Supercard – The new way to spend money abroad?


Supercard – The new way to spend money abroad?
Travelex have launched a new card called the Supercard. It differs from every other card on the market is that it promises no roaming charges at all.
When you use your bank or credit cards abroad they add on fees such as a foreign exchange fee and a cash withdrawal fee which really is a rip off.
Supercard differs with no fees, no commission and no exchange mark up rate which of course makes this a highly desirable way to spend or withdraw money on holiday.
The way it works is, you link your debit or credit card to the Supercard via an app available on both android or apple devices. You can then see transactions and even turn the supercard on and off using this app. Turning it off is handy as this means the card cannot be used when off and is most likely sitting in a draw with your passport.
The Supercard will work in the UK but due to the fees when used in the UK it doesn’t make sense to. Your debit or credit card is a better bet for UK spending.

The Supercard is currently in a pilot but you should keep your eye on the website and register for details of when it will go live. It could make changing money for holiday a thing of the past!

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