Playawayabroad Interview

For the people who havent heard of Playawayabroad, what do you do?
PlayaWay Abroad is simply a company to help people work abroad. We offer a complete package to assist individuals or friends who have always dreamed of spending a season abroad or longer. It includes the following;

-Initial Accommodation (usually one month) includes all bills.
-Collection and Transfer from the airport with the PlayaWay Reps
-Party Intro into the resort including beach welcome day/party, meals out, bar crawls, themed party nights, pool partys
-Help from the reps who find you work, sort out all legalities, help find you further accommodation and much much more. They are on hand for the whole of our guests stay!

What resorts do you work in?

Currently we operate in Tenerife all year round and have just started in Australia as well (first arrivals September 2011). In Ibiza, Ayia Napa, Zante and Kos we have weekly arrivals between May and August. We are constantly adding more destinations for our guests to work abroad but we will only set up a resort once we have secured the appropriate contacts to ensure the total satisfaction of our guests.

Why do people want to work abroad?
The majority of people do it for the experience of something totally different. It is unlike any other work because you are living and working in an amazingly surreal and unfamiliar environment which is exciting and bursting with energy. It is a strong character builder too and really helps people’s confidence which is always useful in life. Also there is the draw of travel and freedom!!

Is there support of people once they are in resort?
Here at PlayaWay Abroad we pride ourselves on the support our guests get in resort from our reps. Most importantly the PlayaWay Reps and have great contacts with all employers in resorts and help place our guests in work. We will also ensure that anything they need is done for them. Whether it is sorting out any legalities to work in their chosen destination, help finding further accommodation, local bank accounts & Mobile Phones or simply just a point of call in an emergency the PlayaWay Reps are on hand all the time. The package we offer lasts for a month but the reps are also on hand after that.

What is the benefit of using Playaway abroad rather then going on your own?
The main benefit is being assured and having the peace of mind that you already have your foot in the door and you have the perfect set-up for your time working abroad. Over the years we have met so many people who have just turned up in a resort trying to find work and they come up against numerous obstacles. Finding accommodation, roommates, having to put down large deposits, struggling to find work and having no clue how to sort out any legalities for them to stay and work in a resort. These are the most common but there also many more. Those that come with PlayaWay don’t have these worries and also they have the security and support of the reps in resort. On our CSQ (Customer Service Questionnaires) one main benefit people comment on is that it’s great that they make immediate like minded friends.

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Linekers Bar Interview

Everybody has heard of Linekers Bar but for those who haven’t, or does who want to know more we took the time to catch up with them.

For the people who dont know about Linekers can you explain what goes on?
Linekers bar is somewhere you can always find an amazing atmosphere, with all the best upto date music played by some of the Uk’s best Dj’s. We will have you dancing on the tables and chairs and our staff will keep you entertained all night. We also are renowned for our Sports coverage where you can catch all the live games on countless huge plasmas and in a stadium like atmosphere.

Tell us a bit more about the games you play?
Well we like to get the customers involved especially Birthday parties or stag and hens and we normally get some people behind the bar give them a load of free booze and then just for fun add in a little forfeit for the entertainment of the rest of us.

What is to be expected in 2011?
2011 is looking to be an amazing year for Linekers, we are now in our 4th year in Ibiza and now have a reputation as the busiest bar in Ibiza. We also have more and more big name DJ’s and Pre parties confirmed at Linekers this year.

Where in Ibiza is it located?
Linekers Ibiza is located in San Antonio but we are along the promenade/beach area very close to Eden and Es Paradise.

Are there any plans for any more bars?
We are proud to announce we are due to open Linekers Zante in 2011, we have a prime location on Bar street in Laganas and it will be an amazing addition to the group. It is in a prime location, what used to be More club.

We have totally renovated the bar and it will be open mid may(date to be confirmed). We will be holding special events in their with very successful clubbing brands such as Twice as Nice but it wont lose its Linekers touch of creating an amazing party atmosphere everytime you step in.

How does the Ibiza and Ayia Napa bar compare?
The 2 bars differ quite a lot as the crowd is quite different. Ibiza has a slightly cooler edge and reputation playing the best house music that Ibiza has to offer with the occasional dose of credible cheese. Ayia Napa is a full on party bar, they play many more games and have a variety of shows performed by the staff. Both are great fun for a night out.
Linekers Bar

What Is A Clubbing Holiday?

