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Linekers Ibiza

Everybody has heard of Linekers Bar but for those who haven’t, or does who want to know more we took the time to catch up with them.

For the people who dont know about Linekers can you explain what goes on?
Linekers bar is somewhere you can always find an amazing atmosphere, with all the best upto date music played by some of the Uk’s best Dj’s. We will have you dancing on the tables and chairs and our staff will keep you entertained all night. We also are renowned for our Sports coverage where you can catch all the live games on countless huge plasmas and in a stadium like atmosphere.

Tell us a bit more about the games you play?
Well we like to get the customers involved especially Birthday parties or stag and hens and we normally get some people behind the bar give them a load of free booze and then just for fun add in a little forfeit for the entertainment of the rest of us.

What is to be expected in 2011?
2011 is looking to be an amazing year for Linekers, we are now in our 4th year in Ibiza and now have a reputation as the busiest bar in Ibiza. We also have more and more big name DJ’s and Pre parties confirmed at Linekers this year.

Where in Ibiza is it located?
Linekers Ibiza is located in San Antonio but we are along the promenade/beach area very close to Eden and Es Paradise.

Are there any plans for any more bars?
We are proud to announce we are due to open Linekers Zante in 2011, we have a prime location on Bar street in Laganas and it will be an amazing addition to the group. It is in a prime location, what used to be More club.

We have totally renovated the bar and it will be open mid may(date to be confirmed). We will be holding special events in their with very successful clubbing brands such as Twice as Nice but it wont lose its Linekers touch of creating an amazing party atmosphere everytime you step in.

How does the Ibiza and Ayia Napa bar compare?
The 2 bars differ quite a lot as the crowd is quite different. Ibiza has a slightly cooler edge and reputation playing the best house music that Ibiza has to offer with the occasional dose of credible cheese. Ayia Napa is a full on party bar, they play many more games and have a variety of shows performed by the staff. Both are great fun for a night out.
Linekers Bar

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  1. Hi, i’m trying to find my dad, Brain Mitchell, i know its a long shot but he used to run the Linekers Bar in Gran Canaria, last time in 2008 where my mam bumped into him. I’m almost 18 and i’m desperate to know him. please help if you can. Cheers, Brad.

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