Travel Insurance

Going on holiday without travel insurance could be one of the most expensive mistakes you make.

I’m fit and healthy you say? Yes maybe you are. However we all get ill, it’s a fact of life. There are also things that you may get unexpectedly, Food Poisoning, Sun Stroke, Broken Bones, Muscle Injuries, etc.


  • By not having insurance you can run up medical bills into the thousands.
  • The cost of an air ambulance / new flight home can also stretch into the thousands.
  • You will have no protection for lost or stolen items.
  • Travel Insurance can offer protection against missed departure or cancellations.

Is it worth risking all this for the sake of not spending what is really a small amount of money?

Things to check when booking include.

  • What is covered (obvious really)
  • Maximum amount covered (not worth buying insurance that doesn’t give you the cover you need)
  • If you take more than one holiday a year an annual policy could work out cheaper.
  • What the excess is

Try these companies for good deals on travel insurance