What is a clubbing holiday?
The term clubbing holiday is what most people now refer to holidays to places such as Ayia Napa, Ibiza, Magaluf etc. People also refer to these types of holidays as lads holidays or girlie holidays. The reason these holidays get this name is due to the fact that most of the nights of the holiday is spent in bars or in night clubs and you literally spend most of the holiday clubbing/partying the night away.

Who goes on these holidays?
The majority of people who goes on a Clubbing Holiday is both boys and girls between the ages of 18-30. They are an opportunity to get away with friends for a week or two in the sun partying it up and generally having a good time for the whole time.

Is everybody who goes on a clubbing holiday a drunken mess?
Definitely not, its easy for the media and whats not only to look at extremes of any situation. The majority of people who go have a great time while they are there and on the whole behave very well.

As a parent should I be worried about my child going?
Not at all, they will just be having fun, this will be a chance for them to get away from it all let their hair down and get away from it all for a while, you should not be worried at all, you did raise them well after all.
If you have any more question then feel free to go to our forum and ask.

Fantasy Boat Party Ayia Napa Interview

Everybody who has been to Ayia Napa has heard of the Fantasy Boat Party so we decided to catch up with them to get the low down for everybody.

Why is it so famous?
We’ve been in operation since 1993. We are committed and passionate about our role as professional promoters and businessmen. Fantasy Boat Party is our leading event with over 2000 parties thrown and the information on the Fantasy Boat Party has compounded over time through internet exposure, print media and personal experiences from the public. Also, being a strictly tourist or big occasion event (hens, bucks, birthday, etc) the expectation of the Fantasy Boat becomes enhanced by the sense of the occasion from the customer. It is also worth noting that swimming into the Mediterranean sea is a dream come true for many people, particularly for individuals who do not live near any sea or ocean. Add the music and atmosphere, people kind of lose themselves into the moment. For these reasons, Fantasy becomes a talking point as a moment shared in one’s or each others lives.

What happens?
The pre party starts at 4pm on their Black Pearl Pirate Boat down in the Ayia Napa Harbour.Food is provided and consists of roast chicken, Greek salad and potato while the tunes are being play by DJ Danny Panic.
Around 5.30 a group photo is taken which is then given for FREE at the end of the evening and then everyone heads of to the Napa Queen boat to get the party started.

What is the boat like?
The top floor is a dance floor which has a dj and mc playing all the best tunes from including HipHop/Old School/UKG/Funky House/RNB/Jungle/Bashment and Breakbeats.
The middle Level is a bigger bar as well as a lounge area and a dance floor, while the lower floor has showers, toilets, cabins and changing areas.

Who is on board?
Marshall DJ’s and hosts each boat party (with special guests) and if you have been to Ayia Napa before chances are you will have met Marshall before, a true Ayia Napa Legend.
Constable Cruise is on board and is the most corruptible cop you will ever meat. He has the power to arrest people, give you free drinks and handcuff guys to the girl of your choice (result!).
A stripper comes on for 15 mins to get the girls all worked up into a frenzy, there is no stripper for the boys but hopefully the girls should be worked up so that should make you happy.

What happens afterwards?
In terms of an after party, tickets are given to Ayia Napas top clubs.
The boat party is filmed and put on YouTube and Facebook free of charge.

What is the dress code?
Dress code is Bikinis and Boardshorts (there is 3 opportunities to get in the sea and have a swim) or you could wear fancy dress or pirate gear.

How do I buy tickets?
Ticket sellers are all around Ayia Napa or you can phone/text +35799408132.

Club 18-30 Reps

Around since 1965, Club 18-30 can truly claim to have pioneered clubbing holidays, and 45 years later, they’re still going strong, taking 100,000 people every year to the worlds best clubbing destinations. The clubbing hot spots have changed over the years, and new scenes emerging in Gumbet, Turkey and Sunny Beach, Bulgaria sit alongside the classic resorts of San Antonio, Ayia Napa and Magaluf in what is a bigger than ever offering. New for 2011 are all inclusive hotels, the TwiceasNice hotels in Malia and Napa and the first ever beach club, which offers visitors to the Quayside Village in Kavos, free sports and gym for their holiday.

As well as offering amazingly cheap holidays, Club 18-30 has a unique selling point that many have tried and failed to copy in the past; the iconic Club 18-30 reps, who work tirelessly from dawn to dusk to ensure that their guests are smiling and that the sun is shining. With the best guest to rep ratio in travel, the reps don’t just lead the fun on nights out but have a grueling schedule of airport runs, organisation and very late nights. It’s no wonder you’ll see them letting their hair down in epic style at The Big Reunions in November!

