Is Sunny Beach as crazy as they make out?

Viking Sunny Beach

Is Sunny Beach really as crazy as they make out? In a word, no. We spent a week in the resort of Sunny Beach to find out if it was really as crazy as What happens in Sunny Beach, Sun Sex and Suspicious Parents and Stacey Dooley investigates makes out.
To put it simply these tv programmes show the excesses of everything to make it look like the craziest place ever, when in fact it’s nowhere near as bad as they like to make out.
While the resort is a full on clubbing resort it is not dominated by Brits. Instead it is made up mainly from Scandinavians, Dutch, German, Russian and former eastern block countries. While this is no bad thing these countries don’t seem to have the full on assault drinking mentality that we have in the UK which makes for a more chilled atmosphere.

The clubs are also not as big as they are in say Ibiza, Napa or Magaluf. Sunny Beach is mainly made up of bars with a few bigger clubs around. To be fair I preferred the bars and smaller clubs such as Oxygen and Club Bounce.
There are a LOT of misconceptions that I read before heading out to Sunny Beach I will answer here.

  1. In Sunny Beach the Mafia controls everything. While this may be true, that doesn’t make the place unsafe. In fact in my week here I saw 1 person causing trouble, and he was most defiantly a foreigner who seemed to be off his head messing with the police.

  2. There are people begging everywhere. I saw two in a week, they use keep kids to try and get your money. But think if 50 people a day give them just 2lev each that’s a nice lil earner.

  3. You will get robbed. Well I don’t know what people are doing but the risk of being robbed here was no higher than anywhere else. The standard rules apply when abroad be wary of anyone in your personal space for no reason. Also if you are at the beach at night, keep and eye on your possessions. This goes for EVERY clubbing holiday resorts.

  4. There are sex workers everywhere. While there are strip / sex clubs in Sunny Beach I only saw one sex worker on the streets.

Sunny Beach Strip

Another think to note is that taxi’s in Sunny Beach are over priced. Make sure you haggle and agree a price before getting in. Most places you would want to go to are in walking distance anyway.
Day times can be a bit tame but Sunny does have an incredible beach, 8km of golden sand, the sea however is not quite clear blue water.
There is a toilet scam going on in Sunny Beach. You are charged anywhere from 50c to 2 lev to go pee in a lot of bars / clubs. Absolute piss take (literally).

All in all I liked sunny beach, it was a more chilled resort with lots of foreign people to chat to. Sometimes it feels a bit weird when you hardly seem to hear a British accent but it’s all good and this doesn’t really bother me.
Food wise the strip has all the usual suspects such as Subway, Burger King, Mcdonalds etc there are also various restaurants that do Chinese, Mexican, Pizza etc.
Our secret place was a restaurant called The Old House. It is a steak / grill type place with REALLY good food and very reasonable prices. A T-bone steak and chips was just short of 29 lev which is just a smudge over £10.

In all Sunny Beach was a good place to visit, with nice people and a well designed night life area. We say that it is well worth a visit.

Butlins Big Weekends

A clubbing holiday is great fun and we look forward to them all year but there is another option that is closer to home and a lot cheaper, step forward the Butlins Big Weekends. These are weekends where you party hard for 3 nights, so don’t expect to get much sleep!

 butlins adult weekender

What are they?
A Butlins Big Weekend is a dedicated weekend for adults where there is live music & accommodation all include in the price you pay. As always with Butlins there are different accommodation levels. These are the Standard and Silver Rooms & Standard, Silver and Gold apartments.
We would say go for the Gold rooms, but I wouldn’t expect anything amazing. Just a reasonable standard for the weekend with a nice living room area to hang out in. Top tip, if you are not in a gold room don’t forget to bring a towel.

Who Goes?
These weekends are popular with stag and hen parties & groups of men and women aged 18 upwards. You won’t see families at these weekends, as they name says, they are adult weekends.

What type of music is it?
They try to cater for everyone in terms of the music. Some of the more popular ones include, We love the 70’s, Ultimate 80’s, 90’s reloaded & Soul Weekender.

Where are they?
They have the Big Weekends at all their camps which are located in Skegness, Bognor Regis and Minehead.

Can you take your own drink?
Yeap you can, so make sure you stock up the room for cheap pre drinking sessions. The drinks in resort are reasonably priced though.

Everyone should try a Butlins Big Weekend, they are cheap enough that you can just go and check it out. They run all year round so are perfect to go to while you are waiting for the clubbing holiday season to start. If you go with an open mind and don’t expect to much from the accommodation you will have a great time.

