What Happens In Sunny Beach

What Happens In Sunny Beach follows on from the popular What Happens In Kavos by taking the format to the popular Bulgarian resort of Sunny Beach.


Episode 1

The show started last night at 10pm by following two reps who “treated” us to an uncomfortable amount of flaccid penis shots in the first 15 mins. They seemed to whip it out on the strip and nights out for no real reason before showing us their ritual of having dinner naked every night.
There was also solid advice given by them showing that when you run out of toilet paper you can just grab the shower head and hose yourself down, classy.

Next up we are introduced to Nips, and this is where the show really ramps it up a level.
Nips is a 25 year old rep who has worked in Sunny Beach for a few seasons.
For some unknown reason Nips decides it’s a good idea to set a firework of in his arse (I know what your thinking, how can this go wrong!)
Despite the best pleas of his some of his friends not to do, he lights this firecracker and when it explodes all hell breaks loose.
The most shocking thing about this is that the producers of What Happens In Sunny Beach actually stood there filming without saying a word. Irresponsible of them don’t you think?
While his friends are laughing and messing with Nips it is clear that something is drastically wrong. He runs to the toilet and examines his new enlarged arsehole before his friends decide that he needs immediate medical attention.
Now most people will head straight to the medical centre immediately but not Nips. He decides drinking your age in shots at Viking bar where he works is a better idea. He starts and knocks down a fair few before his discomfort gets the better of him and he needs to rush to a medical centre.
Here the full extent of his gaping rear end is revealed with the doctor declaring he has never seen anything like it. Eight stitches later his arse is repaired.

Lastly we are introduced to reps of Sunny Beach who seem to have just two hobbies, drinking and shagging.
We learn about the system in Sunny Beach where if you sleep with a rep, you have to pay a fine to any rep who has slept with them before you. While the new girl is quite cheap and therefore a good investment, other reps cost a pretty penny so they could leave you pretty broke.

To sum it up, What Happens In Sunny Beach seems to have knocked it up a level from What Happens In Kavos and we are looking forward to the next episode.

If you missed episode 1, you can watch it now on 4OD


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