Save money by pre booking Las Vegas events

Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas, everyones favourite adult playground can get really expensive really quickly, but there are still ways to save money. The best way is to save money by pre booking Las Vegas events.
Thankfully we live in the internet age so you can pre book day clubs, night clubs, music events, shows & tours all online. This means you need to take less money with you and you normally get a better rate than booking on the door or while you are there. In this post, we will show you how to go about it.

Dayclubs & Nightclubs
Most big hotels in Las Vegas run both a dayclub and a nightclub. The dayclubs are open over the summer with the night clubs operating year round. These clubs normally have top DJ’s and acts from all over the world playing and for that reason they are hugely popular.
All these clubs have online event calendars where you can also book tickets or be put in contact with somebody to organise a table / cabana / day bed.

While the older shows on the strip can be had for a discount, sometimes the newer shows are harder to find any money off. As the hotels run their own arenas it is worth checking their website to see what the price is online vs what the price is at the box office.
You can also use Ticketmaster for tickets to shows on the Las Vegas strip.

With Las Vegas being near to the Grand Canyon the competition for tours is fierce. You have many options however you can book bus, helicopter and even light aircraft tours to the Grand Canyon. A simple Google will reveal many companies more than happy to relieve you off your cash to go visit so just make sure you Google for reviews before booking anything.
Of course the Grand Canyon tour is one of many that is available.

By booking before you travel you reduce the amount of money you need to take and can plan what you are doing a lot better.

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