Clubbing Holidays In September


When most people book a clubbing holiday the first thing they normally think is that they want to go in peak season (Late June – Early August). This is understandable as this is when the clubbing holiday resorts are at their busiest and have the most people there. This is also when it costs the most to go and for some people it costs too much or they don’t like it when its so busy so they start to look later.

September is popular for this reason, its not as busy as say July (however it is busy enough) and it is cheaper to go as well. For instance if you went to Ibiza during September you would actually be going to some of the best parties on the island, the world famous closing parties. These parties are when the clubs throw there end of season parties and they are known as some of the best parties of the summer.

September costs less to go, less to stay and the drinks are normally a bit cheaper or the measures are bigger. If you could deal with it being a little less busy then you will have a great time.

If your worried about there being no acts playing you do not have to worry as they play right through to mid/end September in most resorts.

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