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Kavos is another former fishing town turned clubbers paradise and is packed with under 30’s looking to party through the summer.

The place where you want to go in Kavos is called the strip. This runs parallel to the coast line and is where you will find everything you need including all the bars and clubs, restaurants, hotels and apartments.
Telephones the code for the UK is 044 (+44)
Telephone code for Kavos is 0030

The Time Zone is GMT + 2

The local currency is the Euro.

Travel Documentation
Valid passport. Most people will not need a Visa.

The local airport in Kavos is Kerkyra Airport.
Flight time to Kavos is around 3.5 hours from London, and the transfer time into resport is around on hour.

Kavos has a lot of bars and a few clubs. The biggest club is Futures. Other clubs include Atlantis, Venue and Limelight. Some of the clubs are free to get in.

If your looking for something to eat there are many restaurants in Kavos located on the strip
Day Time
During the day if you don’t want to hang around in the pool for your hotel you can go to the beach.

There are two beaches in Kavos , Kavos Beach which is very central and the most popular. There all allsorts of water sports available here. This beach has a lot of shingle on it

The other beach is St Gerorges Beach which is about 15 mins away in a taxi. This beach has slightly better sand than Kavos Beach

Getting Around
There are many scooters available for hire in Kavos but please make sure that you check out the quality of the scooter before you accept it. There are also Taxi’s available but most places are within walking distance.

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