Check the Big Weekender webite



The 5 Best Clubs in Budapest

With the temperature in the city rising, what better thing to do than dance ’til you drop at the coolest indoor and outdoor clubs in Budapest? A couple of hours away from the UK you will find Budapest’s world-renowned nightlife, with dozens of new venues popping up monthly. Clubs showcase internationally praised DJs and up and coming local beats, so you can find whatever gets your pulse racing. Here is a flavor of the hippest clubs you where you can cut your shapes to the biggest beats. Here is our list of The 5 Best Clubs in Budapest.

  1. Ötkert –Without a doubt, Ötkert is one of the most renowned party venues in downtown Budapest. Situated in elegant Zrínyi Street, in the heart of the city surrounded by mesmerizing sights such as St. Stephen’s Basilica and the Danube Promenade. Ötkert offers reasonable prices, no entry fee, a diverse menu, and varied programmes including exhibitions, concerts, acoustic evenings, conferences, and DJ sets, so you’ll certainly find what your looking for.


  1. Hello Baby – Is the new big thing in Budapest, housed in the ornamental Haggenmacher Palace, built in 1886 on the corner of Eötvös Street and Andrássy Avenue and designed by Henrik Schmahl. The interior is amazing, with an inner courtyard, and a local branch of Budapest’s public library working there in the daytime. At night, the freshly opened giant bar provides good parties, cocktails and a wide range of urban electronic music. If you love urban chic, Hellobaby is the place to be.

Hello Baby

  1. Trafiq –The first club in 21st Century Budapest to conjure up the carefree atmosphere that characterized the city’s nights a hundred years ago. Dead serious naughtiness. An apocalypse floating in the air. An act of one-night worldwide redemption. An intriguing place to dance until you drop.


  1. Akvárium – Akvárium Klub and surrounding Erzsébet tér are one of the most well-known meeting spots and one of the most popular party venues. Thousands of youngsters get together here night after night to chill out and dance. Akvárium Klub is more than a simple bar: it is a melting pot of contemporary arts, a venue showcasing unique events and concerts from mainstream to underground. Akvárium is a great spot with a friendly atmosphere that offers cool concerts, exhibitions and various performances.


  1. Szecska clubbing nights, Szechenyi Baths – Satisfy your inner culture vulture by partying to unique DJ-sets, mindblowing laser and smoke-formations, bars full of liquid and edible delicacies. Dancing ’til dawn in the Szechenyi Baths is something you will never forget. Expect tantalising tunes, very little clothing and great drinks.

Szechenyi Baths

Come and enjoy the very best of Budapest, live the city, and live the summer party dream – visit Budapest for the Budapest Essentials Festival (29 May – 1 June) to experience the coolest clubs and best DJs.

Top European Destinations For A Long Weekend In The Sun

With the summer arriving there are a lot of opportunites for a long clubbing weekend in the sun. Maybe you don’t have much holiday left from work, or maybe you just want something quick to tide you over before you go away later in the year. Either way, we have you covered with five locations that are the Top European Destinations For A Long Weekend In The Sun.

Ayia Napa

  1. Ibiza – With flight times from the UK of between two and three hours, the clubbing capital of the world Ibiza will defiantly provide you with the world class nightlife you require. Low cost airlines make it easier to do a 3-4 day break without breaking the bank.
    As well as super clubs, the famous sunset strip and the west end, Ibiza will also provide you with great beaches.
  2. Magaluf – Cheap and cheerful, while this is one for the younger part of the 18-30 demographic a long weekend in Magaluf can cost from as little as £150 which is not to be laughed at. Magaluf has one of the best beaches in Europe and its superclub BCM attracts big name DJ’s all summer long.
  3. Tenerife – While this will be a longer flight of around 4-5 hours, Playa De Las Americas has lots of great bars and its famous club tramps which normally lead to a great night. The beaches around Playa De Las Americas are not as nice as the first two but more that adequate to top up that tan!
  4. Sunny Beach – The TV show What Happens In Sunny beach has seen the popularity of this resort sky rocket. Flights are more expensive than they once were but if you book early you can still find a great deal. Who knows, maybe you will even be on the next season of the hit show 🙂
  5. Barcelona – Something a bit different from the others as its more of a city break, but Barcelona has great weather and really exciting nightlife. Another great thing about Barcelona is during the football season you could add in a trip to watch Messi and co play!

No matter which destination you choose I’m sure these 5 destinations for a long clubbing weekend in the sun will see you have a great time.

