The best clubbing holiday tattoos!

We was bored traveling through twitter as you do and thought, what are some of the most epic tattoos that people have gotten on a clubbing holiday? Well these are the best clubbing holiday tattoos that we could find. Obviously by epic we mean tattoos that you are most likely to regret once you wake up and the alcohol wears off.

1. Get out my ma fanny, broom fucking broom.

2. We are not even sure what this one is supposed to be? Maybe some form of turtle?

3. Ha, this one is pretty epic

4. Seems like sound advice to us

5. Apparently!

6. Fuck bitches, eat chicken. Words to live by!

7. There’s no getting in there.

8. He’s packing

9. Tupac would be so proud.

10. Well are you?

11. Thankfully this was only henna!

12. Must have been an epic time.

13. But why? #whathappensinsunnybeach = You think you are Mike Tyson.

Which one is your favourite? Do you know any one who has a worse one? Leave us a comment.

Working Clubbing Holiday

It’s the dream really, a whole summer in a clubbing holiday destination. When you compare a UK summer (both weeks of it) to a summer in a clubbing holiday destination the difference is night and day. However we all have questions when doing something new, questions like what are the pro’s and cons? How do I go about it? How do I meet people etc.

Ayia Napa

What are the pros?

  1. Freedom from the grind, freedom from the 9-5 repetitive nature of life back home.
  2. A summer of fun, imagine every night for 6 months being Friday night! Non stop action.
  3. Get me meet lots of new people and make some new friends.
  4. Your be the envy of all your friends when they see your tan.
  5. Discounted if not free club entry all summer long & special events for workers.

What are the cons?

  1. You have to work long hours, most days every week.
  2. The accommodation is normally not 5 star luxury.
  3. Unless your bring a lot of money with you in the first place, you’re going to be living on a budget.
  4. Free drinks! Yeap, it’s a pro and con, you gotta remember most of the drinks are cheap alcohol and to much of it will make you feel ill.
  5. You might get home sick. Not everybody can handle being away from home and their home comforts for extended periods of time.

Ok so you have weighed up the pros and cons and have decided you still want to go? Great, you will not regret it.

What Next?

What you need to do now is put yourself in the best position you can for when you arrive.

  1. Save as much money as you can. Having too much money wont cause you sleepless nights but having to little will.
  2. Sign up to our clubbing holiday forum, get on Facebook & Twitter and socialise with people who are going.
  3. Try and get a job BEFORE you go. Nowadays it’s perfectly plausible to find a job before even getting to resort. Find out the names of bars, clubs and events and contact them.

Ibiza Sunset

Final Preparations.

Your almost there but there a few things you need to do before you jet off.

  1. Take copies of all your documents, this includes your passport, bank cards, travelers cheques etc.
  2. Get insurance, Get insurance, Get insurance, oh yeah did we mention get insurance? Medical care abroad is EXPENSIVE, it’s defiantly better to have insurance and not need it, then to need it and not have it. Also if you are heading to a European destination get your EHIC as well.
  3. Make a note of all phone numbers to cancel things like bank cards, travelers cheques etc if you need to.

So you know when you want to go? But how do yo about it.

The best way is to treat it as a holiday, book a hotel and flights for a week, maybe two so you have somewhere to stay. When you get there head round the bars, clubs & events and look for work. This is the best way to do it because if it does not work out, or you decide it’s not for you, then you have somewhere to stay and will just need to book a flight home.
However once you find work you need to remember that this is a job and not all fun. While it will be a lot more fun than a job back home you need to remember that you are out there to work.

Have fun on your working clubbing holiday!


What Is Zante Nightlife Really Like?

What is Zante Nightlife really like?

Zante Town 









Conduct a search on Google using the phrase ‘Zante nightlife’ and you will be greeted by websites from clubs on the island advertising themselves as the best place to go to, forums full of past holidaymakers telling tales of late night debauchery and maybe even a few newspaper articles damming the place all together. But what is Zante really like? Where are the best places, its nightlife everything like what people say, or has it got a different side?


