playhouse and Carnage now have 15 days to defend themselves and I am sure they will do so because a 12-month closure could make anything think about closing up permanently.”

The spokesman added: “There’s nothing to stop Carnage opening up again under a different name if the council decision prospers. But if they chose to do so they’ll have to be aware of what they’re up against.

“A lot of bars and hotels they have been working with might not be so keen to work with them in the future. The fine of 55.000 Euros is a joint fine they can pay between them but the closure orders affects them both for the full 12 months.”

So should Carnage chose to, they could be back soon under a new name, however time will tell to see if they choose to do this. We wonder what will happen next in this on going saga.

Magaluf is still the same, and that is a good thing

After Magaluf hit the headlines in the last few weeks, we happened to be out there for four nights last week and the good news is Magaluf is still the same and that is a good thing. This is what we discovered during our short trip to the Spanish party island.

Mallorca Rocks

  1. Absolutely nothing has changed, the place is still rammed with revelers looking to party into the night. People are still drinking the night away and partying till the very early hours of the morning.
  2. The reps are still on the streets trying to drag you in their bars as you try to walk up the strip.
  3. Bar crawls are still going on, granted you are not so likely to see the activities that hit the headlines in recent weeks and the reps now have to wear a high vis vest but the bar crawls are defiantly in full swing.
  4. People are still drinking the cheap and nasty Rushkinoff vodka and the Rushkinoff cough is defiantly taking many victims every day.
  5. Jeremey Kyle got pepper sprayed while he was out there, so that’s always a good thing.

Basically just ignore the papers, ignore anything that says Magaluf is changing. Magaluf will never change for one reason, money! They will never end the cash cow they have there.
Does anyone remember Falarki? They tried to end clubbing holidays, realised there was no money in turning it into a family resort, then tried to get the clubbers back. It was too little too late, and that place is dead as dead can be now. Magaluf will never make this mistake.

Girl gives 24 blowjobs in Magaluf : Should you feel sorry for her?

Girl gives 24 blowjobs in Magaluf, Should you feel sorry for her?

I’m sure by now you have all heard or seen the video of this girl in Magaluf who for some crazy reason decided that giving 24 blow jobs in a nightclub was a good idea. Now while we are not condoning what she did as a good idea, it wasn’t, it was low class and a very trashy thing to do. Please don’t take this as us defending this girl, we just feel that other people must also take some responsibility in this.

Magaluf 24

  1. The ‘lady’  was most likely drunk, as were the men taking part. I am sure there were people in the club including the managers and security who are supposed to be there to keep everything above board. Where were they when all of this was going on? In fact, where was her friends?
  2. You may say that this type of thing has gone on for years and that is true. Unfortunately this is 2014 and with a camera in every pocket and Twitter and Facebook providing real time sharing of these type of things, how could they not know that this would end up somewhere where she didn’t want it? Most importantly the person who uploaded this video to the internet is an idiot, but she only has her self to blame.
  3. From all reports, she is only 18. Granted we wasn’t all sucking 24 dicks in a nightclub in Magaluf at this age but im sure we have all done some pretty silly things. A mixture of being dumb and naïve probably led this girl to do such a silly thing.
  4. The guys are just as bad as she is. This video is unfair for 1 reason, her face is clear to make out while every single guy has their face hidden. It seems like this video was always intended to be distributed as whoever was operating the camera seems to take care to make sure only she was exposed in the video.
  5. The story goes that she was promised a holiday that turned out to be a cocktail. Well sucking 24 dicks from a holiday shows major greed and is quite clearly an absolutely disgusting thing to even consider, there is no defence for that. However she was still misled about her reward for completing her dick sucking marathon.

So while she did a completely slutty thing and will have to live with the shame of this for a long time to come, the people in the club including the men who took part are equally guilty but seem to get away with it due to them not being exposed in the video.
Furthermore the management of the club and the organisers of this event also need to take some responsibility as they should have stopped this well before it even got going.

Do not take this as us defending or condoning what this girl has done. At the end of the day she is an adult and has to take responsibility for what she has done. Nobody forced her to take part, and nobody forced her down on her knees and to open her mouth. Maybe this woman needs to start asking herself “What would my parents think?” before making any decisions in the future.

What do you think? Leave us a comment below.

The best things to do in Magaluf

It’s almost like a right of passage to head to Magaluf for a clubbing holiday. Magaluf attracts everything from school leavers to people on stag and hen do’s, It really does draw in all ages.
If you have booked up and are wondering what the best things to do in Magaluf are, just follow this list and you will have a great time.

  1. BCM – No trip to Magaluf will be complete without a trip to the biggest club on the island. Ranked in the top clubs in the world and packed all summer with headline DJ’s, this place literally never stops rocking.
  2. The Beach – Magaluf has one of the best beaches in any clubbing holiday resort without a doubt. If you don’t spend at least a few hours here during your holiday then you have most definitely missed out. The beach has clear blue sea and golden sand and really is a picturesque place to chill out.

    Palma Nova Beach
    Photo by Chris
  3. Carnage Bar Crawl – Do you like alcohol? Yes. Do you like members of the opposite sex? Yes. In this case you are bound to love Magaluf’s Carnage Bar Craw. Operating every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday the Carnage Bar Crawl will give you a T shirt, 4 hours of unlimited drink & shots & more importantly, music and members of the oposite sex. We like to refer to this as the essentials 🙂
    carnage magaluf
  4. Western Water Park – No holiday to a hot country would be complete without a trip to a water park. Luckily for you as long as your hangover isn’t to bad and you manage to get up and out of bed, Magaluf has a water park not to far away.
  5. Magaluf Booze Cruise – A warm up before you get on the boat, 2.5 hour cruise, unlimited beer and sangria, free t shirt, members of the opposite sex and great music. What else could you possibly need?
    magaluf booze cruise

Now get yourself to Magaluf and enjoy yourselves! That’s an order 🙂

Boy to Girl ratio in Magaluf

Sausage fest, cock fest, dick farm, we have heard the ratio in Magaluf refered to by every name under the sun over the years. We have run this website for a long time and the one question that comes up year after year is “What is the boy to girl ratio in Magaluf”.
Well im afraid all the rumours you have heard are true, for some reason Magaluf seems to attract huge numbers of guys all year round. Don’t get us wrong, there will also be women there but they will be hugely outnumbered.
For some reason and more than it happens in other resorts, you get huge groups of men going to Magaluf. We are talking 20-40 men going together which obviously does nothing for the ratios in the resort.
We say don’t even worry about it, as it doesn’t really matter that much. If you focus on going and having a good time you wont even realise the ratio.

Watch this video and get answers from the people on the strip.

What do you think about the Magaluf ratio? Discuss it on our clubbing holiday forum.