We are lucky that we live in a age where flights are so cheap and so readily available it is possible to go away a few times a year. The beauty of it is that with so many airlines competition is fierce which in turn helps to drive prices down.

If you are looking for a cheap flight we firmly believe it is best to book as early as you can. The reason for this is airlines tend to make the fares more expensive as the flights fill up and also the closer they get to departure.

We think the best way to make sure you get the best price is to use a comparison site which can compare many airlines and many routes at the same time. This will save you so much time compared to going to each airlines website separately.

We also have put this list together to show you where to get the best prices on the internet.

Expedia – We recommend Expedia as they charge NO credit card fees. So even when sometimes they can appear more expensive, when credit and debit card fees are factored in, they are normally cheaper.




Last Minute

British Airways

Between all of these companies you should find cheap flights.


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