How to get people back to your room on holiday

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You’ve done all the hard work, gone out, met an attractive member of the opposite sex and you want to go back to your room to “talk”. However there is one issue, the receptionist / bouncer on the door of your hotel doing his best to spoil your night. Here we will give some tips to over come this issue that is common in places like Ibiza, Malia and Cancun of how to get people back to your room on holiday.

  1. Make friends with the receptionist / security as soon as you arrive – Simple things, say hello, mind your P’s and Q’s, ask them how their day is going. These simple things can get them onside and pay dividends when you and your guest rock up around 3am.
  2. Money talks – Sometimes you gotta speak in the international language of money. Start low as you don’t want to be overpaying.
  3. Scope out the hotel – The front door is not always the only way in but sometimes it is the only way that is protected. Side gates, back entrances are often open and are a better way to get your guest in.
  4. Walk in like you own the place – Think how many guests there are, they are not going to remember every guest staying there. If you walk in like you are a couple a lot of the time you can just walk straight past reception.
  5. Split up – If your mates have pulled as well have the girls and the boys walk in as separate groups, your less likely to get stopped.
  6. If all else fails – There’s always the beach … Watch your clothes and possessions.

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