Cancun is located on the eastern coast of Mexico, and is a 10 hour 30 min flight from London.
Bottled water is a must over there and most hotels provide it.
Travel adapters are needed as Cancun uses 2 pin.
The Currency in Cancun is the Mexican Peso but the US Dollar is also widely accepted.
There is a departure tax when leaving the country of $50(US) dollars. At the time of writing this is around £25.
There are many clubs in Cancun which are all reasonable close together. There are also many bars and restaurants dotted in between. The biggest club in Cancun is The City which is HUGE!

There are many restaurants in Cancun that have many different theses so matter what food your after there will be somewhere that serves it, From steak to a burger at hooters.

Day Time
There is so much to do in Cancun during the day time. If you want to continue the party then you can go to the Oasis Cancun Hotel. This is the main spring break hotel and is just wild. There is always some sort of event going on there.
The beach is also another good option for just lazing around, drinking and meeting up with people.
And as always theres your hotel pool which is normally quite busy (during spring break anyway) with people.

Getting Around
The taxis in Cancun are plentiful but please make sure you agree a price before you get in.
The local bus service in Cancun is good and cheap at what works out to be about 30p.
These buses run all day and can become a mini party at night time.

Please be aware when your out and about in Cancun. Things like peeing on the street is not tolerated and you WILL be fined/arrested if caught!
Pickpockets/Thieves do operate in Cancun so please be aware at all times.

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