What Happens In Sunny Beach

What Happens In Sunny Beach follows on from the popular What Happens In Kavos by taking the format to the popular Bulgarian resort of Sunny Beach.


Episode 1

The show started last night at 10pm by following two reps who “treated” us to an uncomfortable amount of flaccid penis shots in the first 15 mins. They seemed to whip it out on the strip and nights out for no real reason before showing us their ritual of having dinner naked every night.
There was also solid advice given by them showing that when you run out of toilet paper you can just grab the shower head and hose yourself down, classy.

Next up we are introduced to Nips, and this is where the show really ramps it up a level.
Nips is a 25 year old rep who has worked in Sunny Beach for a few seasons.
For some unknown reason Nips decides it’s a good idea to set a firework of in his arse (I know what your thinking, how can this go wrong!)
Despite the best pleas of his some of his friends not to do, he lights this firecracker and when it explodes all hell breaks loose.
The most shocking thing about this is that the producers of What Happens In Sunny Beach actually stood there filming without saying a word. Irresponsible of them don’t you think?
While his friends are laughing and messing with Nips it is clear that something is drastically wrong. He runs to the toilet and examines his new enlarged arsehole before his friends decide that he needs immediate medical attention.
Now most people will head straight to the medical centre immediately but not Nips. He decides drinking your age in shots at Viking bar where he works is a better idea. He starts and knocks down a fair few before his discomfort gets the better of him and he needs to rush to a medical centre.
Here the full extent of his gaping rear end is revealed with the doctor declaring he has never seen anything like it. Eight stitches later his arse is repaired.

Lastly we are introduced to reps of Sunny Beach who seem to have just two hobbies, drinking and shagging.
We learn about the system in Sunny Beach where if you sleep with a rep, you have to pay a fine to any rep who has slept with them before you. While the new girl is quite cheap and therefore a good investment, other reps cost a pretty penny so they could leave you pretty broke.

To sum it up, What Happens In Sunny Beach seems to have knocked it up a level from What Happens In Kavos and we are looking forward to the next episode.

If you missed episode 1, you can watch it now on 4OD


Top Stag And Hen Do Destinations

Linekers Bar

Stag and Hen do’s used to head to British towns such as Blackpool for the final blowout before marriage. Nowadays with all the low cost airlines and cheap hotels you can have a weekend away costing from as little as £100 for flights and accommodation so we are setting our sights higher. With this in mind we decided to put together a list of the Top Stag And Hen Do Destinations.

  1. Amsterdam – A classic choice, famous for the red light district, It’s famous bars and nightclubs. On top of that weed is legal in coffee shops located all over the city.
  2. Ibiza – A non stop party, super clubs, world famous DJ’s however the season really runs from May till the end of September. If you are planning to go during these dates you won’t be disappointed.
  3. Riga, Latvia – Riga might be one you haven’t heard of but it is very accessible with airlines such as Wizz Air providing regular flights here. Great night life, great clubs and friendly locals makes this a must do.
  4. Tallinn, Estonia – Another one you might not be familiar with, Tallinn is known for beautiful locals, cheap beer and cheap food, all the essentials needed for a great weekend away.
  5. Prague – Prague has welcomed stag and hen do for years. If you can think it up you can do it here, cheap drink, great clubs, beautiful and friendly locals on top of all stag activities like shooting guns etc.
  6. Budapest – Amazing night clubs, casinos, strip clubs, bars means Budapest has everything you could want for your Stag or Hen do.
  7. Dublin – It may be close but it isn’t cheap. However with great bars and clubs and lots to do during the day such as visit the Guinness factory, Dublin is well worth considering.
  8. Magaluf – More fun in the sun, Magaluf is cheap and cheerful with super clubs, great bars and one of the best beaches you will have ever seen. Plenty of flights available also from all over the UK.
  9. Krakow, Poland – No list would be complete without a Polish town. Krakow is the party capital of Poland and will cater for you with great clubs and bars, free flowing alcohol and a multicultural group of people ready to party the night away.

If you stick to somewhere on our list you will have a great Stag or Hen do for sure.

Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents

Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents is back on our screens on the 8th of January at 9pm on BBC Three.
For those who have never seen the show it features a bunch of over protective parents who rather than letting their children go on their first clubbing holiday and have a great time, decide it would be better if they follow them and ruin it.
The worst part is they don’t even know that their parents are there until the end of the show so just as you are getting ready to go home you are confronted by your parents who reveal they have been watching you all week.
Unbelievably the parents seem shocked when the kids are understandably annoyed when they find out what has gone on. The big reveal is not only in front of all their mates/staff but also on national TV.
The show is set in clubbing holiday resorts all over Europe and it is good to see the resorts your planning to visit this summer but be prepared to cringe at the parents all the way through the episode.

