What should I wear on a clubbing holiday?

Q. This is my first time going abroad with my friends and I am wondering what should I wear on a clubbing holiday?

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A. Good question, while it may be easy to think ill just wear what I wear on an average saturday night down town, this could be all wrong.
For guys you can happily leave the shoes, jeans and shirts back in England. On clubbing holidays in Europe at least there is no strictly enforced dress code. Most men will be wearing trainers, shorts and a t-shirt or vest.
There is no need for anything more than that due the one thing, it’s hot as hell. Jeans are going to be far to heavy and in 30 degree heat you are going to wish you left them at home.For women, you can wear pretty much whatever you want. Just make sure you have light dresses, shorts, vests, t-shirts etc.
It also makes sense to take a few items that you don’t mind getting ruined. These are good for things like foam parties & paint parties. You don’t want a £50 top being ruined when an old one will be better suited.
There is one exception to this rule and that is the US. Dress codes are a lot more strictly enforced over there so you need to bring things such as jeans, trousers, shirts and defiantly shoes.

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