When To Go On A Clubbing Holiday

When to go on a clubbing holiday? Now that is a good question. Sometimes your kind of dictated to as to when you can go due to when you can get time of work, however if your have options this guide could help you decide.

A clubbing holiday in May is at the very start of the season, don’t expect it to be mega packed at all and expect the weather to be average/good.

In reality June is the first month of the year you should be looking at, the season is getting going, people are heading over, the weather is good and its a good time to be abroad.

July / August
Peak season, but it also comes with peak season prices. However in our opinion it is the best time to go due to there being the most people, great weather, lots of acts playing across all the clubbing holiday resorts.

Things start to die down a bit in September and if you are planning a clubbing holiday you should expect it to be a bit quieter and the weather not quite as good as in July and August. Our pick for September is Ibiza for the closing parties.

Wildcard – March
That’s right, in March the American students are on Spring Break. This is one huge party but the costs of joining them will be higher as they go to places like Miami & Cancun. It is a experience like no other and is defiantly recommended for a crazy clubbing holiday. Aim for the 2nd and 3rd week of March as this will guarantee you the most amount of people.

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