Is Sunny Beach as crazy as they make out?

Viking Sunny Beach

Is Sunny Beach really as crazy as they make out? In a word, no. We spent a week in the resort of Sunny Beach to find out if it was really as crazy as What happens in Sunny Beach, Sun Sex and Suspicious Parents and Stacey Dooley investigates makes out.
To put it simply these tv programmes show the excesses of everything to make it look like the craziest place ever, when in fact it’s nowhere near as bad as they like to make out.
While the resort is a full on clubbing resort it is not dominated by Brits. Instead it is made up mainly from Scandinavians, Dutch, German, Russian and former eastern block countries. While this is no bad thing these countries don’t seem to have the full on assault drinking mentality that we have in the UK which makes for a more chilled atmosphere.

The clubs are also not as big as they are in say Ibiza, Napa or Magaluf. Sunny Beach is mainly made up of bars with a few bigger clubs around. To be fair I preferred the bars and smaller clubs such as Oxygen and Club Bounce.
There are a LOT of misconceptions that I read before heading out to Sunny Beach I will answer here.

  1. In Sunny Beach the Mafia controls everything. While this may be true, that doesn’t make the place unsafe. In fact in my week here I saw 1 person causing trouble, and he was most defiantly a foreigner who seemed to be off his head messing with the police.

  2. There are people begging everywhere. I saw two in a week, they use keep kids to try and get your money. But think if 50 people a day give them just 2lev each that’s a nice lil earner.

  3. You will get robbed. Well I don’t know what people are doing but the risk of being robbed here was no higher than anywhere else. The standard rules apply when abroad be wary of anyone in your personal space for no reason. Also if you are at the beach at night, keep and eye on your possessions. This goes for EVERY clubbing holiday resorts.

  4. There are sex workers everywhere. While there are strip / sex clubs in Sunny Beach I only saw one sex worker on the streets.

Sunny Beach Strip

Another think to note is that taxi’s in Sunny Beach are over priced. Make sure you haggle and agree a price before getting in. Most places you would want to go to are in walking distance anyway.
Day times can be a bit tame but Sunny does have an incredible beach, 8km of golden sand, the sea however is not quite clear blue water.
There is a toilet scam going on in Sunny Beach. You are charged anywhere from 50c to 2 lev to go pee in a lot of bars / clubs. Absolute piss take (literally).

All in all I liked sunny beach, it was a more chilled resort with lots of foreign people to chat to. Sometimes it feels a bit weird when you hardly seem to hear a British accent but it’s all good and this doesn’t really bother me.
Food wise the strip has all the usual suspects such as Subway, Burger King, Mcdonalds etc there are also various restaurants that do Chinese, Mexican, Pizza etc.
Our secret place was a restaurant called The Old House. It is a steak / grill type place with REALLY good food and very reasonable prices. A T-bone steak and chips was just short of 29 lev which is just a smudge over £10.

In all Sunny Beach was a good place to visit, with nice people and a well designed night life area. We say that it is well worth a visit.

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