We caught up with 3 of the best, to get a brief look at what the life of a Club 18-30 rep involves. If you think that you have what it takes to be outgoing, positive, organised and most of all fun for the 5 months of summer keep an eye on the Club 18-30 recruitment page, where opportunities to join the 150+ army of reps are advertised.

Name? Rachel King

How old? 23

Where from? Anna Valley, Hampshire

What made you apply for Club 18-30? I worked in Zante for 3 years behind a bar, I got to know some of the Club 18-30 staff and decided to make working abroad more of a career!

What skills do you need to become a Club 18-30 Rep? Patience, a good sense of humour, stamina and a positive mental attitude!

If you’ve been a rep before, what are your best memories? had an amazing night at one of the silent discos last year where all of the guests from my hotel were out and they were lifting me up, chanting, it was just an amazing atmosphere!

What is your typical day as a Club 18-30 rep? Well I do duty hour first thing to sort out any issues and answer any questions guests may have, then I just check in with all my guests, normally around the pool to make sure everyone’s ok and hear all the stories from the night before!! If its an arrival day then I have to do welcome meetings/airport and then out to party on the night time! It really is none stop and every day is different.

Name? Jack Krelle

Where from? Croydon

How old? 21

What made you apply to work for Club 18-30? To get away, meet loads of new people and work for the best company ever!

What skills do you need to become a Club 18-30 rep? You need to be confident, enthusiastic, lively and charming – like me!

If you have been a rep before, what are your best memories? Always love the Boat Party – getting all the guests partying on the boat, games on the beach, water sports and a cheeky swim.

What is your typical day as a Club 18-30 rep? Long! Get to the hotel for duty hours, round the pool with the guests getting the atmosphere going, sorting out any problems and making sure all my guests are happy, make sure everyone’s coming out to party on the events with us then take them out for a night to remember!

Name? Kate Moody

How old? 19

Where from? Beckenham, Kent

What made you apply to work for Club 18-30? I’d been studying travel and tourism at college and decided I wanted to put what I’d been learning into practice and Club 18-30 was the obvious choice to want to work for.

What skills do you need to become a Club 18-30 Rep? I think the most important skill is you need to be very organised, be able to talk to new people and be a hard worker!

If you have been a rep before, what are your best memories? This is my first year as a rep

What is your typical day as a Club 18-30 rep? Every single day is different which is the best thing about this job! I normally spend my mornings going round and checking everybody is ok, then I do pool entertainment in the afternoon and then at night time I take my guests out on our events. In Kos we also go to the airport once a week to bring in the new arrivals.

Club 18-30 2011 holidays start from £215pp for 7 nights (prices include flights, accommodation and transfers)


Partyhard Ayia Napa Interview

PartyHard is fast becoming the number one thing to do when you are in Ayia Napa during the summer so we took the time to catch up with PartyHard.


So what is PartyHard?
PartyHard is a weekly event that takes place in Ayia Napa.
Essentially its a Bar Crawl, however, we don’t just take people and leave them in the bars. We take them to 5 of the most popular bars in and around the square, where we play lots of drinking games, sex (naughty if you prefer) games and competitions….an example is the “Napa Slapper” where girls get there chance to slap lads across the face (no punches or rings of course) and the crowd votes for who the best slap is….things like champagne, bungee jump tickets, waterpark tickets are given away.


So is it a party for singles?
Its a Traffic light party, Red sticker: Not looking – Amber: Maybe if I like you and Green: Single and looking. This means that even those with a partner back home shouldn’t be scared to come on it, they can take a step back and not be bothered by all the singletons. But will still have a top night with all the entertainment.


What is included?
Free shots (proper ones like sambuca, tequila – not the sex on the beach rubbish) and 241 drink offers in all the bars.
Afterwards its free entry into one of the big clubs such as Club Ice, Black and Whites, Bagleys etc, and after-club entry such as River Reggae. (if they’re still standing)
Free Party Hard T-Shirt.
Free printed group photo (new to 2011) and hundreds of pics taken by a professional photographer which are put on the partyhard ayia napa facebook for people to tag themselves in.


Who hosts the party?
Mani Liqweed, resident DJ at Starskys, is your host. Has been on the Ayia Napa scene since forever, a legend and a crowd favourite.
Lewis Le Val – A Hypnotist / Magician, that makes Derren Brown look average, is there to entertain everyone. He will convince even the most sceptical people that hypnotism is real.