Here are some clips from previous episodes.

How would you react? Leave a comment.

What is most important on a clubbing holiday

Ibiza Sunset
We were curious to find out what is most important on a clubbing holidays so we decided to run a poll to find out exactly that.

The beach was a obvious choice, we thought this must be pretty high up on the list? Nope.
Ok the hotel then, a great place to stay must be important? Nope.
We then thought music, people must really care what music is going to be played, right? Not really.

It seems that the things that we care about the most are –

1. The nightlife (36% of the vote) – It seems as long as there are a load of bars and clubs packed with party people we are happy.
2. The opposite sex (38% of the vote) – It seems nobody wants to be surround by lots of members of the same sex.
3. Who you go with (15% of the vote) – It looks like the clubs and how many members of the opposite sex will be there is more important than who you actually go with.
Here’s the poll in full

What is most important to you on holiday?

The nightlife (38%, 86 Votes)
The opposite sex (38%, 85 Votes)
Who you go with (15%, 35 Votes)
The cost of everything (5%, 12 Votes)
The music (2%, 4 Votes)
The beach (1%, 3 Votes)
The hotel (1%, 1 Votes)

Welcome To Guaba


The aim of this article is introducing you to one of the greatest places to spend your summer time if you ever have chance to visit Cyprus. Most of you might have visited Cyprus before and clubbing was probably associated with Agia Napa. Now it is time to tell you about absolutely different experience called GUABA beach bar, which is located in Limassol – the attractive seaside resort and entertainment capital of the island.
Being voted the 20th best club in the world at this year, GUABA opens its doors to the public in May with the great opening Fiesta, which was actually my first experience in Guaba last year. I was impressed by the colorful interior, unique entertainment program full of surprises and world famous DJs who made the crowd dancing non-stop.


From the first day I visited GUABA it became my favorite place in Cyprus during summer, where people dance (not posing as in a majority of the clubs in Cyprus), laugh and have a great time together and what is also very important (to me at least) GUABA says NO to drugs and violence. There is security stuff which always keeps an eye on the crowd, and I was a witness by myself couple of times how people ruining the party were nicely taken out of the club.
GUABA is opened 7 days a week and main difference of it from other clubs and beach bars is that every single day it provides with different experience. GUABA Sundays are the most famous and the most popular parties. This is the day when trance/house music, played by world famous DJs, fills with the energy the whole dance floor and when great fire shows are taking place. This is the day when you can feel the spirit of the GUABA.  On Monday all reggae fans can attend relaxing reggae party in GUABA, on Thursdays there are parties called mini-Sundays, and Saturday beach parties usually have theme to follow (from dub step until Brazilian beats) bringing a lot of fun.

The entrance to the beach bar is free but make sure you are older than 18 and don’t forget your ID.  The price for drinks is very suitable, there is food also available in the beach bar all days except Sunday since it is the busiest day, but Guaba family still provides you with delicious burgers and hotdogs on Sundays. There is VIP area available also for reservations. The location of Guaba is very easy to find, but don’t bother searching the address, just ask ANY person in Limassol and you will get the exact directions. GUABA is more than just a club. Fans of Guaba (Guabians) carrying the flag of Guaba everywhere they travel or any concert they visit. I am sure it is going to be unforgettable experience for you of non-stop dancing in the Mediterranean sea (or on the sand or on the floor) until the sunset, magic shows, great music and amazing atmosphere. The beach bar is opened until the end of September and has something to offer for everyone. Closing fiesta is simply amazing although it is a bit sad day for all Guabians. No more words, I will see you in Guaba land J.


Fedde le Grand at GUABA



Sharm El Sheikh Clubbing Holidays

Sharm El Sheikh Clubbing Holidays

Sharm town


Located on Egypt’s Sinai peninsula, just a short trip from Sharm’s airport. A surprisingly short (5 hours) flight considering you’re in Africa. Not traditionally known for clubbing, the resort now has a number of internationally known clubs and bars as well as local offerings too.
Peak travel months in Egypt are the winter months, when weather tends to be a little more manageable. Avoid drinking the water, drinking water is available from virtually all shops. Power adapter used in Egypt is the standard, tw-pronged European adapter. English is very widely spoken in Egypt, especially in the Red Sea resorts.
Though Western WCs are becoming common in what are essentially European resorts in the Red Sea. Most plumbing throughout Egypt is not designed for use of toilet paper, and you will find that many toilets are the ‘squat’ variety.

