Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents

Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents is back on our screens on the 8th of January at 9pm on BBC Three.
For those who have never seen the show it features a bunch of over protective parents who rather than letting their children go on their first clubbing holiday and have a great time, decide it would be better if they follow them and ruin it.
The worst part is they don’t even know that their parents are there until the end of the show so just as you are getting ready to go home you are confronted by your parents who reveal they have been watching you all week.
Unbelievably the parents seem shocked when the kids are understandably annoyed when they find out what has gone on. The big reveal is not only in front of all their mates/staff but also on national TV.
The show is set in clubbing holiday resorts all over Europe and it is good to see the resorts your planning to visit this summer but be prepared to cringe at the parents all the way through the episode.

Here are some clips from previous episodes.

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