And finally, The Partyhard Staff, a bunch of people that really do lead by example and ensure that everyone on it has the best night of their holiday. Also, we will be on TV on the programme Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents, Episode 3, Ayia Napa.



Our top clubbing holiday destinations for 2011

Now your planning your 2011 clubbing holidays if you do not already knows where you are going then this list should help you.

The mecca, Ibiza will always be one of the definite places to go, the huge superclubs, the golden beaches and the beautiful people make it a destination that should be on everyone’s list.

Cancun spring break (aim for March) is something that is totally different from the usual European clubbing holidays. It will be mainly Americans and Canadians however in recent years there has been more and more Brits heading over there. The clubs are amazing and it also offers you some winter sun. Acts to perform in recent years are Akon, Fergie, Fabolous, Ludacris, Clinton Sparks, T Pain, Snoop Dogg, Sean Paul and many more. It’s a bit more expensive but it’s definatly worth it.

Ayia Napa
The great thing about Ayia Napa is the mix of people you get. Ayia Napa is popular with Brits, Scandinavians and Israelis. You will find a mixture of music from Funky House, Garage and Grime to Dance, Cheese and Dubstep.
All the clubs and bars are in an area called the square so it makes them easy to move from one to the next.

Las Vegas
The no1 adults destination, if you cant do it in Las Vegas it probably ain’t worth doing. You can gamble at the endless casinos on the strip, go to pool parties at the many hotels, club the night away and the many clubs, shoot guns and go shopping. Put simply Vegas is Amazing.

The cost of clubbing holidays

The cost of clubbing holidays

This is a guide to help you try and pick the right clubbing holiday within you budget. We will cover Ayia Napa, Ibiza, Magaluf, Kavos & Cancun.

Ayia Napa

Ayia Napa is without a doubt one of the best clubbing holidays money can buy, its not the cheapest though, the general feeling on our forum is that you will need at least £400-£500 quid for a week holiday.


As Ibiza is a Spanish island the cost of getting there is not overly expensive. However the cost of being in Ibiza is high. Clubs are expensive (40 Euros upwards) drinks in the clubs are expensive (8 Euros for a bottle of beer upwards). You can have a cheaper night by staying on the strip in San Antonio or the local bars.


Magaluf is probably the best value clubbing holiday out there, its cheap to get to being a Spanish Island and is also reasonably cheap to be there. You could do a week on about 350-400 quid so if your on a budget you might want to look in this direction


Is another cheap clubbing holiday and worth a look. Its quite cheap to stay out there and there are loads of drink offers everywhere, you could do a week for £400.


Its the big one, Cancun spring break is legendary and is becoming more and more known with Europeans. The cost of a package holiday to Cancun is not going to come for Europe prices however. Be prepared to pay £800-£2000 for a package deal depending on where you stay. Also prepare to spend £800-£1000 while you are out there if you plan to do loads of partying.

Discuss this on the forum here

How to get the best priced holidays

1. Go to ALL the travel agents, just because one travel agent tells you its selling out or this is the best price your going to get does not make it true.

2. Check the travel agents websites. You will be  surprised how many times a holiday will be cheaper on there own websites then what it is in store. Most of the time they will match that price or even beat it.

3. Do you need a package holiday? Yes you get protection when buying them and things like transfers included but holidays can be a lot cheaper when you DIY it (hotel and flights).

4. Look early once you decide where you want to go have a look for your summer holiday early ie December/Jan.

5. Look late! if your flexible there’s a lot of really good offers to have when you go last minute.

6. If your going to book separate BOOK FLIGHTS EARLY. When flights are announced they are at there lowest price normally. The more people that book the more they go up … Get in there early.

7. Ask what other people have paid so you have a fair idea of what the “going rate” is for the holiday you want. Places like our forum are a good place to start (

8. Flight meals, do u need them? if not get rid.

9. Baggage allowance if you know you are going to go over your 15kg limit then pay for the upgrade to £20 when booking. This will be a lot cheaper then paying the airport rate.

10. Do you need to park your car at the airport? Book early and you could save a fair bit. The same goes with trains … early booking = cheaper fairs.

11. Do you need a hotel at the airport, With some of the budget hotels you could get it booked during one of there offers and get it a lot cheaper. – For all things related to clubbing holidays