Lively Laganas


The area of Zante which will keep popping up over and over again when researching its nightlife is Laganas. This is the busiest and some would say best resort in Zante if clubbing and partying is your thing. During the day, the beach is crammed full of young, usually hung-over crowds who are just counting down the days until drinking time starts. Once the sun goes down the place becomes alive and clubs such as trendy Ghetto, the crazy Rescue Club and Q Bar showcase the best of Zante nightlife. The resort is relatively well spread out though, which means that if you want a full on experience you can get accommodation over one of the bars and be right in the heart of the action 24 hours a day. If this sounds a little bit too much even for you, there are hotels and villas a mile or so out of town, so book up one of these if you value your beauty sleep when on holidays to Zante.


Tsilivi beach


Buzzing Tsilivi


Laganas is not the only resort on the island which attracts the crowds. Sitting on the north east coast of Zante is Tsilivi, which has emerged out of the shadows and quickly established itself as a nightlife haven for people from all over Europe and beyond. The main beach stretches for well over 2km and is home to the same young hip crowds which frequent the beach at Laganas. Whilst Tsilivi is not the full on 18-30 type resort like its near neighbour, it still more then holds it own in the partying stakes. The resort is renowned for its friendly atmosphere with lots of locally run bars and restaurants which can provide a more personal and human service as opposed to the big establishments found elsewhere. There are some family friendly places here too, which means that you all in all there is something for everyone in Tsilivi – a reason why its popularity goes from strength to strength.


Zante nightlife enjoys an excellent reputation amongst the people who actually go on these types of holidays. There may be some negatives written, however these are often from the keyboard of people who have not conducted their research before arriving. If you want a fun time with people from all over Europe enjoying the sunshine and bars, Zante delivers on all these fronts and more!



zante girls


The jungle, also known as “Cattle Class” on the aeroplane, was pretty much dominated by rowdy groups of adolescents in embarrassing T-shirts intending to portray they’re “Up 4 A lAfF”, yet in my opinion screamed CRINGE. After a game of musical chairs to cater to the unlucky individuals such as myself that claimed the deserted seat beside the drunk hooligan you just knew would spew everywhere, normal flight procedures include compulsory safety checks. NOT ON THE BANTER BUS. The steward who you could only feel total sympathy towards was devoured by ‘The Ladz’ harmony of ‘WHEEYYYY’ whenever he made the slightest arm gesture, so professionally gave up. Sitting in the wrong seat with my flight socks on and seriously considering why on earth I paid for myself to be in this position we jetted off to the island of OOH AH Zakynthos!


On arrival at 5am, I was consumed by the smell of the island’s sewage that surprisingly became unnoticeable within an hour. An unbelievably quick ten minute coach journey from the airport with holiday rep “Ronald Weasley” led us to where we were staying, “The Ilios Apartments”. Here I was greeted by a colony of intoxicated half naked Glaswegian lads wearing sombreros, just back from a night out on the strip insisting on carrying me and my friends suitcases. Don’t mind if you do. The carnage had begun.


Zante Garden

15 minute walk from Main Strip

25 minute walk from Beach

5 minute walk to Nearby Restaurants and Shops

SLEEP: The apartments are situated down a quiet side path which meant it was possible to nap without disturbances, that is until the maid intrudes as early as 10am with a somewhat commendable attempt to create some organisation within the pigsty.

ACCOMODATION: Apart from the expensive air conditioning that resulted in the inhabitants of room 312 melting every night due to a mixture of lazy-itus and lack of care where you sleep at 7am, we were provided with sufficient self catering equipment such as a cooking stove, microwave, kettle and fridge. We also had a TV which didn’t work, no biggy! The powerful hosepipe used as a shower requires either immense skill or a miracle to not allow the bathroom to flood. The balconies were perfect for evening pre-drinks, especially for large groups as they were aligned closely together (easy to hop over). Friendly staff made it a pleasant visit.

