Las Vegas

Flight time from London is 10.5 hrs With direct flights being available with British Airways and Virgin Atlantic.
The local currency is the US Dollar $
You need a visa called the ETSA if you are British.
Your in the desert so its hot, sun protection is a must.
Its impossible to talk about all the hotels here as there are so many. Im sure you guys dont need help picking one and if you do get yourself over to trip advisor.
If your a girl then chances are you can get in for free or quickly. If your a guy then prepared for a bit of a wait. Its not worth it, for a extra 30-40$ dollars you can skip the line and walk straight in. If there is a group of you it may be worth getting a table. U get some drinks a waitress and a roped of area. This will set you back maybe $1000 but between a few of you it is not that much more then you would pay anyway.
The clubs are in the hotels and just by asking around or looking online you will find out what club is the best.
Obviously the big thing in Vegas is gambling. All the hotels have casinos and you can walk in and out of all of them so its up to you where you want to play. Good Luck.
Hookers / Prostitutes
It doesn’t matter if this is your thing or not, they are EVERYWHERE. Walking up and down the strip you will be offered them, and have flyers pushed at you. They are also in the casinos and on the strip etc. So if either way, be prepared.
Vegas has lots of strippers who are normally very hot. There is also a strip club that has like 600 girls!
Pool Parties
The two main pool parties are Wet Republic at the MGM Grand and Rehab and the hard rock. Both are really good so check them out, you can see some videos on the blog in the Las Vegas section.
There is loads of shopping to be done in Las Vegas, some of the hotels have malls and there is also a outlet centre. You could also go downtown Vegas if you fancied it.
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