WIll I need ID? What is the drinking age?

Throughout the years, this has to be one of the most commonly asked question that comes up on our clubbing holiday forums. Will I need ID to get into the bars and clubs?
Ibiza Sunset
The answer is pretty much always a big fat NO.
In all our time of going on clubbing holidays to the european resorts we have not once seen a single person been asked for ID. This doesn’t mean they are likely to let 10 year olds in the bar and get drunk so don’t think it’s a free for all in that respect. It just means that as long as you are around the right sort of age you are unlikely to asked to present ID.

However there is and exception to the rule and this is if you are going to the USA. The laws are much stricter stateside and it is unlikely that you will get into a club without presenting your ID.
This is the big difference between the European clubbing resorts and the Stateside ones.
When in Ayia Napa, Magaluf, Kavos, Ibiza etc the bouncers are not bothered about checking ID to see if you can come in. However if you change your location to say Las Vegas, you have no chance whatsoever of seeing the inside of the club without having your ID checked by somebody.
Now this doesn’t mean that we are condoning underage drinking in any way as most of these resorts do still have a legal drinking age which is normally 18. We are just saying that the odds of you being asked for ID in the European resorts are slim to none.

We guess we better direct you to somewhere that will explain the risks of alcohol etc so check out drinkaware.co.uk should you need advice on alcohol and it’s risks.

Or you could read about how I quit drinking alcohol

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