Zante Drinks

POOL: The pool was kept clean and open till 9pm which was handy if you just wanted to chill, considering most people hit the strip at roughly 12.30pm. There were plenty of sun loungers for everyone, and numerous inflatable’s left in the pool for a good game of TOTAL WIPEOUT. Be warned of there are sun cream thief’s that did not cater themselves with enough protection for the 43 degree heat.

Zante pool

FOOD: I LOVE GYROS. A bar serving cheap food and drink all day beside the pool meant we rarely ventured out to the islands restaurants, which in all honesty were not up to any high standard probably as Laganas is not the typical Greek island you visit for a taste of culture. After trying multiple Greek dishes such as moussaka in attempt to find a good restaurant, we eventually settled for the flavoursome stomach lining GYROS PLATE, SOUVLAKI AND “KEBAPS”, also known spelt correctly in English as ‘Kebabs’.

Zante food


Zante Boat

The beach even for those who have accommodation right in the heart of the strip is quite a mission. It is at the opposite end of the strip, and to walk down the strip from one end to the other takes a good 15 minutes. Laganas beach is not the perfect resort for building sand castles. The sun loungers are in abundance, leaving literally no room for anything other than sunbathing. You can hire a “pedlo” with a maximum capacity of 4 people for 10 Euros and venture out to sea on look for the famous massive turtles Zante inhabits, or just for a quick swim. I highly recommend hiring a speedboat for 30 Euros with a maximum capacity of 8 people. Be warned, bringing the boat back in and dodging the thousands of people swimming requires huge skill. The speedboat was definitely a highlight of the holiday. There are numerous cafe’s alongside the beach that offer lunch. The sea itself is shallow until a long way out when there is a sudden drop and before you know it and you can no longer see underneath you. The sea is confused as to whether it wants to be hot or cold, so is both. The scenery on the beach is mesmerising and worth at least a day trip to experience.

Zante Nightlife

Do not be alarmed if your busting out some of your best moves and the music stops. Most likely a police car patrolling the noise levels is going past and the bar you’re in has had to turn off the music, as strange and difficult to comprehend as it seems it’s a real silly Greek Law. Cheap booze and loads of it sums up the strip. The Greek bouncers are not to be messed with. I myself witnessed numerous acts of violence, such as a monstrous Greek bouncer outside Fish Bowl literally chuck a boy on to the road, of whom was nearly hit by a car that fortunately swerved just in time for him. They are particularly aggressive to boys and seem to take pride in having fights and for any cocky boys out there, they will win. Laganas is full of bar’s selling cheap drinks with desperate promoters offering what seems cheap deals. Me and my friends agreed if we drank the same amount in London as we did in Zante, we would probably be in a hospital bed. Yes, the drinks and shots in Laganas are watered down a lot! The safest bet is to get a deal including vodka/tequila shots for ultimate lack of control before hitting the clubs. Bars that offered us on average 2 cocktails and 3 shots of strong alcohol include “Central”, “Argos” (Pronounced ARE-GO’S, not as in the catalogue store Argos) and “Fishbowl”. When hitting the main clubs, if you want pure madness “Zeroes” is the place to be. Playing insane drum n bass mixes and some dubstep through to late morning it’s the perfect place to go if you want to rave. Another club that caters for people more interested in chart music is called “Rescues”. I personally felt “Rescue’s” reminded me too much of the main clubs in England which put me off going again as it was nothing exciting. “Cocktail’s & Dreams” indeed a bar from a long sight, inside definitely verged on a club. The bars were full of girls dancing on top of them, including buckets hanging from the ceiling which read “BAGS IN HERE WHEN DANCING ON BAR”. A variety of ‘Ibiza’ club land music was played all night which was hot for dancing on the bar. At the point when everything is closing but you don’t want your night to end, head down to Cherry Bay for their Beach Party! Be warned, it gets insanely crammed around 4am. Otherwise, you could also take a small hike to the beach for a late night porn show.
Zante Dancing

To conclude, if you’re looking for a cheap, insane, eventful week abroad with friends inclusive with some surprising beautiful scenery… Zante is without a question of a doubt the place to be.

Zante Girls