Travel Documentation
European toursits should carry their passport for identification when venturing out into the town, and you will need a special VISA to visit sites in the Sinai, such as St. Catherine’s Monastery


Sharm El Sheikh is served by its own airport, just 20 minutes away from the main resort.


Unlike smaller resorts, Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada have ATMs almost everywhere. Banks in Egypt are typically only open from Sunday to Thursday, 8am to 2pm.



There are regular DJ sets in the likes of Hard Rock Café, Pacha, and Buddha bar by well-known DJs such as David Guetta, Roger Sanchez, David Morales as well as plenty of Brit-style bars. Sharm El Sheikh also has an additional service – many of the large fast food outlets (KFC, McDonalds and Pizza hut) deliver to the area’s hotels. Couples only policy


An open air nightclub with VIP areas, and it even its own pool. Pascha runs Ministry of Sound nights, and is one of the best known clubs in the area – the scales tip to make this more of a holidaymaker’s hangout, though you will be partying with some of the wealthier, cooler young locals here.

Dress code as with most bars and clubs in Naama bay tends towards smart casual, with this extending to swimwear too.  You’ll not only find house, dance and the odd bit of trance but there are also hip hop nights.


Pangaea at Soho Square

Not the funkiest of bars, and slightly less cool by virtue of its being built into the mega complex at Soho square Pangea does its best to offer a similar, but slightly older crowd the Pascha experience. Expect dance beats, pretty tasty cocktails and the dancefloor mostly to yourself!


Buddha Bar

Baby Arab brother of the French-owned Buddha bar chain, Little Buddha Sharm offers the ‘lounge dining experience’ as well as a classic Buddha bar ambience.


Ali Baba

Cheap and cheerful, with a bit of a reputation Ali Baba is popular with British tourists, Shisha, beer and football makes this a bit of a departure from the standard Brit-bars. Very few places are as cheap as Ali Baba’s, though Camel bar has a similar set up, with shisha, beer and football. Predominantly English or Russian clientele, expect to see football on TV – the views across Naama bay from their rooftop bar are what really sets Camel bar apart from Ali Baba.


Other well-known watering holes include TGI’s, and the Hard Rock Café, which opens as both a restaurant and a club, expensive compared to the likes of Ali Baba.



Many of Sharm El Sheikh’s bars such as TGI’s and the Camel bar also offer food during the day, and Little Buddha is the sophisticated drinks and dinner type of place. There is little shortage of places to eat, and thanks to Sharm’s tourism-led development the range of cuisines on offer is very diverse.

A favourite with Trip Advisor reviewers (who are we to argue!) is the British owned and run Union Jack Bar and Restaurant, they offer Brit cuisine at really reasonable prices. If you fancy something more in line with your surroundings the Fairuz restaurant offers Lebanese (and Mediterranean) style cuisine, though at a slightly higher price than many of its less-appetising counterparts.

If you just fancy a burger after your night out, you might be surprised to find that KFC and McDonald’s deliver to you!


Day Time


On holidays to Sharm El Sheikh there is so much to do during the day it’s almost impossible to choose sometimes, from relaxing at the hotel’s private beach, where you can get food and drinks delivered to your lounger. Try out snorkelling at your hotel beach, or venture up shore to one of the dive sites at Nabq bay or Shark’s bay (depending on where you choose to stay). If you want to splash about but you don’t fancy the sea there’s the Cleo Waterpark, great for both kids and big kids.

Spend a couple of hours trekking into the desert and see some ancient sights from Sharm El Sheikh – St Catherine’s Monastery, Moses’ Mountain, or even spend an extra few hours and make your way across or down Egypt to Cairo and the pyramids or Luxor and the temple of Karnak.

Some might say the best way to spend your time in Egypt is on a boat trip to get to the dive sites a little further out. With just an hour’s basic training (which you can do in your hotel’s pool) you could be out on the open water, where you’ve got every chance of seeing dolphins, turtles, manatees, manta rays and all sorts of amazing, rainbow coloured wildlife.


Getting Around
You can rent a bicycle or a scooter to get around if you really want to, but you’ll find that much of the town is easily walkable. If you’re going much further than the beach, or the main town area it’s well worth getting a taxi, most drivers will sit and wait for you if you’re just popping into a few shops, but beware of rip off drivers and do your best to agree a price beforehand.