Is Sun Sex And Suspicious Parents Real?

Now I know we can’t be the only ones thinking it, can we? If you are not sure what the show is, then it’s BBC Three’s show based on two teens first clubbing holiday with their friends. There’s just one twist, for some reason which I still can’t work out their parents feel the need to fly over and spy on them and just generally ruin the experience.
The show has now finished its third season and I’m just wondering, how do these kids not know? Or rather do these kids know! We are now going to look at is Sun Sex and Suspicious Parents Real.

  1. How many clubbing holiday shows are there? – Let’s be honest, we can count the amount of clubbing holiday TV shows on one hand. Of the top of my head I can think of Sun Sex and Suspicious Parents, The Magaluf Weekender and What Happens In Kavos. With this in mind, if a tv show offers to send you to a clubbing holiday resort then there is a high chance that one of them will be Sun Sex and Suspicious Parents. Would you not ask yourself this? I would, especially if the show just happened to be being produced for the BBC. I know what you are going to say, they give them fake names. Yes this is true but at the end of the day I would still be Suspicious.
  2. They call home – Think to the last time you rang someone who is abroad, remember anything different? Well firstly the ringtone is normally different and secondly the call quality is not the same. Lastly if you called home and nobody answered for the whole week wouldn’t you think something was going on?
  3. Have you ever seen anything more than a kiss? – Let’s be honest, we have seen three seasons of this show now and I don’t recall seeing much more than a kiss on TV. Now I’m not implying in any way that everybody who goes on holiday goes further but isn’t it just a bit to convenient that when their parents are watching, nobody goes any further? We are on season one of both The Magaluf Weekender and What Happens In Kavos and people have gone further than in all the seasons of Sun Sex And Suspicious Parents.
  4. Would your mum and dad give it away? – You know your parents quite well right? So every time you talk about this TV show that they know about, they keep a perfectly straight face and let nothing slip? I’m skeptical.
  5. Most of their reactions are very mild – If you had just found out that your mum and dad had spied on your first clubbing holiday I would imagine most people would be quite rightly pissed off. While some people have been, a lot seem ok with it, almost like they knew.

Now I’m not saying the show is fake, or that the show is real because I just don’t know either way. All I am saying is there is¬†definitely enough there to question its credentials.
Either way the kids get a free clubbing holiday so fair play to them.

If you have never seen Sun, Sex and Suspicion Parent then watch this clip below.

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