The Inbetweeners Movie Interview

The Inbetweeners movie is going to be the stand out summer blockbuster this year if the tv show is anything to go by. Massively popular due to it being incredibly funny and having characters that most people can relate to the film hopes to carry on the success. We caught up with Simon Bird (Will Mckenzie) Joe Thomas (Simon Cooper) James Buckley (Jay Cartwright) and Blake Harrison (Neil Sutherland).


the inbetweeners movie


Simon Bird & Blake Harrison

So are you guys happy with the movie?

SB – Very Happy, I can’t wait for other people to see it.
BH – Yeah, that’s the real challenge, when other people see it.

It seems to have been shrouded in secrecy?

BH – I think simply because it was finished late, we had a very small period of time compared to other films that get made such as The Hangover and Hangover 2 I reckon they have had at least 3x the amount of time that we have had to complete a film.
SB – We were still filming bits in June and I didn’t do the voice over until a couple of weeks ago, so it’s just been a massive rush to get it done in time.

Did you feel pressure knowing you have such an expectant fan base?

BH – Yeah I think that is fair to say as The Inbetweeners is very much a show that got a cult fan base through word of mouth, It wasn’t a very big marketing ploy or anything like that. People just told their mates about this show called the inbetweeners that they liked.
SB – Yeah so it wasn’t our fault, where as this time we have put our money where our mouth is. It was a bit of a scary prospect seeing our faces on buses, but hopefully the film lives up to it.

What did you think of Malia?

BH – Well we was only in Malia for like a day, we only filmed a day there to do this walk down the strip. That was kind of mental as I think it was called big Saturday like the last Saturday of the high season.
SB – It was the worst place and  the worst time that it would have be possible to film anything for The Inbetweeners, because it was like all our fans and they were drunker then they would have ever of been in their lives.
BH – They didn’t seem to get that when the camera was on The Inbetweeners are not on a TV show, they are not characters. So it would be like, OK you stay there in a conversation and your just dancing and then it would be like action and we would walk up the street and they would be like look its The Inbetweeners!

Was there any wild nights out?
BH – No I don’t think we are really that way inclined to be honest.
SB – We’re working quite hard, we are doing 6 day weeks and filming till quite late so it wasn’t really possible.
BH – Simon created a mental pub quiz it was off the hook as far as pub quizzes go.
SB – Ive never farted on a plane or wanked on a pensioner.

What was the reason for setting it in Malia but filming it in Magaluf?
SB – Boring reasons such as they thought Malia was slightly further north so they thought Magaluf would be hotter
BH – Which it wasn’t it was still pretty cold.
SB There’s also a Spanish film company which they borrowed cameras of based just outside of Magaluf, so lots of boring reasons that we had nothing to do with.

The film is only a 15, was there much cut out?

SB – We was very keen to make it a 15 because the DVD of the show is a 18 but when it comes out on TV there are no rules on who can watch it. So it seemed a bit mean to make a film that our fans couldn’t come and see. And the stuff the censors had a issue with was stuff that has not affected the jokes. It was just some odd things like you cant say motherfucker because it implies incest whereas fucker is fine.
BH- You cant use swearing aggressively either, you can say a wide variety of words but if you say it in an aggressive manner that makes it a 18.
SB – There was one image of self fellatio that had to be cut. Its still in there it was just one angle they didn’t appreciate.

Who gets the most female attention?
BH – Id say Joe.
SB – Yeah its gotta be Joe.
BH – Dunno why, I have no idea why but he does.
SB – Girls like a project, and hes a weird one.

Is this the end of The Inbetweeners now?
SB – I think its a good time to finish it, none of us want it to continue beyond its sell by date. Also the show is about college age kids so it would be a bit forced to try and do any more.


Joe Thomas and James Buckley

You guys must be delighted with the film?
JT – Yeah were delighted with it, we saw it last week and we think its really great and we are really proud of it and we hope everyone else likes it to.
JB – I wouldn’t be here now if I didn’t think it was any good, I would be sitting in a room crying, luckily enough it turned out alright.

Did you ever envisage you would be in a feature film?
JB – You know I never really though about the future when making that first series, I thought I was just making something that I though was funny. I completely forgot what happened next would depend on if people like it or not.
JT – I didn’t expect it at all, the show doesn’t have a big hook or anything to sell it, the stories are everyday and the characters are quite run of the mill.

Do you think you now influence the characters?
JT  – I would say it has.
JB – I think between the first and second series they took into account the way we played the characters.
JT – Yeah so what Simon Bird is like when he gets excited about doing something, that sort of becomes what Will is like when he is excited about doing something.

You didn’t know the show was going to be as popular as it has become but how are you handling fame?
JT – I’m just happy that people like the show and our fans are nice and very polite.
JB – I think we are lucky just because the characters that we play they are not malicious or aggressive in anyway so we are quite approachable to people in the street so they don’t have any problems about coming up to us or quoting bits of the show.

Do you consider yourselves heartthrobs?

JB – No I don’t think So.
JT – No, I think the way that happens just goes to show that television can just make anybody. I think we have been cast because we look like normal people and that’s the way we still see ourselves.
JB – Yeah I don’t go out clubbing in the West End of London or anything like that, I still have the same friends I had when I was in nursery school. Fame hasn’t really had that much effect on my life apart from people are now quite pleased to see me if I’m walking down the street which is nice. Its a lovely way to live your life.

Do they also shout bus wanker at you when you are with your mum?
JT – Yeah we do get a bit of that, but its our fault really.
JB – We do encourage it a bit don’t we.

Will your catwalk show live to haunt you forever?
JT – Well I think it may do, once you have done it that becomes the new reality. I should have it out now really.
JB – I wish you would.

How are you with nudity?
JB – The only thing I refused to do was a scene in the film where Jay has his shorts pulled down by the pool so I had to have a cock double.

Did you approve it?
JB – No people keep asking that as well. Like did you have a big line up of men that you could choose from? That would be a depressing situation to think what cock I liked best, I think I would be very confused. I sort of let everyone down on that one.
JT – I think full frontal nudity is a big ask to be fair, Ive not been asked to do that.
JB – They got the cock double and its superimposed onto my body, its turned into a special effect in a way.

Did it get emotional on the last take?
JT – It would of been lovely to have that but we still had to go back and film pickups as the sea was so cold as we was still in Europe in the early spring so had to go back in July when it was warmer.
JB – It might happen this evening.
JT – Yeah to be honest this evening is kind of like the finish.
JB – We are setting it free in a way, I guess we will all just pat each other on the back and wish each other luck.

Will you see each other again?
JB – Yeah of course, its been a journey that the four of us have shared and that I have really enjoyed personally and it wouldn’t of been as good of an experience if it was with any other people. Ive had other jobs and there’s nothing as fun as making an Inbetweeners film or Inbetweeners series.
JT – It is quite like a family I think.
JB – Yeah, its just the best job ever, its the best gig ever. You turn up, you muck about, you take the piss out of their little beardy faces and they film it and you go home and everyone loves you for doing it.

Is it fitting to be finishing playing a school kid your your going to be a father yourself?
JB – People were really confused when the news got out that I was going to be having a baby because they were just like “What? Jay from the inbetweeners is having a child, the 17 year old foul mouthed boy?” Obviously I’m a man in my mid 20’s and have a apartment and a GF and live a very normal life. I’m not Jay from the Inbetweeners.

What kind of dad will you be?
JB – Oh ill be  right cool me. Yeah I cant wait its going to be loads of fun, ill be right hands on and stuff.

Are you going to ask one of the others to be godfather?
JB – One of these other boys? These 3 idiots? No.

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