Should I take a gap year?

So you are just about to start uni or have even just finished uni and you are asking yourself, should I take a gap year? Recently a UK retailer has come out and said that you should work in their store for your gap year. We 120% disagree, while retail does teach you great skills, working for retail store will not teach you as much as the university of life will. We say if you can afford it and want the experience of a lifetime, then most defiantly. Here are some good reasons to take the gap year.

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  1. It’s almost now or never! Getting 6 months or a year of work will be very difficult. A lot of companies do not offer time of for you to go travel the world. Skip all this hassle and go before you become a member of the full time world of work.
    We are not saying it’s impossible to do a gap year later but it defiantly becomes more difficult. Things like kids, mortgages and careers tend to get in the way.
  2. You will make a huge amount of friends. You will meet people who will be your friends for life, you will have experiences that will never be repeated again. You will always be connected to these people by the experiences you shared together.
  3. The world needs to be explored! Every country in the world is so different you need to get out there and see how other people do it!
    There is a great saying that says the world is a book and those who do not travel only read one page.
  4. It doesn’t all need to be partying. You can volunteer abroad for a time which will also look good on your CV.
  5. You can go with your friends. What are the chances of your friends all being available to travel the world at the same time at some point in the future? Slim.
  6. Some countries allow a working visa. This means that you can spend time working and gaining valuable experience. If you are a EU citizen you can work in other EU countries without a visa. Countries such as Australia offer a working visa.
  7. Life experiences. There are some things that just account be taught in a classroom, things that you have to get out and just experience for yourself. You will have lots of life experiences on a gap year. This alone is good reason for one.
  8. People skills. There is an art to dealing with people and these skills are very important as you make your way through life. Learning to talk  and interact with people will serve you will all through your life.
  9. You don’t know what you want to do. Why rush into a job you might hate. Take some time out and think about what you would really like to do. You may find that what you wanted to do when you started to study may not be what you want to do now.

So what do you think? Have you taken a gap year?

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