What Is Zante Nightlife Really Like?

Zante Town

What is Zante Nightlife really like?

Zante Town 









Conduct a search on Google using the phrase ‘Zante nightlife’ and you will be greeted by websites from clubs on the island advertising themselves as the best place to go to, forums full of past holidaymakers telling tales of late night debauchery and maybe even a few newspaper articles damming the place all together. But what is Zante really like? Where are the best places, its nightlife everything like what people say, or has it got a different side?


Lively Laganas


The area of Zante which will keep popping up over and over again when researching its nightlife is Laganas. This is the busiest and some would say best resort in Zante if clubbing and partying is your thing. During the day, the beach is crammed full of young, usually hung-over crowds who are just counting down the days until drinking time starts. Once the sun goes down the place becomes alive and clubs such as trendy Ghetto, the crazy Rescue Club and Q Bar showcase the best of Zante nightlife. The resort is relatively well spread out though, which means that if you want a full on experience you can get accommodation over one of the bars and be right in the heart of the action 24 hours a day. If this sounds a little bit too much even for you, there are hotels and villas a mile or so out of town, so book up one of these if you value your beauty sleep when on holidays to Zante.


Tsilivi beach


Buzzing Tsilivi


Laganas is not the only resort on the island which attracts the crowds. Sitting on the north east coast of Zante is Tsilivi, which has emerged out of the shadows and quickly established itself as a nightlife haven for people from all over Europe and beyond. The main beach stretches for well over 2km and is home to the same young hip crowds which frequent the beach at Laganas. Whilst Tsilivi is not the full on 18-30 type resort like its near neighbour, it still more then holds it own in the partying stakes. The resort is renowned for its friendly atmosphere with lots of locally run bars and restaurants which can provide a more personal and human service as opposed to the big establishments found elsewhere. There are some family friendly places here too, which means that you all in all there is something for everyone in Tsilivi – a reason why its popularity goes from strength to strength.


Zante nightlife enjoys an excellent reputation amongst the people who actually go on these types of holidays. There may be some negatives written, however these are often from the keyboard of people who have not conducted their research before arriving. If you want a fun time with people from all over Europe enjoying the sunshine and bars, Zante delivers on all these fronts and more!


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